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HCHS Minutes – September 14, 2009

Attendees: Jeri Ezell, John Norton, Julia Norton, Mary Jarrell, Charles Jarrell, Stephanie Jarrell, Jana Gentry, Terrell McBrayer, Pat Fincher


Reading of the minutes

  • Terrell requested that we start having printed copies of the minutes again. Stephanie will provide printed copies going forward.
  • Mary Jarrell moved to accept minutes from August meeting. Julia Norton seconded. Approved.

Fair on the Square

  • Terrell asked about a schedule of events and if one can be posted
    • Rates
      • $40 without electricity
      • $45 with electricity

Treasurer’s Report

  • HCHS balance: $5406.84
    • All bills paid
  • Group agreed that we should sell our candy for $.50 to move it due to aging
  • FOTS applications
    • 26 paid vendors - $1230 in booth rental fees collected so far
    • 2 applications sent in without payment
    • Discussed whether a vendor is going to do sausage biscuits and coffee
  • Little Creek School house
    • We received a EMC Grant for $2500
    • Terrell said more financial information would be provided later.
    • Balance as of 9/1/09: $4259.67
    • Display cases
      • Someone is donating some wood that could use to build some display cases 
    • Mr. Wood passed away last week.
    • Pending project to make a better sign in front of house.
  • Sanford Wade House
    • Balance: $3345.57
    • John had meeting with Randy Eaves
      • Randy said we could reduce the indebtedness as we go which would cut the interest down.
      • Made an extra payment of $2000.
    • Tenant has issues with high water bill
      • John discovered leak which he’s having repaired
    • Discussed payment plans to get the mortgage paid off
      • John will be looking into options
      • Next year we would have to pay taxes if we keep a tenant in the house
    • McCalman Foundation may be impacted by what’s happening with First National bank
      • John has been working with Randy to think of a way to honor Mr. McCalman and do some kind of display in Wade House
    • John plans to go to visit 6 small museums to get ideas
    • Bud Jones has agreed to provide input to Wade House projects

Library Update

  • Kiwanis Club donated large color books to the library

Streetscape Project

  • Building/Grounds Maintenance
    • The subject of the old light fixtures on the courthouse grounds needs to be discussed (again).
      • These fixtures will NOT stay once the Streetscape project gets underway (and, regardless of what some people say, we HAVE discussed this in the past)
      • Our options:
        • track down the individuals who provided funding for each light fixture and ask what they would like done with them.  Other than "memory", I'm not sure we have any type of paperwork trail to make this an easy task.
          • Terrell might know
          • Peggy Kimball might know
        • donate to the City of Buchanan (Dean has expressed an interest in the lights for the playground to be built behind City Hall)
          • Julia Norton made motion that we donate them to Dean at the city of Buchanan for a city park that will be developed.
          • We agreed to table the discussion until the next HCHS executive session.
    • Grass should be cut on Wednesday or Thursday
      • County will pay for cutting the grass
    • Discussed putting a new door knob and lock for the clock tower door
    • Natural gas services
      • We discussed proposal that Jana received and agreed that we do not want to pursue using them.

Key Ingredients planning

  • Need to move things from second story to new homes
  • We agreed to table discussion about moving any furniture until our next meeting.
    • Stephanie suggested for Charles and Karen to talk directly.

Motion to adjourn from Julia. Adjourned at 7:35.