Forsyth County Ga History and Records by Donna Parrish

Vanishing Georgia Photos

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Date: 12/10/09 9:12:11 AM Eastern Standard Time

As of this date, the following photos were available on Vanishing Georgia , Georgia Division of Archives and History, Office of Secretary of State. You will have to search. In the first space, enter the ID number. Set the second space to Image Number.
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As you read the captions,
I believe Ms. Bagwell was in Sharon, not Shannon.

Frogtown and Matt were both communities that existed along the old Federal Road, now Hwy 369.  Matt around the intersection of 369 and Elmo Road. Frogtown around the intersection of 369 and Old Federal Road by the Etowah River.

Buford Dam  is built across the Chattahoochee River. The middle of the river is the dividing line between Forsyth County and Gwinnett County.

The covered bridge is Pool's Mill or Poole's Mill Bridge

ID: crk048-85  Caption: Photograph of William Thomas Fowler, Ducktown, Forsyth County, Georgia, ca. 1890

ID: for001 Caption: Photograph of a covered bridge, Forsyth County, Georgia  

 ID: for002  Caption: Photograph of a man carting hay down the street, Cumming, Forsyth County, Georgia, ca. 1940-1943?  .

ID: for004 Caption: Photograph of James Lumpkin Heard home, Forsyth County, Georgia, 1895 or 1896  

ID: for006 Caption: Photograph of students posed with teacher, Matt, Forsyth County, Georgia, ca. 189-

ID: for007 Caption: Photograph of grading land, Forsyth County, Georgia, 1980  Grady Howington, tractor operator.

ID: for008 Caption: Photograph of Violet Bagwell and others playing croquet, Forsyth County, Georgia, ca. 1900-1939?

ID: for009-85 Caption: Postcard of Jarrett Fowler Home, Cumming, Forsyth County, Georgia, ca. 1900-1916

ID: hal384 Caption: Photograph of the crowd and vehicles at the Buford Dam groundbreaking, Georgia, 1950 Mar. 1

ID: hal385 Caption: Photograph of crowd at Buford Dam groundbreaking, Georgia, 1950, Mar. 1

 ID: hal386 Caption: Photograph of construction on Buford Dam, Forsyth County, Georgia, ca. 1950-1953?  .

Forsyth County Ga History and Records by Donna Parrish