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Decision 1856
2006 performance

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Decision 1856 is a historical re-enactment of the United States presidential campaign of 1856. It is performed in Buchanan, the county seat of Haralson County, Georgia, which was created in 1856. September 16, 2006 was the first performance of this historical pageant, whose execution is described here.

The climax of the pageant is a vote by the audience. A printed version of a fictional speech of about five minutes was posted at the polling place for each of the three candidates, to help the voter decide for whom to vote. The texts posted in 2006 are linked below:

Revised versions of the these speeches (not posted in time for the 2006 performance) are linked below:
Buchanan (version 2)
Fillmore (version 2)
Fremont (version 2)

Three amateur actors each portrayed one of the three respective candidates, exercising ultimate artistic control. Actor photos and their calling cards are thumbnailed below. Ward Mabry authored a speech for James Buchanan, linked below. Patrick Clarey authored a brochure for John C. Fremont, linked below.

Ward Mabry as James Buchanan

Buchanan Speech by Ward Mabry

Julius Davenport as Millard Fillmore

Patrick Clarey as John C. Fremont

Fremont Brochure by Patrick Clarey

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