Agenda for November 13, 2006 Haralson County Historical Society meeting

Call to Order

Secretaryís report

Treasurerís report

Building report

Old Business

1.      Wade House Report
2.      Smithsonian Exhibit application has been sent.
3.      In discussion with GHS Speakerís Bureau; looks like late March/early April for Dr. Stan Deatonís arrival.
4.       Pumpkin Caper was a great success!  Any thoughts/ideas on changes for next year to make it even better?  Logistically?
5.      Donít forget to work on mission statement.  We will begin putting a new one together in January.
6.      Membership Drive ideas for January meeting also.
7.      Status of mail buggy?
8.      Membership chair?
9.      Task volunteers?  Good idea but lets see how the membership drive goes.
10.     Jana-payments for Fair on Square

New Business

1.      Join Georgia Genealogical Society ($30)
2.      Join Georgia Humanities Council ($100)
3.      Marketing courthouse idea
4.      Policy for DA/Commissionerís office for ďrepositoryĒ items.
5.      Purchase shelving for same (discuss reasoning)
6.      Long distance for courthouse
7.      Courthouse doors/Historic Preservation
      (See site survey at:
8.      Festival of Trees
a.      agenda
b.      tentative flyer
c.      bake sale (and ornament sale)
d.      volunteers
e.      lights on square/large tree in yard?
f.      automated musical program
9.       NiMH cells for wireless microphone system (two at $5 to $10 each)
10.       Add telephone extension jack for main reading room
11.       Group or individual photos (January) to help new/prospective members

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