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Haralson County Historical Society Meeting


Attendees: Karen Higgins, Jeri Ezell, Stephanie Jarrell, John Norton, Charles Jarrell, Philip Haddix, Jana Gentry, LoraLee Casey, Helen Higgins, Naomah Black, Roy Black, Mark Hanson, Stephanie Ray


  1. Approval of last month’s minutes
    1. Jeri Ezell made motion to accept minutes. Seconded by Charles Jarrell. Approved.


  2. Treasurer’s report
    1. $8,876.34
    2. Phone bill pending
    3. Electric bill this month was $356.00 down from $700+ in the summer.
    4. Cleared $1700 on Fair on the Square
      1. Action: Karen will follow up with DBR on what percentage of the profit is to be shared with them.
    5. Can purchase "volunteer" shirts for $15
  3. Pumpkin Caper Lessons Learned
    1. We had a miscommunication with the school about the theme for the contest. Some people thought they HAD to have a presidential pumpkin in order to participate which was not true.
    2. We all agree that we will take the food back next year. We did not think the food vendor we had did as good of a job as we would have liked.


  4. LCSH update
    1. Motion proposed by Terrell McBrayer for discussion by the group:
      1. Recommend we approve transfer of LCSH to the Haralson County Board of Education provided the transfer is approved by the Little Creek and Committee to Save the LCSH, and approval by the Haralson County BOE.
    2. Charles Jarrell and other members raised concerns about this idea
    3. We have used the vehicle of the HC Historical Society to raise all the money for the school house
    4. Group was concerned that the BOE may not have the funds, nor the knowledge and historic preservation, necessary to care for the LCSH in the way that is needed
    5. If we agree to the transfer, we need to ensure we have serious legal guidance and help us with the transaction.
      1. LCSH property is still in the name of Grace Ministries.
    6. Lora Lee raised the point that LCSH is a tourism spot and she does not envision the Tourism Team being able to liaison with the BOE as well as the Historical Society
    7. Idea/compromise: Historical Society can be in charge of the building and maintain it – keep the right to use the building for events.
      1. Could offer the BOE 2 or 3 days every week that they can schedule classes and events
    8. Charles Jarrell made motion that Historical Society should maintain ownership and control of the LCSH. Seconded by Stephanie Jarrell. Approved by group vote.
    9. Topic will be discussed further by the LCSH Board on Thursday 11/13/08.

  5. Mark Hanson (770-646-3782)
    1. Cannonball found by Cody Lee Ferguson on Dugdown Mountain
    2. Think is was found from the War of 1812 (Spanish American)
      1. Civil War cannonballs were bigger
    3. Captain Cook camped on Dugdown Mountain per Mark Hanson’s statement
      1. We need to clarify exactly who it was that Mr. Hanson said was camping on the mountain.
      2. Mr. Hanson stated that he thinks the cannonball is from the war of 1812, but further research by Jason Jarrell stated that this area was not settled at that time except by Indians. We need to verify.
    4. Mr. Hanson said he called Kennesaw Battlefield people to ask them for information about the cannonball, but he never did drive over to have them evaluate the cannonball in person.
    5. Using metal detector now looking for more artifacts.
    6. Mr. Hanson donated the cannonball to the Haralson County Historical Society.
    7. Action: Jana will follow up with Terrell on what needs to be done to properly display the cannonball.
  6. Stephanie Ray
    1. She is volunteering to scan all the historic documents we have in our archive and put them on line for free
    2. Stephanie said she would help us reorganize the genealogy library
    3. If we put the documents on our own website, then we have the opportunity to sell them later if we want.
    4. Stephanie has all the equipment she needs
    5. Stephanie will work together with Philip on the archive project.
  7. History Book/Archive
    1. We receive funding from the county for this project so we should continue the book project.
    2. Phillip Haddix is interested in helping with the archive project.
    3. Motion made by John Norton and seconded by Stephanie Jarrell to ask Karen Higgins to work together in committee with Jana Gentry, Stephanie Ray, and Philip to reinstate the project for archiving and the historical book and keep the group posted. Approved.
  8. Historic Courthouse – Building Report
    1. We need $25,000 for all the maintenance we really need.
    2. Karen has applied for a grant from Georgia Power to insulate the attic
    3. Jennie English and Karen meeting with Diane Cusseta with the World Children’s Center for fundraising ideas
    4. Estimate for fire extinguishers
      1. $889.00 including installation
      2. Annual inspection: $50 for entire building – may be additional fee for recharging
      3. Action: Charles will follow up about glass vs. plastic cases
      4. Action: Charles and Karen will present estimate to county and ask them to invest in extinguishers
      5. Motion made by Jana Gentry that we receive estimate including secured cases and propose installation to the County Commissioners. If not approved, we authorize Charles Jarrell to spend $1500 for the extinguishers. Seconded by John Norton. Approved.
    5. Fire Detection System
      1. Charles did check with Alan Poole to see if the county had a maintenance program
        1. County paid $135 to replace 2 batteries.
      2. Batteries for fire detection system have been ordered from a web site.
    6. Heater issue
      1. Center heating unit not pushing any forced air through the vents.
      2. [Charles was able to repair after meeting]
  9. Festival of Trees – Dec 6
    1. Need volunteers for Bake Sale
      1. Naomi Black will bake
    2. Action: Lora Lee to ask Santa person at her church to be our Santa by 10:00
    3. Action: John Norton suggested crafting a letter to send to all the churches to encourage them to do a tree and ask them to bring their choirs to sing 2 Christmas songs
    4. Action: Stephanie Rae will contact the middle school to see if their band will play for us
    5. Publicity:
      1. Can we advertise in the Shopper?
      2. Action: Naomah Black will call the Shopper to see if they will do a free ad
    6. Photos with Santa
      1. Stephanie Ray has offered to take digital pictures and print them out on site for us
    7. Need judges for trees
    8. Flyers to schools/newspaper!!!!
    9. John suggested that we look out for Santa costumes to buy
    10. Dean Tanner has asked us to leave our yard lights on for the season
      1. Dean will help us get some of the bulbs working
      2. Dean will decorate
    11. We will put a tree in the turret, but not out front this year
  10. Cemeteries
    1. Budapest
      1. Big clean up on Nov 2 08
      2. Hungarian Club of GA came
      3. Bill Maddox from Carroll County Genealogy was there
      4. William Penn organization has offered
      5. Replace historic marker that has been stolen - $3000
        1. GA Historical society pays half and requesting org pays half – Hungarian society can help pay for it as well (should not be a cost to us)
      6. Missing headstone
        1. Karen talking to Andrea re: reward for knowledge about the headstone
        2. Karen to talk to Tallapoosa Historical Society to see if they can help
        3. Motion from LoraLee and seconded by Jana Gentry for $100 towards reward. Approved.
      7. Partnering w/HCGA for Smithsonian
    2. Laurel Hill
      1. Taken over by Riverside Baptist Church
  11. Caroling on the Square – December 18, 2008 at 9am
    1. HCHS will provide hot chocolate for the 5th graders
  12. Bell Tower Bash
    1. Action: Karen will follow up with DBR
  13. Ron’s suggestion of planning for historical society coverage in case the library loses its funding
    1. Group feels that based on the info received at November 08 Friends of the Library meeting; the library is financially solvent for the remainder of this fiscal year (through June 09).
  14. Historic Village Saturdays (Ron)
    1. Ron wrote job description
    2. Will table further discussion until January 09 because we do not think this is the time of year that people will do outdoor tours.
    3. We need to concentrate our current budget funding toward our archives, completion of History book project and building maintenance.
  15. 2009 Calendar of Events
    1. Fall Festival – Sep 19 09
    2. Pumpkin Caper – Oct 26 09
    3. Festival of Trees – Dec 5 09

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.