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VANN Clement Vann The Chattanooga Sunday Times
Magazine Section July 26, 1936 by: Penelope J. Allen
WALKER  Marie D. Frohlich
WALLIS Will of William Wallis Dated May 28th 1885 in Forsyth Co., GA. Wife: Eliza Wallis
Sons: David Wallis, Jesse J Wallis, John M Wallis, Harvey C Wallis, David Wallis, Henry C Wallis, William J Wallis, George L Wallis.
Daughters: Nancy A/H Martin, Eliza J Garmon.
Heirs of son James Wallis deceased: William L Wallis, James R Wallis.
Friend .. executor of Will : Thomas A Hardin
Witnesses: R. N. McClure Jr., G. C. Whitmire, Jeremiah Winn.
Filed in office for probate in Solemn form Aug 3rd 1885
Recorded Aug 14, 1885
WALLACE / WALLIS     Sharon K. Jung
WALLIS Helen Wallis Thomas
I am seeking information about Sarah Caroline Newton Wallis, b. abt. 1834 or 1835. She was the daughter of Reuben and Elizabeth Parks Newton. Sarah married David James Wallis in 1854.
Any information would be appreciated.
WARE Sam Anderson      
WEAVER Richard  
WESTBROOK   Teresa Bell
WHEELER  William T. Hobgood
WHITE   Teresa Bell
WHITMIRE The Whitmire Manuscript Page
WHITMIRE   Sam Anderson
WILEY Mary Wiley Campbell
WILLIAMSON  Tina Bennett
WILLINGHAM George Willingham 15 Feb 1785 - 24 Jna 1847
Lucretia Willingham 4 Apr 1785 - 6 June 1867       mflp
WILLS Will of James H Wills Dated Dec 13th 1862 Forsyth Co., Ga
Wife; Francis Angeline Wills
Cousin; Pleasant O Pitman
Sons; Andrew Polk Wills, Columbus Alvan Wills
Probate March 1863  
WOFFORD  Randy Smith
WOFFORD William Wallis / Eliza Wofford
WOOD  Lawrence G. Boyd
WOODLIFF  Sheryl Rowell Townsend

WORLEY  Rupert Sexton  
YANCEY    Sue Feild
YANCY / YANCEY   Joe Harrington

YATES   Teresa Bell
YOUNGBLOOD   Susan Y. Gilbert
  Mathew S.    #1     #2
YOUNGBLOOD   Marie D. Frohlich

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