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Historical Society Agenda for October 9, 2006

Call to Order

Reading of last month’s minutes

Treasurer’s report

Building report

Old business

    1. Wade House Report
    2. Status of debit card from 1st National? If approved, we need to order books we discussed last month from
    3. Get everyone’s choice from GHS Speaker’s Bureau (everyone got a list last month). Keep in mind speaker’s available location and financial requirements. Karen’s choices:

Stan Deaton – "Now More Than Ever: Why History Still Matters:

W. Todd Groce – "History Happened to Our People: The Roots of Southern Distinctiveness"

New Business

    1. New website (Thank you Ron!!)
    2. As such, we need a new mission statement and goals. Jeri will pass out what is currently online as our "basic purpose and primary goals". I feel our goals are too vague and should be incorporated into our mission statement and we should come up with more specific goals. i.e. "dedicate time/effort to establish genealogy library as a viable research tool for the community".
    3. Everyone please take the next month, look at the new website, look at our current "purpose and goals", look at what a mission statement should convey and come up with some ideas for a new mission statement for the Historical Society. We have made a lot of changes recently and have received a lot of positive feedback from the Festival so let’s keep the momentum going by updating the reason we are here!!
    4. One of the MAIN goals everyone should list is increasing membership!! Think of creative ways to do this!! Once January arrives and all the Festivals are behind us, we MUST get started on this!! Look at other organizations/online. This MUST be a concerted and a GROUP effort! We talk about this every year but nothing gets done.
    5. Pumpkin Caper – joint effort between HCHS, FOTL and DBR. FOTL has donated drinks, chips and Brunswick stew. HCHS will buy hot dogs/buns and members will cook chili. HCHS and FOTL will split proceeds from food/drink sales. DBR to organize children’s games. We need an organization to sponsor the Costume Contest. Peggy – hand out candy. Ron – cashier? Need four FOTL/HCHS volunteers for KP. Jeri and I will assist DBR with games. All three organizations will donate candy and put together "candy bags" to distribute. Businesses on the Square to participate in trick-or-treating also. I was thinking about adding to the Pumpkin Caper flyer: "Adult volunteers are needed for the evening’s activities. FREE FOOD! Please call Karen 770.646.5799" Opinions??
    6. Festival of Trees – Monetary prize for "People’s Choice" winner? We need to get more organizations involved! Ideas? What about clubs/organizations at middle/high schools? Churches?
    7. I spoke with Kim Fitzgerald (Community Voice with WLBB). Once we have all the details on the Pumpkin Caper/Festival of Trees nailed down, I’ll call her and she will put me on her program!
    8. Purchase shelves for vault and folding chairs.
    9. Dead bolts for doors. Due to vandalism during the Fall Festival (minor, but vandalism none the less) the courtroom will no longer be open and unattended during events (besides, I’m not sure Jana’s blood pressure could take it!!). We will ask for volunteers (and pay if we must) to give "guided tours". It is our responsible to maintain the integrity of this building and if we must offer our apologizes to the community for the senseless act of one individual, then so be it.
    10. UWG is sponsoring an Economic Forecast Breakfast for the "United States, State of Georgia, and West Georgia Region" on Thursday, November 9th from 7:30 – 9:00 am. HCHS and FOTL will split the cost of a table ($175). Each organization will send 4 people. Anyone from the Historical Society interested in attending? Jana, since you have a foot planted in both sides, could you go ahead and send a check for the entire amount and then collect half from FOTL (as long as they have not already send THEIR registration form in!)? Should be very informative.




Any other new business?