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Historic Courthouse snapshot
Haralson County
Historical Society


Karen Higgins, President
PO Box 585 - Buchanan, GA 30113
Telephone: 770-646-3369
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Historic Courthouse snapshot

For immediate release - 12 March 2006
Contact: Ron Feigenblatt, 770-646-3369
A copy of this release is online at:


As a community service, the Haralson County Historical Society now publishes U.S. Census maps for Haralson County and its county seat, Buchanan. This includes county-wide detail down to the block level, which is not directly available from the federal Bureau of the Census. Find the maps online within:

Maps for both the 1990 and 2000 census are available, but only the 2000 maps show detail down to the block level. Moreover, it is somewhat problematic to compare the 1990 and 2000 maps, because of "block group" redefinitions.

By clicking on appropriate sections of the county maps, one can access the Web pages directly provided by the Bureau of the Census. This allows the user to customize the maps with other details or alternative color-coding schemes. One can even pull up numerical data for individual blocks in this manner. In order to enjoy full functionality, users of the Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer Web browser may have to lower the security setting of their browser to accept this federal government site as a so-called "Trusted site."

The Society hopes this information will prove helpful to government officials, businesses and community groups of all types who have to make plans depending upon the disposition of the population within the county.