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Minutes et alia of May 14, 2007 meeting

The May 14, 2007 meeting of the Haralson County Historical Society was called to order by President Karen Higgins. The Minutes from the April 12, 2007 meeting were approved as read. Jana Gentry gave the Treasurerís report. Our balance after income and expenses was $7,296.47. The motion was made and seconded, with a unanimous vote, to accept her report. The following nine people were present:

		Jeri Ezell
		Karen Higgins
		Peggy Kimball
		Horace Kimball
		Ron Feigenblatt
		Helen Higgins
		Jana Gentry
		John Norton
		George Wheeless

Terrell McBrayer met with Greg Garner regarding building repairs. He talked to Mr. Ray Washington about the Mail Buggy: Mr. Washington wants to get the other parts out of the basement to set the buggy in plain sight of the parade for the Fall Festival. Karen told us about the Little Creek School House: They have $5,150.00 on hand, they are expecting $2,000.00 any day, and are planning to move it within the next few weeks. Motion was made and seconded, with a unanimous vote, to allow Terrell McBrayer and Karen Higgins to apply for various grants to help with these costs.

We have some concerns about filing taxes as a non-profit organization if we are the umbrella organization for the Sanford-Wade House and the Little Creek School House. By February 15, 2008 the Sanford-Wade House and the Little Creek School House must submit audited financial reports of income and expenses to the Historical Society. If the balance exceeds $25,000, we will have to turn all of our books over to a CPA to file a tax return.

Insurance: Farm Bureau doesnít cover historical items. We are checking elsewhere.

Spring Festival: We are going to have a booth and sell everything from sausage biscuits to knives, Fruit Snacks, and Bucky Bars.

Fall Festival: We are already starting to mail out letters.

Ron showed a video about his trip to Savannah to receive the Georgia Historical Societyís Roger K. Warlick Local History Achievement Award.

Our visitor, George Wheeless, gave a presentation about the Casimir Pulaski Chapter, Georgia Society, Sons of the American Revolution. He then told us about the Grave Marker Dedication Ceremony for William Alexander Goggans to be held Saturday, June 2, 2007 at Bethany Baptist Church in Tallapoosa. Karen Higgins agreed to represent the Historical Society. Mr. Wheeless also had a set of books called Georgia Revolutionary Soldiers and Sailors, Patriots and Pioneers Volumes 1 and 2. The motion was made and seconded, with a unanimous vote, to purchase the set for our genealogical library.

We discussed the front slope, which is washing away. We plan to re-grass it after the Festival, and we want to ask the Master Gardeners to help.

Ron has discovered that folk artist Oscar Brand might be interested in helping to turn Ronís Decision 1856 pageant into a show, film, etc., on this topic. Ron is checking into possibilities.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted,
Jeri Ezell

Appendix prepared by Ron Feigenblatt

The May 14, 2007 meeting of the Haralson County Historical Society featured a special speaker: Mr. George Wheeless, an officer from Carrollton's Casimir Pulaski Chapter of the Georgia Sons of the American Revolution.

Related online resources include a video transcript of his 20-minute talk, an abstract describing the June 2, 2007 event about which he spoke, and a flyer on the same topic.

Mr. Wheeless also noted that in June 2007, Oxford University Press is bringing out a new book on the Revolutionary War, Almost a Miracle: The American Victory in the War of Independence by John E. Ferling, Professor of History Emeritus at our own University of West Georgia. Professor Ferling will give a 25-minute address and sign books in Carrollton on June 18, 2007 at the Carrollton Community Center. Doors will open well before the address begins at 7:30PM, and the book will be discounted by $5 below its list price of $30.

Professor Ferling was interviewed by Book TV when he published a previous book through Oxford, Adams vs. Jefferson: The Tumultuous Election of 1800. You can view that October 3, 2004 interview online here.

Note added July 2008: Dr. Stan Deaton, Vice President for Programs and Scholarship at the Georgia Historical Society, interviews Prof. Ferling online here. (Originally aired on Georgia Public Broadcasting's Cover To Cover program Sunday, May 18, 2008)

An 11th-hour audio transcript of (almost) the entire two-hour business meeting is published in three parts at the following online locations; the sound is audible but poor.

Photographs taken at the meeting appear immediately below.
(Note: Index times on images and video anomalously are Central, not Eastern, Time Zone.)

The meeting venue: main reading room of the Historic Courthouse in Buchanan, GA.
Left to right: John Norton, Horace Kimball, Vice-President Peggy Kimball, Secretary Jeri Ezell, President Karen Higgins, George Wheeless (SAR), Helen Higgins, Treasurer Jana Gentry. Missing: Ron Feigenblatt.

Nothing but work, work, work!

George Wheeless (SAR) at ease.

George Wheeless (SAR) salutes.

Watching one of Ron's multimedia presentations.

The Buchanan-Haralson Public Library, housed in the Historic Courthouse, features US Revolutionary War books through May to honor the talk by Mr. Wheeless of the SAR.

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