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The Heritage


	In May Clovis Momon and I attended The Georgia Trust Annual Meeting in 
Milledgeville, GA.  The Society was presented an award for Excellence in 
Rehabilitation of the Historic Courthouse.  The Society  was nominated by Jack 
Pyburn, architect.  We were one of only two courthouses nominated.  We were 
also asked to help advise Crawfordville with their courthouse’s rehabilitation.

	Work is progressing on the elevator which will be located in the back 
of the Historic Courthouse.  This will be a great help in getting to the 

	Bremen Garden Club is beginning work on the Bremen Room which will be 
directly behind the Courtroom.  Their plans when completed will really make a 
beautiful room.

	The remaining part of the year will be really busy.  Immediately after 
the Festival September 20, plans will begin for the Great Pumpkin Caper.  The 
Festival plans are really “coming together”.  Numerous vendors have already 
reserved spaces.  We’ll start the day with the Haralson Quilters’ famous 
biscuits and sausage.  They will also furnish fried pies and the Society will 
be selling hotdogs, hamburgers and drinks.  There will be entertainment all day 
with a parade at noon.  Charlie Walker, Assistant to  Commissioner  Charles 
Sanders, has graciously consented to the Grand Marshall.  Charles has been 
extremely helpful to the Society with the grants and rehabilitation.  D.B.R. 
will sponsor games and activities for the kiddies and car show at 5 P.M.  They 
also have plans for a street dance later that night.

	We wish to thank all who have contributed work, time and money to the 
success of the Society this year.  We invite anyone interested to come join 
with us, we need you.  We meet every 2nd Monday night at 6:30.

Peggy Kimball, President


	The Old Haralson County Courthouse was built during 1891-1892 and was 
one of only seven in Georgia designed in the Queen Ann style by the prominent 
Bruce and Morgan architectural firm.  It is the first structure in Haralson 
County to be placed on State and National Registers.

	This is a two-story building plus a basement and the structure measures 
64 x 92 feet.  It has a stone base with a solid 14-inch brick wall.  There is a 
100 foot clock tower containing the original clock mechanism, a round stair 
tower, arched windows with stained glass accents in the courtroom area and 
stone accents throughout.  Each floor contains 5,888 square feet and the 
basement covers 2,000 square feet making a total of 13,776 square feet. 

	The large Superior Court Room is located on the second floor and is now 
available for community use.  It contains the bar, jury boxes, Judge’s Bench 
and a raised floor which seats 250 - 300 people comfortably.  During this 
Summer it was used for the taping of a video by the Yin Yang Twins and most 
recently for a wedding.  There is a full kitchen located downstairs to 
facilitate in such events.

	The Haralson County Quilters meet in their own room downstairs every 
Monday morning at 8:00. The Haralson County Historical Society meets downstairs
on the 2nd Monday of the Month at 6:30 P.M.

New Christmas Ornaments are in.  They are $10.00 each.
The old ones are all on clearance while supplies last.   
1991-2000 are 3/ $10;   2001 & 2002 are $5  each. 
The coffee mugs are now only $3.00.   The 2003 calendars are now only $1.00.


The Fall “Fair on the Square” is planned for Saturday, September 20th beginning 
at 8:00 A.M.  

Come out early for Sausage Biscuits and Fried Pies.  There will be arts and 
crafts, lots of food, and fun for the kids.  The Historical Society will be 
selling hotdogs, hamburgers and drinks.  Other goodies will be available.  

Roy Black, local artist and September Artist of the Month at the Bremen Library 
will be present and have his work on display.    

The Parade will begin at noon with Charlie Walker as Grand Marshall.  If you 
are interested in participating in the parade, contact Wayne Agan (770-646-

The car show will start at 5:00 P.M.

An application is at the back of this newsletter.  For more information call 
Cathy Jennings (770-646-9645) or Peggy Kimball (770-646-3509).


The Great Pumpkin Caper will be October 30.  Hotdogs and Chili will be sold.
		Costume Contest			6:00 P.M.
		Story Telling			6:30 P.M.
		Lighting of the Pumpkins	7:00 P.M.

Festival of Trees will be from Thanksgiving Day until December 8.


The long awaited Haralson County Cemetery Book is at the publishers.   It 
should be available sometime in November and will be priced in the neighborhood 
of $30 - $40. 

The reprinting of the Haralson County History book is being discussed.  More on 
that in the next issue of The Heritage.


The Buchanan-Haralson Public Library which is housed in the downstairs area of 
the Historic Courthouse opened in February and is experiencing phenomenal 
success.  Hundreds of our citizens of all ages are taking advantage of the 
wonderful services offered by a public library - right here in the middle of 
the Buchanan square.  During June and July, a Vacation Reading Program was 
enjoyed by dozens of children.  The library, being staffed by willing 
volunteers, has been open nine hours each week; 3 hours each on Tuesday, 
Thursday, and Saturday.  

Because of public interest and participation, that schedule will change on 
Monday, September 29 and the library will be open 30 hours each week.  Monday - 
Thursday hours will be 11:30 A.M. - 6 P.M. and Saturday hours will be 10 A.M. - 
2 P.M.  The library will be closed on Fridays and Sundays.

The library has an exciting print collection and is also able to borrow from 
the 200 plus libraries in the PINES system.  Internet access for the public is 
offered.  At this time only a few videos are available. Some books on tape are 
available and more expected in the near future.  

Historical Society Officers

President  		Peggy Kimball 				770-646-3509
Co-President		Dr. Terrell McBrayer
1st Vice President 	Cathy Jennings (Membership Chair) 	770-646-9645
2nd Vice President 	Karen Higgins (Publicity Chair) 	770-646-5799
3rd Vice President 	Mary Jarrell (Library Chair)		770-646-3997
Secretary 		Jeri Ezell				770-537-4937
Treasurer 		Ann Bannister 				770-646-8978


Membership dues are due in May.  May 2003 has passed and many renewals are over 
due and May 2004 is fast approaching.  If you have not submitted your renewal 
for 2003, please do so as soon as you can.   

If you are thinking of joining for the first time, Wonderful!

Either way, here is a handy form for you to use.  Membership is not expensive 
and the cause is so worthwhile.  

Save the Past, So the Memory Will Last


P O Box 585								
Buchanan, GA  30113							

Mail this in or bing it to a meeting.

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INDIVIDUAL  $10 / year __________________             

FAMILY  $15 / year _____________________