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Bastonville School


Bastonville School was officially established in 1902. Fannie Irene Sturgis was appointed the first teacher at a salary of $30 per month. Her father, Nathan T. Baston, established the first post office in the Bastonville Community. Therefore, this area of Glascock County became officially known as Bastonville.

The first brick school building was built about 1919. The second brick school was built in 1938, but burned on March 10, 1941. Bastonville school was rebuilt and opened on September 21, 1943. It remained in use until 1954 when it closed due to school consolidation.

The artistic print displayed above is an artist's rendition of how the school looked at about the time it closed. The print was created by Ann James of Houston, Texas. She had never seen the school. Her fantastic artistic rendering was created from old photographs of the school.

In 2002, Raymond Thigpen began writing the history of Bastonville School. He sponsored a school reunion in June of 2002 and invited any former students, teachers and workers to attend. Approximately 125 people attended the first school reunion. It was a day of tears and laughter. Many students had not seen their classmates and teachers in over 50 years. On this historical occasion, three teachers attended the big event:  Mrs. Martha Silas, Mrs. Lois Dickson and Mrs. Clara B. Brooks.

In November of 2002, Raymond Thigpen completed the book, "Bastonville, Our Beloved School."  Copies were published and made available to anyone interested in owning a copy of the book. A copy of the book is on the shelves of the Glascock County Public Library in Gibson, Georgia.

Listed below are the names of many students, teachers and workers from Bastonville School over the years it was in operation.



Abner, Jenes
Abner, Johnnie
Abner, Maggie
Abner, William
Amerson, Carlton
Amerson, William
Baker, Fay
Barksdale, Emerson
Barksdale, Herbert
Barksdale, Irving
Barksdale, Lamar
Barksdale, Lucy
Barksdale, Muriel
Barksdale, Myra
Barksdale, Rosa
Braddy, Lena
Bragg, Bill
Bragg, James
Brooks, Delores
Brooks, Dera
Brooks, Elizabeth
Brooks, Frances
Brooks, Franklin
Brooks, J. C.
Brooks, Jimmie
Brooks, John
Brooks, John Willie
Brooks, Julia
Brooks, Mary Julia
Brooks, Max
Brooks, R. K. Jr.
Brooks, Ralph
Brooks, Sara
Brooks, Shannon
Brooks, Uvernee
Brooks, Verne
Bryant, Annie Mae
Bryant, Buddy
Bryant, Elizabeth
Bryant, Ellen
Bryant, Katherine
Bryant, Kenneth
Burrell, Adrian
Burrell, Charles
Burrell, Thomas
Cason, Cecil
Cason, Earl
Chalker, A. T.
Chalker, Betty
Chalker, Bobby
Chalker, Dorothy
Chalker, G. T.
Chalker, Jimmie
Chalker, Junior
Chalker, Margaret
Chalker, Naomi
Chalker, Nina
Chalker, Opal
Chalker, Ronnie
Chalker, Ruth
Chalker, Talmadge
Cole, Arline
Cook, Helen
Cook, Imogene
Coxville, Helen
Coxwell, Elizabeth
Crutchfield, Forrest
Dye, Emerson
Dye, Jewell
Dye, Paul
English, Kay
Griffin, Louie
Hadden, Betty Sue
Hadden, Charles
Hadden, Corrine
Hadden, Earnest
Hadden, Everett
Hadden, James
Hadden, Jerry
Hadden, Murray
Hadden, Ralph
Hammett, Frank
Hammett, Fred
Hammett, Harold
Hammett, Lillie Lyndoll
Hand, Ray
Hardin, Bessie
Hardin, Helen
Hardin, Joyce
Hart, Marjorie
Heath, Annette
Heath, Barbara
Heath, Bobby
Heath, Frankie
Heath, Patsy
Hobbs, Barton
Hobbs, Davis
Hobbs, J. I.
Hobbs, Mildred
Hobbs, Plamon
Hobbs, T. J.
Howard, Charles
Huff, D. C.
Huff, Edward
Huff, Elizabeth
Huff, Gertie
Huff, Klonnie
Huff, Medford
Huff, Paul
Huff, Winton
Hughes, Juanita
Hughes, Myrtis
Hughes, Pauline
Irby, Sonja Lee
Jackson, Arthur
Jackson, Mary
James, Billy
Johnson, Bobby
Johnson, Elowee
Johnson, Ethma
Johnson, Fay Lee
Johnson, Garland
Johnson, Geraldine
Johnson, Katheren
Johnson, Lizzie Mae
Johnson, Lorena
Johnson, Myron
Johnson, Robert L.
Johnson, Ruth
Johnson, Vinson
Johnson, Vivian
Jones, Billy
Jones, Bobby
Kelley, Maureen
Kelley, Ray
Kitchens, Agnes
Kitchens, Alice
Kitchens, Annette
Kitchens, Betty Ann
Kitchens, Bill
Kitchens, Earnest L.
Kitchens, Geneva
Kitchens, Harry (Bud)
Kitchens, James
Kitchens, Jennelle
Kitchens, Joyce
Kitchens, Julia
Kitchens, Julian
Kitchens, Kenneth
Kitchens, Lamar
Kitchens, Lewis
Kitchens, Lollie Dell
Kitchens, Milo
Kitchens, Sadie
Kitchens, Sam Jr.
Kitchens, Weldon
Land, Albert
Land, Annie Florence
Land, Annie Laura
Land, Billy
Land, Bobby
Land, Charles
Land, Connell
Land, Edna
Land, Floyd
Land, John
Land, Joyce
Land, Lorene
Land, Marvin
Land, Max
Land, May
Land, Oaklonn
Land, Otis
Land, Polly
Land, Robert
Land, Roy
Land, Sara
Land, Thomas
Land, W. C.
Land, William Albert (Buddy)
Landrum, Elean
Landrum, Everett
Landrum, Horace
Landrum, Seaborn
Langham, Bennie
Langham, Cleo
Langham, Elaine
Langham, J. C.
Langham, Judy
Langham, Linda
Langham, Margaret
Langham, Talmadge
LeSeur Wallace
LeSuer, Hunter
Marsh, Faye
Mauck, Billy
Mauck, Jackie
Mauck, Martha Ann
Mauck, Virginia
May, James
McDonald, Allen
McDonald, Gene
McDonald, Leon
McDonald, Ruth
McDonald, Wayne
McNair, Annie Kate
McNair, Clyde
McNair, Dean
McNair, Eva Mae
McNair, Evelyn
McNair, Frances
McNair, J. I. Jr.
McNair, Kenneth
McNeal, Barbara
McNeal, Charlene
McNeal, Milton
McNeal, Troy
Neal, Aubrey
Neal, Carol
Neal, Darby
Neal, Hazel
Neal, Helen
Neal, Sally
Neal, Tommy
Newsome, B. T.
Newsome, Bobbie
Newsome, Chansley
Newsome, Fay
Newsome, Forest
Newsome, Gerald
Newsome, Howard
Newsome, Joe
Newsome, Mary Ruth
Newsome, Punk
Newsome, Russell
Newsome, Vivian
Newsome, Walter
Norman, Clarence
Norman, Garland
Norman, Grady
Norman, Thomas (Bud)
Norris, Betty
Norris, Betty Jean
Norris, Dorothy
Norris, G. T.
Norris, Henry
Norris, James
Palmer, Percy
Parish, Bennett
Parish, Ray
Peebles, Dahlia
Peebles, John Jr.
Peebles, Junior
Peebles, Lindy
Peebles, Myrtle
Phillips, Frank
Phillips, George
Phillips, Jack
Phillips, Louise
Poole, Martha Ann
Powell, Barbara
Powell, Betty
Powell, Homer
Powell, Joe
Powell, Susie
Powell, Walter
Rabun, Bernice
Rabun, Bowdre
Rabun, Cleo
Rabun, Davis
Rabun, Ethel
Rabun, Harold
Rabun, Jack
Rabun, Jimmie
Rabun, Jimmie Ray
Rabun, Marvin
Rabun, Miriam
Rabun, Neal
Rabun, Romie Jack
Rabun, Roy
Rabun, Ruby
Rabun, Ruth
Rabun, Thelma
Rabun, W. G.
Rachels, Vivian
Reed, Marvin
Reese, James
Reese, Ollie
Reese, Sarah
Rhodes, Bessie Mae
Rivers, Barbara
Rivers, Jimmy
Rivers, Vivian
Rogers, Avis
Rogers, Helen
Rogers, Lillian
Rooks, Everett
Rooks, Ivelyn
Rooks, J. E.
Rooks, Jacquelyn
Rooks, Malcolm
Scarber, Hazel
Shelton, Charles
Shelton, James
Shelton, Mary F.
Sheppard, Carlton (Bub)
Sheppard, Jack
Sheppard, Jewel
Sheppard, Junior
Silas, Gerald
Silas, Gladys
Silas, Leonard
Silas, Martha Will
Silas, Nona Bell
Smith, Jeanette
Smith, Marion
Smith, Pink
Smith, Ralph
Smith, Ray
Smith, Rosa
Smith, Thurston Fay
Smith, Virginia
Snellings, Willie Mae
Snider, H. E.
Snider, Ivelyn
Snider, Ralph
Stapleton, Mary Ellen
Stapleton, Maurice
Stapleton, Sybil
Sturgis, George B. Jr.
Sturgis, Margaret
Sturgis, Milledge
Sturgis, Ninette
Sutton, Jerry
Sutton, Peggy
Swint, Corene
Swint, J. P.
Swint, Joyce
Thigpen, Agnes
Thigpen, Clemon
Thigpen, Evelyn
Thigpen, Georgia Beatie
Thigpen, Lawson
Thigpen, Ollie Dean
Usry, Ann
Usry, Annette
Usry, Bessie
Usry, Betty
Usry, Bill
Usry, Bobby Gene
Usry, Charles
Usry, Edith
Usry, Elizabeth
Usry, Frankie
Usry, Gail
Usry, Gary
Usry, George
Usry, Grace
Usry, Irma
Usry, Joe Dean
Usry, Juanita
Usry, Kenneth
Usry, Leroy
Usry, Louis
Usry, Martha
Usry, Mary Bessie
Usry, Nathan
Usry, Pauline
Usry, Wauline
Usry, Wayne
Usry, Zelma
Walden, Barbara
Walden, George
Walden, Lester
Walden, Vera
Ward, Julia
Ward, Susie
Ward, Vesta
Welch, Nathan
Wiggins, Lockett
Wiggins, Virginia
Wilcher, Ivylyn
Wilcher, Reba
Williams, Bobby
Williams, Plemon
Williams, Virginia
Williams, Zelma
Williford, Ben
Williford, Ernest
Williford, Ethel
Williford, Harry
Williford, Harvey
Williford, Jimmy
Williford, Louise
Williford, Patricia
Williford, Ralph
Williford, Sterling
Williford, Vinson
Williford, Virginia
Williford, Winona
Wren, Agnes
Wren, Albert
Wren, Bernice
Wren, Euell
Wren, Klonnie


Faculty and Staff

Allen, John P.
Baston, N. T.
Baston, Olive
Bellah, Lona Miss
Blanchard, Nell
Brantley, Mary Mrs.
Braswell, Amy
Brooks, Clara B.
Bryant, Wiley
Burrell, T. C. Mr.
Chalker, Clinton (Crib)
Chance, Florence
Chance, Marion
Clary, T. Hudson
Connell, Mrs. L.J.
Cook, Nellie
Dickson, Lois
Dickson, Smith Mrs.
Dixon, Clifford
Dukes, Mae
English, Julia T.
Freeman, Irene
Gordon, Ethel Mrs.
Hadden, E. O.
Harrell, Lillie Mae
Harvil, Thelma
Hobbs, Agnes
Hobbs, Bernice Miss
Howard, Gus L.
Johnson, Maybelle
Kelley, Inez
Kent, T. G.
Kent, T. G. Mrs.
Kitchens, Agnes
Kitchens, Albert
Kitchens, Annie Bell
Kitchens, Billy
Langham, Florrie B.
Manser, Ruth
McNair, J. I.
Newsome, Ola
Palmer, Bill
Palmer, Marcelyn
Paschal, Edna
Peebles, J. S.
Price, Eloise
Printup, Margaret
Rabun, Lorena
Riley, Carrie Miss
Rogers, E. B.
Sanders, E. P.
Sanders, Lonzie
Silas, Martha Minyard
Stapleton, Frank Mrs.
Sturgis, Irene
Thigpen, Bill
Todd, Nan Miss
Todd, W. G.
Usry, Sally
Walden, Eloise D.
Webb, Jack Mrs.
West, Eva
Wilcher, Sara Miss
Williams, Cornelia Land
Winston, Mattie
pres. board of ed. glascock
bus driver
bus driver
Chairman, BOE
student, lunch room
bus driver
bus driver
teacher (substitute), lunchroom
trustee chairman
Bus Driver
Pres. Board of Ed.
music director
county school commissioner
bus driver



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