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Haralson County Historical Society Meeting


Attendees: Jeri Ezell, Ron Feigenblatt, Stephanie Jarrell, Mary Jarrell, Charles Jarrell, Jana Gentry, LoraLee Casey

Jana Gentry called meeting to order.

Stephanie Jarrell read the minutes from the September 8, 2008 meeting. Motion to accept from Ron Feigenblatt and seconded by Mary Jarrell.

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Jana Gentry):
    1. Balance, after income and expenses was $8066.53.
    2. Last year FOTS we split some proceeds with DBR.
      1. Jana will check with Karen to see if we need to split any funds with them.
      2. We received $1650 from booth rentals
      3. $166 net sales for merchandise outside
      4. Expenses were less than $200
      5. $1628.55 profit from fair on the square
    3. Mary Jarrell motioned to accept treasurer’s report. Ron F. seconded. Unanimous approval.
    4. Income taxes
      1. We have until November 1 ’08 to finish.
      2. The returns are still in progress.
      3. Action: Jana will follow up with Terrell on what needs to be done.
  2. Little Creek School House (LCSH):
    1. We received more furniture. Lane Ayers brought desks and books.
    2. 95-98% complete
    3. We should think about marketing and promotions and applying for certain awards such as Historic Trust Award and Warlick award
      1. We can apply for these awards within 2 years
      2. Ideas to get academics to write articles about the LCSH
    4. Someone from the primary school contacted LoraLee about doing a class on Indians – Mary Tolleson will conduct class
    5. Annual convention of people interested in one room school houses
      1. Country School Association of America (CSAA)
      2. They publish information and coordinate information
      3. One member is a professor at Berry College. We should consider asking her to give a lecture in Haralson County. Everyone thought this was an interesting idea.
      4. Ron will add links to our Little Creek School House web page
    6. Idea for Tallapoosa to use our LCSH for film shooting for Posum Snout play.
    7. Buchanan’s Women’s Club is using the LCSH for their "home base" for the 2008 Christmas Tour of Homes
    8. Idea: create log/sign up book to keep for every time we use the LCSH for something so we have a record when we apply for grants and want to see our usage information
  3. Pumpkin Caper – Monday, October 27, 2008 – 5pm
    1. Theme: US Presidents
    2. We will not be serving chili and hot dogs. We will have a food vendor instead. Jana asked about our arrangement with the food vendor, but we need to get details from Karen when she returns.
    3. Moved start time to 5pm.
    4. School is doing the Halloween dance right before the Caper
    5. Fortune Telling for $.50 with proceeds benefiting the library.
    6. Volunteer needs
      1. Arrive by 4pm to set up tables and prep pie area
      2. Person to organize pie-eating contest
        1. Action: Need Karen to tell us the details and bring stopwatch
        2. Charles Jarrell can help
      3. People to tie up candy bags – 5pm on Thursday, 10/23
        1. Mary Jarrell
        2. Jeri Ezell
        3. Karen Higgins
      4. Donations for candy
        1. Action: Jana will ask Karen how many bags we need
        2. Action: Jana will ask Karen about preparing materials about HCHS and FOTL to put in the bags
          1. Line about Chamber of Commerce
          2. Line of advertising about Festival of Trees
      5. Costume contest will be run by BES PTO – 6pm
        1. Pre-registration at school
        2. Jeri confirmed that forms are being sent out with report cards.
        3. Location: confirmed it will be held in the courtroom
        4. Action: Jana and Charles will plan to move any furniture the children might play with.
        5. Different age levels which will be listed
      6. Judging of pumpkins
        1. Kids bring the pumpkins up at 9:30.
        2. Ideas for judges: Eddie Hulsey
          1. We agreed to have 1 judge.
        3. Getting rid of the pumpkins: Ron has ideas about giving away the pumpkins which would require a truck.
        4. Stephanie suggested Ron could connect with Jason Jarrell about a truck.
      7. Action: Jana to talk to all the local businesses or ask Peggy to do it.
      8. INFO: Portraits of presidents connected from our website.
      9. Idea to have Chamber of Commerce booth at the Caper
        1. LoraLee told group that Chamber is working on a promotional video for the county.
  4. Ron made a motion for the Historical Society to recognize all of the hard work done by our president, Karen Higgins. Seconded by Jeri Ezell. Unanimous vote.
  5. Budapest Cemetery
    1. Karen wrote letter to property owner, but hasn’t heard back from them yet.
    2. Hungarian Club of GA has offered to help with cleanup.
    3. Action: Karen to follow up with Hungarian Club.
    4. LoraLee mentioned that there is a group who were present at the Tourism conference about the proper way to do clean up of cemeteries.
    5. Charles Jarrell asked again about who owns the property. Based on minutes, we believe Steven Newman is the owner, but we want to confirm.
    6. We believe we cannot take any action until we receive approval from the owner.
    7. Plan to replace marker for Budapest community with another one for the cemetery.
      1. Markers are $3000. Half will be paid by GA Historical Society with the sponsoring organization
  6. Festival of Trees – Saturday, December 6
    1. Allow people to start setting up their trees Monday, Dec 1
    2. Discussed details about securing a Grinch costume
      1. Action: Ron to research Grinch costumes and notify Stephanie (who agreed to donate the cost of the costume)
      2. Action: Karen to ask Eddie Hulsey about being Santa for us – might be Peggy to talk to him
    3. Discussed having Bake Sale vs. Breakfast
      1. 99% decided to do bake sale instead
    4. Agreed to leave the trees up for one week after Dec 6 so people can come during Library hours
      1. People can take their trees down during this week or come take them down after Sat Dec 23.
    5. Plan to finalize all details at next meeting
  7. Historic Village Saturdays (Ron)
    1. Proposal: last Saturday of the month each month, we have official open house at all 3 facilities.
      1. Hire someone to run open house
      2. 1 hour for each facility with a person/guard/docent in attendance at each place
        1. Propose $10 an hour for an unskilled person
        2. $15 an hour for someone who could talk in detail about the properties
          1. Ron listed books they should be familiar with
        3. $360-540 a year for total cost
        4. Put donation box out
        5. LoraLee can put recurring even
          1. website with annual events, lodging, festivals, etc.
      3. Would be regular event that we can advertise
      4. Can use for exhibition space for photos, paintings, etc.
      5. Action: Need to schedule discussions with Wade House and LCSH to discuss further
      6. Goal to organize something official to start by January 2009
      7. Tie in with the Southern Quilt Trail
  8. Caroling on the Square
    1. Children from the elementary school will come sing on the square
    2. Will happen the last day of school year before Christmas holidays start
  9. Building Report
    1. West Georgia Fire Protection
    2. $600 one time expense for glass case fire extinguishers installed
    3. Annual inspection: $58 for entire building – may be additional fee for recharging
    4. They will send technician next week
    5. We will vote at November meeting after we receive estimate
  10. 2009 Calendar of Events
    1. Action: Discuss at November meeting – would like to prepare a full calendar of HCHS events for 2009 to publish on our website

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.