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Haralson County Historical Society Meeting


Attendees: Peggy Kimball, Ron Feigenblatt, Karen Higgins, Terrell McBrayer, Stephanie Jarrell, Mary Jarrell, Charles Jarrell, John Norton, Jana Gentry, Ruth Clarke, and Julia Norton

Stephanie Jarrell read the minutes from the August 11, 2008 meeting. Motion to accept from Peggy Kimball and seconded by Ron Feigenblatt.

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Jana Gentry):
    1. Balance, after income and expenses was $6694.69
    2. Peggy motioned to accept treasurer’s report. Mary seconded.
    3. Income taxes
      1. We have until November 1 ’08 to finish.
      2. The returns are still in progress.
  2. Little Creek School House (LCSH):
    1. Keeping expenses down.
    2. 1:30-2:15 Sat 9/20: dedication of the LCSH
      1. Handing out certificates of appreciation
    3. Quilt unveiling and open house went well. Had 40-50 people in attendance including several people from outside the county (2 from Roopville and 2 from Powder Springs).
    4. Financial report will be e-mailed to Jana Gentry.
  3. Sanford Wade Heritage House (SWHH):
    1. Upstairs is rented for $300.00
    2. Had issues with water for the upstairs. John resolved the issues 9/8/08.
    3. 2 people lined up for Fair
    4. Scheduling work day for cleanup before the fair
    5. John Norton continues to develop projects for the fall festival.
      1. Petting zoo - confirmed
      2. Painting exhibit for the inside - confirmed
      3. Horseshoeing event – John to follow up this week
      4. Butter-making demonstration
        1. Peggy Kimball has baby food jars she will donate.
      5. Will have donation jar with explanation of what donations are for
  4. Historic Courthouse:
    1. Elevator: Terrell believes that Aaron (from CDM company) will help us with the issue about our water pump.
      1. Terrell left a voice mail for the company
    2. Jana has sprayed for ants. She has not noticed any squirrels or issues.
    3. West Georgia Pest Control – Fred Spakes
      1. Terrell suggested calling him (the owner) – Karen Higgens will call Fred to arrange service.
    4. Movie filming: Karen hasn’t heard anything else from the film crew.
    5. No new report on building maintenance.
    6. Projects are pending more finances.
  5. Fall Fair on the Square
    1. University of West Georgia exhibit is almost ready
      1. Will have for exhibit for main part of September
      2. Advertise hours of exhibit to be the same as library hours
      3. Day of festival we will have volunteers on the second story
    2. Gold Mining exhibit: Roy will loan us mining tools.
      1. Ron suggested putting glass case upstairs now and loading tools to partner with UWG exhibit.
    3. Jana mentioned photography display for Douglas County Cultural Arts Center – they took pictures of our library for their To Kill a Mockingbird photography exhibit
    4. Grass: Vance Posey will get a crew to ensure it’s cut before the festival.
    5. Vendors: 36 booth rentals
      1. Still awaiting a few applications.
      2. Sent unsigned check from Tony Pope.
      3. Karen to notify Jana when are spaces are full for the festival.
    6. Seating
      1. Use watercolor room for dining
        1. Need to move paint into Christmas closet
      2. Buchanan United Methodist Church to provide
    7. Restrooms
      1. Will open front bathroom in library
    8. Kitchen
      1. DBR is not making biscuits this year.
      2. No one is using the kitchen except for FOTL.
    9. Buchanan on Parade – DVD
      1. Ron will continue processing
    10. Parade and Entertainment: Karen will keep Jana posted on details
  6. Grant Updates
    1. Georgia Heritage Grant Program
      1. Regarding the grant we applied for, the budget may be reduced. We applied for $10,000.
    2. Woodruff Arts Foundation
      1. Peggy and Karen will check into applying.
  7. Key Ingredients
    1. Buchanan Women’s Club has committed to be sponsors for us.
      1. Offered to let us use their building for either the main exhibit or local exhibits.
    2. Planning Docent Training closer to the time of the exhibit.
  8. Pumpkin Caper – Monday, October 27, 2008 – 6pm
    1. Games
      1. Peggy Kimball will check
    2. Kids on Patrol:
    3. Pie-eating contest: we should ask Waffle House to donate pies
    4. Jeri will check with PTO at school regarding costume contest
    5. Volunteer needs
      1. Person to organize pie-eating contest
      2. Person to organize costume contest
      3. Donations of food: candy, hot dogs, buns, chips, etc.
      4. Person to boil hot dogs (prepare food)
      5. Total of 10 volunteers needed – need to arrive by 4:00-4:30
        1. Mary to help in kitchen
        2. Peggy to make pot of chili
      6. Jana to arrange local storyteller
      7. Ron to do scary sounds
  9. T-shirts
    1. Jana has ordered t-shirts. Should be here by Fair on the Square.
    2. Karen will collect money from everyone when they come in.
  10. Budapest Cemetery
    1. Karen wrote letter to property owner, but hasn’t heard back from them yet.
      1. It is on Steven Newman’s property. He lives in Marietta. Karen assured him that we just want to clean it up.
    2. John Norton said that the Master Gardeners are ready to take on project.
    3. Hungarian Club of GA has offered to help with cleanup.
    4. Plan to replace marker for Budapest community with another one for the cemetery.
      1. Markers are $3000. Half will be paid by GA Historical Society with the sponsoring organization
  11. New Business
    1. Ron received package from Travis Paris. Mentioned Matrix magazine with information about mining.
      1. Ron interviewed him about mining in GA. Once the interview is reviewed, it will be available on our website.
      2. 3 artifacts to be displayed as well.
    2. Thank you letter from Chamber of Commerce thanking us for donations to the on-line auction.
    3. Thank you letter from Georgia Historical Society
      1. Our group won the Roger K. Warlick Award for the 1856 Handbook online won an award.
    4. Disaster recovery plan
      1. Our vault is fire proof
      2. Plan to move marriage licenses into the vault
      3. Discussed fire drill planning – close every door
      4. Asked Charles to contact West Georgia Fire Protection to see about a plan for the building
      5. We cannot get insurance for the historic contents



  12. By-laws: Terrell on committee to work on updating by-laws

    1. sent us a package which we have yet to receive.
    2. Key Ingredients planning meeting – Thursday, August 21 at 5:30pm
    3. New quilt being painted at 5:30pm on Wednesday, August 13

Meeting adjourned at 7:17pm.