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Pumpkin Caper 2007

As is customary, a wide variety of activities were undertaken to make the Pumpkin Caper a memorable community event. The last online version of the announcement flyer, here, detailed our plans.

While this Monday event was nominally planned to run 6:00-8:30PM, we found that many people arrived very early and that the Square was vacated long before our planned ending time. One imagines that in the future any event targeted especially at small children on a "school night" should begin and end earlier.

One new element this year was the use of our amplified sound system to provide spooky special effects on the Historic Courthouse campus to set the mood for the festival. In excess of 100 such sounds were gathered for exhibition and sounded at pseudo-random intervals, often with considerable effect.

Sad to note, the day after the fair's symbol - a model of Sputnik One - was deployed in the Historic Courthouse atrium, work began on the replacement of the aged exterior doors of the atrium by new units. This meant that for nearly all of October the atrium was off-limits to visitors, spoiling the Sputnik One exhibit. Happily, while work was still incomplete, the atrium could be opened up during the Pumpkin Caper. But the large, happy, noisy crowds seemed to pay no mind to the Soviet satellite in 'orbit' above them. Therefore, Sputnik One will continue to be on display through the end of the year. Hopefully, it will not be too many more weeks before the atrium work is complete and the public can again have regular access to it.

Below find links to collections of photos made during Pumpkin Caper 2007.