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The US Congress congratulates
Haralson County
on its 150th anniversary

Congressional Record of the 109th Congress
of the United States of America

Page H6434 - House of Representatives - September 13, 2006


(Mr. GINGREY asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)

Mr. GINGREY. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor Haralson County, Georgia, which this year is celebrating its 150th anniversary.

One hundred fifty years ago, back in 1856, the Georgia General Assembly created Haralson County from parts of Carroll and Polk Counties. Haralson County is forever tied to the statesman of its founding. The county was named after a distinguished soldier and a United States Congressman, Hugh Haralson, and the county's seat, Buchanan, was named several years later after President James Buchanan.

Mr. Speaker, one of the most recognizable sites in the city of Buchanan is the courthouse, built in 1891, and currently listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. The courthouse is symbolic of Haralson County, for as the county has grown and changed over the past 150 years, it has never lost sight of its history and founding.

And though the county's founders might not recognize some of the recent additions, like the Honda plant, I know they would feel right at home in the warm communities that populate this county. Mr. Speaker, I ask that you and all of my colleagues join me in congratulating the citizens of Bremen, Buchanan, Tallapoosa, Waco, and all of Haralson County on this historic occasion


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