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Daniel Butler Family Cemetery Index, Fulton County, GA

This cemetery is located at the corner of Etris Rd. and Magnolia Crescent Dr.,
just at the entrance to the Wexford subdivision in Roswell. If you turn into the
subdivision, it's on the left, kind of behind the brick entry sign, surrounded
by a green picket fence. There are two wild cherry trees and a black walnut tree
in the lot. This area of Fulton County was at one point Cherokee County, and
then part of Milton Co., before the annex into Fulton in the 1930's. Etris Rd.
is an old road and is near the intersection of Hardscrabble Rd. and Crabapple Rd.,
both also old roads in the area.

There is just a single, undated stone which reads: Sacred to the memory of Daniel and
Ann Butler. I looked hard for a date, but there appears to be none at all.

I did a little research on the Butlers to see whether there might be other unmarked
graves, but it appears that as soon as Daniel died, his son, who was the only one
in the area, left pretty quickly after that. I did talk to one descendant who said
there could be a second unmarked infant grave there, but I have seen no evidence.

Daniel Butler died in 1878. I have never found a date for his wife's death. He
purchased the land that it sits on (as well as my house, I suppose) between 1835
and 1839 through a series of purchases.

That's about all I know about this one. I don't think it appears in the big collection
of Fulton Co. cemeteries, since it is so small and was hidden at the time that was done.

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Note by Site Coordinator - Brenda Pierce - There are probably a lot of these one or two tombstone burials around the Alpharetta area as sometimes family wanted to keep their family close to them, or if they had no ties to the community or a church.  This one is not far from my house, and one good thing, it was preserved! 

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