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The film Buchanan on Parade

Buchanan on Parade parts I and II. is a 70-minute historical cinema verite style documentary film created by the late Harold Jeffers during 1957-1961. It is the property of the Buchanan (Georgia, USA) Masons, and is freely licensed for unlimited use by the Haralson County Historical Society for fundraising. Additional information about the film can be found online here.

The suggested donation for viewing the version immediately below (without the time index captions) is $5 per group. Send the money, made payable to the Haralson County Historical Society, using the contact info at: As this is written, it reads as follows:

Postal address:
P.O. Box 585
145 Van Wert Street
Buchanan, GA 30113

Answering machine:
770 - 646 - 3369

Fax machine:
770 - 646 - 1103

Buchanan on Parade
(without time index captions)

Alternately, we invite you to enjoy a free viewing of the film by sharing your knowledge with future generations! If you recognize any of the people, places, or things in this film, please use the time index captions in the version immediately below to post your identifications to the online forum at We would be pleased if your posting would cite your contact information, preferably including a telephone number, so that people could verify your identity.

Buchanan on Parade
(with time index captions)