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John Potts

Hannah Permelia Potts 1851
Revolutionary War - Pension Kidgley and Norrid

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John Potts Widow Hannah Permelia Pension
NARA M.804
Roll 1961

State of Georgia }
Cass County      }

On this the 12th day of February 1851 personally appeared before me L. M. Hood an acting judge of the Inferior Court in & for said County, Mrs. Hannah Permelia Potts aged ninety years, a resident of Cass County Georgia who being sworn according to law, declares that she is the widow of John Potts deceased, that her said husband was a soldier of the Revolutionary War under the command of one Kidgley and Norrid (as well as she can recollect), that he entered the army while living in Lawrens district SC, (does not recollect how long he served), that she was married to the said John Potts sometime about the 1st February 1777 seventeen hundred and seventy seven, that her said husband died in Cass County GA on the 22nd of March 1839 that she makes this declaration in order to obtain a pension under the proper law provided in such cases, that she appoints F .C. Reavis of Casville Ga her agent, to ascertain what law to apply under & to ask of the Commissioners of Pensions her advice or information, instructions, in a letter, she is now entitled under the act of July 4th 1835

Sworn to and subscribed this day above written

                            Hannah Permelia (her x mark) Potts

D. M Hill  CSC

State of Georgia }
Cass County      }

I H. W. Cobb Clerk of the superior court of Cass County do hereby certify that L. H. Harrison acting justice of the Inferior Court in & for said county and State duly commissioned sworn in testimony whereof I here unto set my hand and offer thereto my seal of said Superior Court of said County on this the 18th day of February 1857.

                                       H. W. Cobb   CLK

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