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Miscellaneous Records

The information on these pages has been contributed by volunteers. It is intended to be used to assist in genealogical research and is not for any commercial use.

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Records Contributer
   1835 Georgia Pension Roll


  Grand Lodge of Georgia 1854
Oothcaloga Lodge No. 154
Carolyn L. Harper Johnson - Gordon Co Archives
  Calhoun Grandmother's Club - 1910 Vanishing Georgia Archives
  Calhoun City Council - 1889 Vanishing Georgia Archives
  Declaration for Pension - Tate Marilyn Houser - Gordon Co Archives
  Resaca Memorial Arch Vanishing Georgia Archives
  1925 Calhoun High School Basketball Team Vanishing Georgia Archives
  Starr Institute Band - 1899 Vanishing Georgia Archives
  Josephus Trimble - military record (letter) Janice Trimble
   Coley's Mill Vanishing Georgia Archives
   Calhoun Yellow Jackets - 1925 Vanishing Georgia Archives
   The Moonshine Battle William G. Prather
  How Dixie Got Her Name Beth Shaw
  Governors of Georgia Beth Shaw
  Dates GA Counties were founded Beth Shaw
  Georgia Counties Beth Shaw
  Resaca Confederate Cemetery Marker Beth Shaw
  Historical Markers  
  Baptism - unidentified Sarah Lord Gardner
   Rev. Walter Yarbrough Residence Fire - 1889 Phyllis Thompson
  Fox - Abbot Cemetery - newspaper article  



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