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In response to our annual newsletter here the Haralson County Historical Society was delighted to receive the following wonderful letter from our founding president, Mary K. Knight. We are proud to share it with you here. Our success would not be possible without the faith and energy of people such as herself long decades ago.

Mary K. Knight

August 1, 2005

Attention: Mr. Ron Feigenblatt
Haralson County Historical Society
P. 0. Box 585
Buchanan, GA 30113

Dear Mr. Feigenblatt:

As a founding member and the first president of Haralson County Historical Society, I was thrilled to receive the newsletter and update of the activities of the society. To all of you who have worked so hard, you have my congratulations and admiration, as well as my appreciation, for all the wonderful accomplishments of the society toward the perpetuation of Haralson County's historical legacy. Of course, the marvelous Old Haralson County Courthouse is at the center of that legacy.

When the founding members organized the society and were able to obtain a 30-year lease for the Old Courthouse, we were so excited and relieved. We felt as if 30 years was a long, long time, and that our building was immune from destruction if we could just raise some money to restore it. Part of our original dream was for it to serve as a library, a place for the quilters to meet, and as a cultural center to preserve some of the unique history of the area. In the initial phase of our operation, we were able to accomplish much toward our mission.

Time went by; some of our original members died; some of the rest of us became older; some moved away. Before we could realize it, the 30 years had gone by, and the old building needed a facelift again. This time, however, the money required was in millions, rather than thousands. And that is where all of you came in. You raised the money, did the work, and got the lease renewed, thus assuring that the Old Courthouse would remain as a historical asset for the county. I am also pleased that you have modernized with computers, etc.

It has been said that your success as the head of an organization can be measured by whether you leave it in a condition where it can continue successfully after you have left it. I am so gratified that this appears to be the case with the Haralson County Historical Society. It is in very good hands as evidenced by the resolution in your honor from the Georgia State Senate. I only wish that all those who loved the Old Courthouse and worked so hard in the beginning could have lived to see what you have done. They would be so proud, just as I am.

It is good that you are preparing another generation to accept the torch for preserving that wonderful old building by including young people in so many programs. Another 30 years will go by before you know it.


Mary K. Knight