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1856 - European city ground scenes

Below find a collection of period color artwork depicting life in and around European cities. The actual estimated date for each work is marked in its title: most are circa-1855, but the estimates span the range circa-1845 to circa-1865. A map of Europe immediately below geographically organizes the collection.

Locator map of Europe with 1850s state boundaries: top of map is 30 degrees west of north
The circled dots in the map mark cities whose corresponding numbered ground-level scenes appear below.
Use the numbering scheme to make the association and then click on the thumbnail for a full-sized image.

1. Liverpool, United Kdm.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

3. Stockholm, Sweden

4. St. Petersburg, Russia

5. Paris, France

6. Brussels, Belgium

7. Berlin, Prussia

8. Warsaw, Russia

9. Bern, Switzerland

10. Luzern, Switzerland

11. Munich, Bavaria

12. Linz, Austria

13. Valencia, Spain

14. Bologna, Papal States

15. Venice, Austria

16. Buda and Pest, Austria