Frederica Old Burial Ground

Location: St Simons Island

Name Birth Death Inscriptions
John Calwell 1753
John Dalton 1738 Married Mrs. Joyce Germain in Dec. 1736.
Cyrus Dart June 11, 1764 June 29, 1817
Michael Germain 1735
Widow Grant 1743 Born in England
Thomas Hird 1747 Married to Grace Hird
Joanna Humble March 1735 Wife of John Humble
John Humble 1740 Husband of Joanna Humble and Catherine Humble
Mrs. Richard Lawley Aug., 1739
Agnese Loop 1676 Feb. 1736
Primrose Maxwell 1743 Lt. Maxwell served as the Aide-de-camp for Gen. James Oglethorpe
William Moore 1746
Hannah Roberson
James Sinclair 1740
Samuel Smallwoods 1743
Sarah Spencer 1738 1741 Daughter of George and Mary Spencer
Martha Tetzner 1744 Wife of Embroisseus Tetzner
Son Tetzner 1741 Son of Embroisseus and Martha Tetzner
Willes Weston 1740