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The Walden Family History information here was submitted by Karen Mouton at    Please feel free to contact her if you have questions regarding this information.


RICHARD WALDEN born 1770/1775-died 1836 will made 4 January 1836 and probated 29 May 1836 Warren County, Georgia -He was possibly the son of Henry Walden-married Mary Wilcher d/o Jeremiah and Jane Wilcher-Mary was living in 1836-Richard was on the early Jefferson County Tax Lists and later the Warren County Tax Lists-Know children were Amos, William G, Permely/Pamely Allen, Henry Walter, Tamsey Martin, Belinda/Melinda Simpson, Falba May, Alfred Walden


AMOS WALDEN born c1800 Georgia-living 1860-will probated 11 Feb 1864 with Richard Walden administrator and Wyley G Braddy, Jeremiah Logue and Ezekial Matthews as securities. He married 16 Dec 1824 Warren County, Georgia Marina Bryant born c1801-living in 1880-Children were Richard Walden, Elizabeth Dixon, Mary Walden, Reason Walden, Franklin Walden, Martha ?Reese, Nancy Walden,

WILLIAM G WALDEN born c1804 Georgia-administration 2 August 1858 with Richard Walden and Calvin Logue Administrators and Amos Walden and Charles Logue securities married Zilphia born c1823-living 1860 Children are William G Walden, Mary A E Walden, Jordan C Walden, John G Walden

PERMELY WALDEN (Pamely) died by 2 Jan 1837 married 20 November 1825 Warren County, Georgia Edward Allen-Children unknown but probably George Allen and Frances Allen were their children

HENRY WALTER WALDEN born c1807 Georgia died Nov 1897 Jefferson County, Georgia married Marina Kent D/o Thomas Wiggins Kent /Jerusha Bryant born c1820 Georgia-died 26 Feb 1898 Jefferson County, Georgia-they may be buried at Parkers Church near Bartow, Georgia-They lived in Warren County and moved to Jefferson County between 1850 and 1860-Children were William G Walden, George V Walden, Amos Walden, Thomas Henry Walden, John N Walden, Dock D Walden, Charles Sheppard Walden

TAMSEY WALDEN born 1810/20 died 1840/50 married 29 Oct 1829 Warren County, Georgia John S L Martin He died by March 1837-Children are William Martin and Mary Martin

BELINDA/MELINDA WALDEN born c1810 Georgia -Indications are that she married Aden Simpson, but this is not proven for sure. Aden was born 1816 and died 19 Sept 1864 after being wounded at Spotsylvania Courthouse on 24 Aug 1864, Civil War from disease -He is buried at the Confederate Cemetery in Charlottesville, Virginia-Melinda's will was probated 4 Jan 1867 with George W Downs, Reason Walden and Henry Sammons Securities-Children are Wyley G Simpson, Aden V Simpson, Mary E Simpson, Alfred Lowery Simpson,

FALBA WALDEN born c1813-living 1870 married Samuel Vine May born c1811 North Carolina-died 1860/70-Children are Nathan May, Faith Gray Hemrick, Appa May, Mary Jordan May Criswell, Grace Elidone Nation, Martha A (Melinda) May, Richard W May, Jenetta May Nation, Albert May, James G E May

ALFRED WALDEN born c1819 died 1850/51-Witness to his will were Amos Walden and Larkin Wilcher-administration by Mary Walden, Samuel Tompkins and Aden Simpson -married Mary (Polly) Tompkins born c1820 (She married Jordan Wilcher after Alfreds death)-Children are Richard Walden, Louisa A A Walden, Ann Eliza Walden? Williams, William Chapel Walden, Samuel T Walden


RICHARD WALDEN s/o Amos -born c1826-will probated 21 Dec 1884 Glascock County, Georgia-Buried Fellowship Church near Gibson, Glascock County, Georgia-married 1. Jun 1849 Warren County Mary Logue 2. Susan Clara/Clay Lockett born c1846 died Nov 1882 Glascock County married 3. Eliza Ann born Oct 1850 died Sept 1933-Children were William A, Charles R, Martha J A, Robert L, Thomas Alfred Walden

ELIZABETH WALDEN (Betty) d/o Amos 8 August 1827 died 29 April 1910 Gibson, Georgia married 24 Jan 1850 WarrenCounty Thomas Dixon born 17 August 1826-17 Oct 1887-They are buried at Fellowship Church near Gibson, Georgia Children are Wiley B B Dixon, Cornelius D Dixon, Elizabeth O Dixon, George Franklin Dixon, Reason Walden Dixon, Thomas Lee Dixon, Loranza D Dixon, Amos Dixon, Richard Andy Dixon

MARY WALDEN d/o Amos born c1829 Warren County, Georgia

REASON WALDEN s/o Amos Oct 1834 living 1900 in Johnson County-He is buried at Wrightsville, Georgia married 5 Jan 1853 Warren County Angeline Beckworth-Children Elizabeth Hattaway, John W Walden, Mary Frances Downs, Shila Logue, Susan? Brassell, Anna Haywood

FRANKLIN WALDEN s/o Amos born 1837 Warren County died 2 July 1863 at the Battle of Gettysburg, Civil War

MARTHA WALDEN d/o Amos c1839 possibly married Matthew Reese

NANCY WALDEN d/o Amos born c1841

WILLIAM G WALDEN s/o Henry Walter born 8 Oct 1837 Warren County died before 1897 married Annie Elizabeth born 4 June 1842-21 Feb 1901-They are buried at Hillside Cemetery in Anniston, Alabama-They moved to Anniston by 1880 where he was Section Master for the Railroad-Children were Leona Gray Walden Johnson,

George E Walden Walter P Walden, Mercer Walden, Moody C Walden, Bobby Lee Walden

GEORGE V WALDEN s/o Henry Walter born c1840 Warren County, Georgia died 27 Aug 1861/2 Manassas, Virginia, Civil War

THOMAS HENRY WALDEN s/o Henry Walter 14 Mar 1842 Warren County died 8 Mar 1924 married Martha Curry 18 Mar 1842 died 16 Feb 1916-They are buried at Beulah in Wrightsville, Johnson County, Georgia-Children Charlie G Walden, Lenora J Walden, William Franklin Walden, Journey Walden, Lelia D Walden Mosley, Teresa Lee Walden, John Oscar Walden, James Walter Alton Walden

AMOS WALDEN s/o Henry Walter 12 Oct 1845-7 July 1917 married 31 Dec 1865 Jefferson County, Georgia Susan Roannah Sheppard 18 July 1840-25 March 1904-They are buried at Parkers Church near Bartow, Jefferson County, Georgia Amos married 2nd 1904 Bartow, Georgia Dora Lee Downs 1878-28 Feb 1939-She is buried at Davisboro, Georgia-Children are John William Walden, Charles Logue Walden, George Francis Walden, Letitia V Walden Coleman, G A Walden, James Amos Walden, Susan Marina/Martha Walden McKay, Eugenia Mae Walden Frost

JOHN N WALDEN s/o Henry Walter -c1848-Aug 1899-He is buried at Parkers Church near Bartow, Georgia married 1. 23 Dec 1879 Jefferson County Julia J McDaniel married 2. 27 Oct 1884 Jefferson County Mary R (Mollie) Battle -Children are Hershel Twiggs Walden, Effie Thomas, Lillian Elizabeth Bargainnier, Viola Mauk, George W Walden, Dewey W Walden, Mamie Cox/Williams, Fannie E Cox/Williams

DOCK D WALDEN s/o Henry Walter 31 Aug 1851-4 Nov 1896 married Eliza J Fields 30 Aug 1868-25 Jul 1955 They are buried at Parkers Church near Bartow, Georgia-Children are Lonnie Homer Walden, Quince Gray Walden, Lizzie Suzie Jordan, Emory Spier Walden,

BRYANT H WALDEN s/o Henry Walter 23 May 1854-25 Oct 1936 Jefferson County, Georgia married 18 June 1874 Martha Frances Futral 26 Jun 1846-3 Jan 1921-They are buried at the Futral Cemetery behind Old Bethel Church near Bartow, Georgia-Children are Lee Ella Johnston, Thomas Ebbin Walden, Willie Pughsley Walden, Lillie Alice Walden, Mamie J McKenzie Morris, Jonie Johnson Walden

CHARLES SHEPPARD WALDEN (Charlie) s/o Henry Walter 14 Mar 1857-22 Feb 1922 Jefferson County, Georgia married 1 Dec 1881 Jefferson County Sara Frances Hall 16 Feb 1865-31 Jan 1949-They are buried at the Bartow City Cemetery-Children are Dock Emmitt Walden, Charles Tarver Walden, Walter Amos Walden, Wallace Dessie Walden, John Moses Walden, Henry Carlton Walden (Pat), Ellie Mae Walden, Fannie Belle Bargainnier, Milo Massie Walden, Joe Peabody Walden, Paul Lowry Walden


JOHN MOSES WALDEN 22 Jan 1891 Bartow, Georgia-11 Apr 1959 Dublin, Georgia married 17 Feb 1921 Cora Lou Cooper 9 Jul 1897 Flowery Branch, Ga-10 Feb 1975 Louisville, Georgia-They are buried at Parkers Church near Bartow, Georgia0Children are John Moses Walden, Jr, Charlie Green Walden Sr, Alex Royce Walden, Kenneth William Walden, Willard Gray Walden, Donald Maxie Walden, Katie Dean Walden Huff


KAREN ANN WALDEN 28 July 1951 Louisville, Georgia married 22 Jan 1972 Aiken, SC Charles Roland Mouton 3 June 1950 Abbeville, Louisiana -Children are Charles Anthony Mouton and Jenny Christina Allen

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