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For immediate release - 24 August 2005
Contact: Ron Feigenblatt
A copy of the release is online at:


As a benefit to the community, the Haralson County Historical Society is pleased to publish online two social service directories which heretofore had only been distributed in printed form. (The Society does not have the resources to audit the organizations they list, and the choice of a directory to list a particular agency is the responsibility of its editor alone.)

Find the Haralson County Resource Directory (2005) at The directory is available at this location in both HTML (Web-friendly) and Microsoft Word versions.

There are historical links between Haralson and Carroll counties, the southern portion of the former having once been part of the latter. More importantly, today many Haralson residents work in, shop in or have other ties with Carroll County. Therefore, the Society is also pleased to publish the 2005 Carroll County Resource Directory at It also is available in both HTML (Web-friendly) and Microsoft Word versions.

Thanks to John Lebowitz and Wendy Bonner for helping us publish these valuable guides online at long last!

Please take note of the curious form of the Web address for these two directories, which are the first examples of "Quick Links" from our home page. By using this form, we hope it will be easier for people who do not carry a list of Web links with them - or keep a copy of their favorite links online - to remember the link in question when they need to access it or tell another person about it. All "Quick Links" are of the form:

where "N" is a THREE-DIGIT number. So remember these two new Quick Links:

Quick Link 001 - Haralson County Resource Directory (2005)

Quick Link 002 - 2005 Carroll County Resource Directory