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Evelyn Shepard Sanford Wade

25 October 2005 (for immediate release)
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R. Feigenblatt, Publicity Chair

Dr. Terrell McBrayer, Co-President
678 591-9004
Box 585, Buchanan GA 30113

Evelyn Shepard Sanford Wade


Mr. Jimmy Pope has given the Historical Society until January 1, 2006 to determine if there is sufficient interest to support purchase of the EVELYN SANFORD WADE HOME located diagonally across the GA 120 - US 27 intersection from the Haralson County Historic Courthouse.

This historic home is ideal for a museum to preserve the heritage of the late Dr. Sanford and Evelyn Sanford Wade, also serving to chronicle our religious and educational history.

The home itself is a beautiful dwelling, ideally located near the Historic Courthouse in downtown Buchanan, and the contents include priceless antiques and other important historical material. Mrs. Wade kept great records and many interesting items.

The home is available for $180,000, the appraised value, but this does not include some of the furniture. The owner has stated he will give a substantial amount on the purchase. Some of the furniture will be donated, but some of it is to be appraised by a non-interested professional, and the price set soon.

This venture will take quite a commitment. But this home has the potential to be a great attraction for downtown Buchanan and the entire area. Mrs. Wade's influence and that of her family extended well beyond our community.

The Historical Society has approved the effort to develop support for this project. The hope is that sufficient support will come to make this project happen. Commitments are needed to cover approximately one half now, $90,000, and pledges for the additional $90,000 over a period of 5 years. Also, commitments are needed for maintenance at approximately $10,000 a year in cash or in kind. Individuals, families, or institutions bestowing $10,000 or more will be honored by name on a large permanent marker all visitors will note on entering the museum. Those providing $500 or more will be recognized on a donor wall inside the museum. The mandate of anonymity will be abided as well.

If the first commitment of $90,000 is obtained, efforts will be made to get state and other grants to cover much of the remaining cost.

Anyone interested, please call 770-537-4217; cell 678-591-9004; fax 770-537-9224; email Please give serious consideration to this great opportunity.

Terrell McBrayer, Ed D., Co-President, Haralson County Historical Society