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Learn VERY basic use of the World Wide Web
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Washington, DC (Reuters) October 2, 2000

"Gartner Group, a technology consulting firm, released a study at... [a Congressional] hearing projecting that as many as 50 million U.S. adults were in danger of becoming functionally 'illiterate' because they lack knowledge of or access to the Internet.

"'The Internet will soon be so pervasive that not having access to the technology or not knowing how to use it will be the equivalent of not knowing how to read or write,' Gartner Chief Executive Michael Fleisher said in remarks prepared for the subcommittee on Government Management, Information and Technology chaired by Rep. Steve Horn..."


This highly abbreviated lesson assumes you are able to hit keys on a typewriter keyboard and view a video screen. It completely avoids use of a computer mouse. Don't be afraid to experiment at the keyboard when using the computer. The library staff can always restore the computer as it was!

To view any page on the World Wide Web, or Web, locate a personal computer, or "PC", attached to the Internet. All the PCs here in the Buchanan-Haralson library are run by the Microsoft Windows® operating system. Then do this:
( 1 )  Tap the "Windows" key. (Shown highlighted at right.)
( 2 )  Tap the letter "R" key.
( 3 )  Type in the address of the Web page you desire. Use the "Backspace" key to correct typing errors, and hit the "Enter" key when done. (If you enter the wrong page address, you will not retrieve your Web page, and must start over.)
Windows key locator

The computer will display your Web page. Your librarian can help you print a copy for a small fee if you desire.

If you need help, or want to learn more, please read the document called:
Learn basic use of the World Wide Web in under an hour