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Haralson County Historical Society Meeting


Attendees: Peggy Kimball, Ron Feigenblatt, Karen Higgins, Peggy Kimball, Jeri Ezell, Terrell McBrayer, Stephanie Jarrell, John Norton and Julia Norton

The August 11, 2008 meeting of the Haralson County Historical Society was called to order by President Karen Higgins. Stephanie Jarrell read the minutes from the July 14, 2008 meeting. Motion to accept from Peggy Kimball and seconded by Ron Feigenblatt.

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Jana Gentry):
    1. Balance, after income and expenses was $7311.62
    2. We have not received July check from county commissioners yet
    3. Discussed keeping $160 on hand as cash to start us off for the festival.
    4. Ron motioned to accept treasurer’s report. Julia seconded.
    5. Income taxes
      1. We received 3 month extension.
      2. Terrell will continue working on this project.
  2. Little Creek School House (LCSH):
    1. Quilt unveiling and open house went well. Had 40-50 people in attendance including several people from outside the county (2 from Roopville and 2 from Powder Springs).
    2. Landscaping coming along well. Charles Jarrell and Lane Ayers working on projects. County has assisted with moving dirt. Trustees have placed foundation stones around base.
    3. Financial report in Secretary’s file.
    4. Balance of $3984.20.
  3. Laurel Hills cemetery: Ed Williams (Tallapoosa)
  4. By-laws: Terrell on committee to work on updating by-laws
  5. Sanford Wade Heritage House (SWHH):
    1. Balance of $1879.58.
    2. John Norton continues to develop projects for the fall festival.
      1. Petting zoo
      2. Painting exhibit for the inside
      3. Horseshoeing event
      4. Butter-making demonstration
        1. Peggy Kimball has baby food jars she will donate.
      5. Confirmed 5 people to volunteer with Wade House
  6. Historic Courthouse:
    1. Elevator: Terrell believes that Aaron (from CDM company) will help us with the issue about our water pump.
    2. Water barrels: Terrell and Charles looking into issue.
    3. Storm windows: All storm windows that were cracked or broken have been replaced.
      1. Asked for quotes around bathrooms and windows with colored panes on front.
      2. Identified rotted wood on front window. Roy was able to replace window and prime.
    4. Window over sink: water running in behind the window and had rotted out some of the window. Found live termites.
    5. Identified crack in brick wall in bathroom. Charles had mason come do work.
    6. Did not replace other 2 windows.
    7. Smoke alarm battery: Charles recommends that the county maintain this. He will speak with Alan Poole.
    8. Grant discussion
      1. DNR grant: cannot be in kind, must be cash.
      2. Let Karen know of any places where we can apply for more grants.
      3. We were not approved for the grant from Lowes.
    9. 1995 preservation plan
      1. All officers have copy
      2. Karen stated that we should be trying to take care of the items outlined in the plan.
      3. Lighting needs to be updated to "architecturally correct" lights instead of fluorescent
  7. Fall Fair on the Square
    1. UWG exhibit-need "tour guides"
    2. Tours of the Old Courthouse,
    3. Ron will have side advertising self-guided tours
    4. Discussed location of mining exhibit.
    5. We do not think the streetscape will interfere with our plans to have the fair on our regular square property.
  8. Pumpkin Caper – Monday, October 27, 2008 – 6pm
    1. Pie-eating contest: we should ask Waffle House to donate pies
    2. Jana to talk to Boy Scouts about games
    3. Jeri will check with PTO at school regarding costume contest
  9. DVDs
    1. Ron plans to put 2 versions on the DVD. Plan to have Karen introduce and hope to have Mayor Buster Biggers
  10. New Business
    1. Travis Paris sent us a package which we have yet to receive.
    2. Key Ingredients planning meeting – Thursday, August 21 at 5:30pm
    3. New quilt being painted at 5:30pm on Wednesday, August 13

Meeting adjourned at 7:17pm.