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Past Events
by Peggy Kimball
President of Haralson Co. Historical Society

The annual Fall Festival, held in September, was a great success. Attendance was high, and the weather cooperated beautifully. We had a large number of vendors and the entertainment was excellent. The candidates for the political offices all participated in the parade. The parade was one of the largest we have had since we began. One additional advantage was this was an election year, which helped with the people participating.

The proceeds from the Festival will be used as part of matching funds for grants. We are excited about the various activities that have been held and future events planned. Without hard working and dedicated workers these events would not have been not have been such a great success. We are so grateful for our hard workers.

The "Great Pumpkin Caper" was held Thursday, October 26, and was also a great success. Our new Superintendent of Schools, Greg Hunt was our storyteller. Reports from the kiddies who enjoyed the stories were all positive. The pumpkins were exceptional and very creative. The Elementary School students walked down from school and brought their pumpkins. Shanda Turner, Jennifer Arp and Cathy Wood did an excellent job organizing the costume contest. We feel events like these bring our community together and give the families together and give them some good family fun. Debra's, Fleet, Sisters' Supperette, City of Buchanan and Sheriff Ronnie Kimball gave donations for prizes.

We love and appreciate all our members and those who help during our many events. Without their help we could not have the many things we try to do for the community.

We are staying involved with our schools and going on field trips with them in addition to visiting the various classes. The students are very interested in the history of our county and really enjoy hearing of the early settlers and Native Americans who lived here. Charlie Hannah, from Waco, and Peggy Kimball, retired teacher have met with several school groups the past month.

Heritage Days will be held in May for the fifth grade students where they will have demonstrated the "forgotten arts". If any of you have suggestions or can demonstrate these arts, please contact the Society. We are constantly searching for talent. And feel that working with these students is extremely rewarding.

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