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Historic Courthouse snapshot
For immediate release - 15 April 2007
Contact: Ron Feigenblatt, 770-646-3369
A copy of this release is online at:
Haralson County
Historical Society


Karen Higgins, President
PO Box 585
Buchanan, GA 30113
Telephone: 770-646-3369
Fax: 770-646-1103
Web site:

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CASTING CALL: Decision 1856

WANTED: Actors, singers, musicians, costume-makers, writers and others!

Decision 1856 is an outdoor historical pageant performed annually in Buchanan, Georgia. Based on The 1856 Handbook, winner in 2007 of the Georgia Historical Society's prestigious Roger K. Warlick Award, this entertainment features the exciting three-way race for the US Presidency in 1856, the year Haralson County was created. Decision 1856 maintains an archive here, including an album of its first (2006) performance here.

This play is an excellent opportunity to build one's theatrical credentials. We are immediately seeking actors, singers, musicians, costume-makers, writers and others to help us create and stage a second version of this work in September 2007 at the annual Fall Fair on the Square in Buchanan, a small town at the edge of metro Atlanta and the seat of Haralson County.

While we cannot afford to pay wages, modest FUNDS are available for supplies and co-sponsors are being recruited. Experience the artistic freedom of helping us shape the future of this new-born artwork. And gain the satisfaction of possibly building the momentum needed to turn this community theatre into a professional enterprise.

If you would like to participate, or are just curious, please contact Ron Feigenblatt at the Haralson County Historical Society by any of several means:

  • Telephone: 770-646-3369
  • Fax: 770-646-1103
  • E-mail:

Decision 1856 is a production of the Haralson County Historical Society, a non-profit Georgia corporation which seeks to discover, preserve and publish the history of Haralson County, Georgia.

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