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Haralson County Historical Society
P.O. Box 585
Buchanan, GA 30113


Gee! It sure doesnít seem that long ago since the last update but apparently itís been six months! And a lot sure has happened! Since we donít want to give the U.S. Postal Service any more money than we want, Iíll TRY to keep this brief!


President: Karen Higgins Co-President: Dr. Terrell McBrayer

Vice-President: John Norton Vice-President Emeritus: Peggy Kimball

Treasurer: Jana Gentry Secretary: Stephanie Jarrell


FOTS will be Saturday, September 20th. Lots of events planned for the day: University of West Georgia exhibit upstairs in the courtroom, free tours of the Little Creek School House and Sanford-Wade Heritage House. The "grand unveiling" of the quilt square (part of the Southern Quilt Trail project on the Little Creek School House will be that morning. John and Julia Norton are planning several free "heritage" type events at the Sanford-Wade House. And of course lots of entertainment on the square, food and crafts (time to start Christmas shopping!)ÖThe Friends of the Library will also have their famous annual BBQ lunch so come hungry and support your local library!


You may not know the Historical Society has a very small membership base. Most of our work is done with the generous support of volunteers! We are looking for some of these wonderful people for the month of September. The Society will be hosting a University of West Georgia Exhibit "Biscuits, Cornbread, and Teacakes: Baking Traditions in the West Georgia Piedmont" and we need tour guides. Actually, volunteers to be upstairs in the courtroom (air-conditioned!) to monitor the visitors. Iím sad to say we have had vandalism in the past so now we do not allow anyone unescorted upstairs. If we get enough volunteers, we can have two upstairs at a time. If you are interested, please call Karen at 678.644.0743 or the Society at 770.646.3369 and leave a message.


The Historical Society, along with members of the Hungarian Club of Georgia and other local volunteers will be cleaning the Budapest Cemetery in early October. If you would like to join us and/or learn more about a vital part of the countyís history, please call the Society at 770.646.3369.


The amateur documentary film depicting Buchanan and the surrounding countryside a half-century ago, the classic "Buchanan on Parade", will at long last be available for sale (on DVD only) this fall for $5 a copy. All profits will go to the general support of the Society. For more information on the film, visit our web site at What a great stocking-stuffer it would make for Christmas!


The Society provides an online museum of historical materials for the education and amusement of the public. It can always be accessed by clicking on the "Exhibits" link on the Societyís web site home page at In recent months, a number of new items have been added. They include:

    1. The Rowell Family, Haralson County pioneers
    2. The Buchanan 150th Anniversary Archive (with two event videos and all proclamation scans now online)
    3. An online copy of the Madison Sanders masterís theses, "A Historical Study of Haralson County, Georgia, and its Public School System" (1961)
    4. Sanford-Wade Heritage House video audit (2005)
    5. Bremenís early Railroad Station Hotels
    6. Haralson County, Georgia Cemeteries (comprehensive 2000 survey). With the exhaustion of our book stock, we now provide a FREE ELECTRONIC copy of all the source material used for it.


The Georgia Department of Natural Resources-Historic Preservation Division is accepting applications for its FY2009 Georgia Heritage Grants. The Society is applying for this grant to replace the storm windows in the main courtroom and the windows in the clock room. These windows are rotting and we need to prevent any damage from occurring. Preliminary estimates place this work in the neighborhood of $10,000! These grants are a "matching share" type, which means the Society will have to come up with at least 40% of the project cost. If you would like to make a donation to help us with this project, please send them to: Haralson County Historical Society, Attn: Grant Donation, P.O. Box 585, Buchanan, GA 30113.


Books recently added to the library:


This is a publication of the Georgia Historical Society (these volumes are located in the Genealogy Library).

Essays from the Spring 2008 issue:


Essays from the Summer 2008 issue:


Notes and Documents-


The Alabenton Genealogical Society (Anniston) is hosting a workshop titled "The Old South" Saturday, July 28th. The program consists of four sessions:

  1. Colonial and Territorial Records of the Old Gulf South
  2. Flaming Records and Extinguished Researchers-Getting Past the Burned Courthouse
  3. The Georgia Land Lotteries
  4. Our Ancestors and their Taxing Problems-Using Tax Records as Genealogical Resources

James Mitchell Brown who is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and Proprietor of SoutheasternRoots Research Services will be presenting the workshop. Pre-registration (before July 19th) is $20 and "at the door" price is $25. Visit for forms and more information.


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