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Franklin County Marriages Certificates
Record of Marriages 1875 - 1876

    This Register was not a complete listing of the 1875 & 1876 marriages. For those marriages it pertains to, there is very interesting personal information. This film was difficult to read and misinterpretations of the information is possible but it is hoped the researcher will be able to identifiy his ancestor or possible ancestor and then obtain the orriginal and determine for himself the true interpetation. These were found on microfilm #0007119 obtained through my local Family History Center.

    Grooms Chart:

1875 Full Name Residence Age Color Occupation Place of Birth Father Mother
Sep 22 Bruce, W. R. Toccoa City 24 White Merchant Franklin Co. David Bruce Martha Crawford
Dec 16 Farrow, J. N. FranklinCo. 22 White Farmer Franklin Co. Lewis Farrow Margaret S????
Dec 23 Garrison, William Banks Co.,GA 21 White Farmer Banks Co., GA Henry F. Garrison Martha P??ett
Sep 14 Isabel, Benjamin M. Oconee, SC 30? White Farmer S.C. U.S.A. Livingston Isabel Martha Magee
Dec 1 Bellamy, J. S. Franklin Co. 21 White Farmer GA Pleasant Bellamy Chatham
Dec 26 Walker, S. H. Franklin Co. 45 White Farmer GA John S. Walker L.D.B. Neallin?
Oct 4 Kilborn, A.S. Walhallas? SC 24 White Black Smith South C. J. W. Kilborn M.E.Wilkins
Oct 5 Patterson, Wm. F. Hart Co., GA 41 White Farmer Hart Co., GA Andrew Patterson Rose Arm?asher?
Sep 9 Phillips, Tho. W. Franklin Co. 22 White Farmer Franklin Co. William Phillips Mary Bonds
Sep 23 Finch, Geo. Franklin Co. 20 White Farmer Franklin Co. E.O. Finch  
Sep 30 Vandiver, Tho. Franklin Co. 26 White Farmer Franklin Co. Tho. Vandiver Sarah Qiber ?
Nov 24 Starritt, Tho. Franklin Co. 21 White Farmer Franklin Co. Wm. Starrett Susan Gains
Oct 3 Burrus, L. R. Franklin Co. 27 White School Teacher Virginia  
Aug ?4 Walker, J. D. Franklin Co.   White Farmer  
Sept 13 McEntyre, Wesley Franklin Co.   White Farmer  
Sep 8 Cole, Jeremiah M. Franklin Co.   White Farmer  
Sep 25 Stevenson, Samuel Franklin Co.   Black Farmer  
Jan 2 Ayer, Wm. C. Franklin Co. 36 White Farmer Georgia Jesse F. Ayers Tense Simmons??


Brides Chart:

Full Name Residence Age Color Place of Birth Father Mother Married by
Morris, Lucy Franklin Co. 19 White Franklin Co. Thomas Morris Mary Turmon Thomas Crones MG
Bagwell, Amanda Franklin Co. 28 White Franklin Co. William W. Bagwell Mary C. Pool W.P. Smith MG
Hill, Manirva J. Franklin Co. 17 White Banks Co., GA Alvin P. Hill Priscilla M. D.H. Payne MG
Shirly, Luenda E. Franklin Co. 20 White S.C. U.S.A. B. T. Shirley Mary A. Beach Thomas Cyones
Coffee, Mary E. Franklin Co. 21 White GA J. M. Coffee Martha Terrell J.H. Sullivant MG
Molder, Mary Franklin Co.   White GA Daniel Molder   W.R.Welborn MG
Chandler, M.E. Franklin Co. 31 White GA  
Jorden, Dilina Franklin Co.   White   Baxter Jorden Ima Cheek James S. Latner N.P.
Cockran, Adda Franklin Co. 18 White Banks Co., GA Robert Cochran Linda Shinden Tho. Crymes
Garner, Eliza E. Franklin Co. 23 White Franklin Co. Samuel Garnes Jane Stovall Wm. Owen J.P.
Hayes, Rebeca Franklin Co. 32 White S.C. Harmon K. Hayes Caroline Tete James S. Latner
Stevenson, Mary F. Franklin Co. 14 White Franklin Co.  
Morris, Lucy A. Franklin Co.   White Franklin Co. A. J. Morris Nancy E. ??? W.P. Smith
Thornson, Eliza Franklin Co.   John S. Brown N.P.
Whitworth, Mary Franklin Co.   T. B. Higgins N.P.
Andrews, Delanny E. Franklin Co.   T. B. Higgins N.P.
Hickman, Milly Franklin Co.   Black   ?. D. Sewell MG
Skelton, Eliza E. Franklin Co. 33 White S.C. Tho. A. Skelton E. R. H. Vernon David H. Payne




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