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2008 "Presidential" Pumpkin Caper

reference materials

Presidential succession videos

The succession accompanied by an old recording of My Country, Tis of Thee. (3:50)

The succession at a much slower pace, accompanied mostly by Mozart's tragic and emotional 40th Symphony, and then by the US national anthem. (9:40)

The way of all flesh - the succession of all gravesites to date, less that of Benjamin Harrison, accompanied by America, The Beautiful. (2:53)

Presidential succession sequence morphs

Watch each president "morph" into his successor; few administration transitions went as smoothly! (9:50)

A much faster and choppier morph sequence than above. (1:16)

Presidential succession songs

The Animaniacs offer a funny song to complement an all-but-current succession sequence. (3:19)

The succession sequence accompanied by a short punk rhythm song featuring more spirit than balanced scholarship. (2:02)

The succession sequence accompanied by a rude and controversial C&W rhythm song (rated PG) showing some artistry. (4:07)

The succession sequence accompanied by yet another song, sung by someone sounding a bit too tired. (2:31)

The presidential succession sequence using "resurrected" presidents

Disney World's famous Hall of Presidents bring life-size models of all the US chief executives to life through Audio-animatronics®. (8:08) After viewing the video, examine the accuracy of the words attributed to President Lincoln here.

Monumental busts of all the presidents:
Mount Rushmore meets Easter Island

Now 80, Texas sculptor David Adickes spent five years, starting at age 68, to sculpt busts of all of the US presidents to our time. These models were intended for monumental (20ish-foot-tall) statues to be deployed as complete collections.

To date, there have been two such deployments: One at Presidentís Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota (near Mount Rushmore) and another at Presidents Park in Williamsburg, Virginia. A third set of statues was also bought by a Houston, Texas developer, who intends to use them as the attraction at a proposed mixed-use realty development there.

But now it seems the Williamburg theme park, which faced many difficulties getting established, might well be closed if its site, on the market for the last year, is sold for alternative development. Should such a sale close, no one knows what might be done with its giant 7,500-pound concrete statues, appraised at $100,000 each.

Realistic presidential portrait carved pumpkins

President James Buchanan, namesake of Haralson County's seat of government.
The Heads of State exhibit was on display across the country. From Washington to Bush, a portrait of each president was carved by The Pumkin Lady and displayed on a 70 foot haunted capital building. You can watch an 8-minute video interview of The Pumpkin Lady in 2002 to learn how she works.
President Benjamin Harrison, who spoke in Haralson County during his term of office.

Presidential caricatures - a better source of carving designs?

Presidential caricatures by Mike Barnett
(click the image below to enlarge to full size)

Bun Burgraff's caricatures (rated PG)

Serious and extensive background material on all the US presidents to date:
C-Span's celebrated American Presidents - Life Portraits portal

Pumpkin references

Pumpkin carving tip videos at YouTube A short history of Halloween
Carve "virtual" pumpkins and publish the results online