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Tribute to the honorable Evelyn Shepard Wade

Mrs. Wade was one of the few people who imprinted my early life in important ways; not only my life but the lives of countless other individuals. She expressed concern and care for me and others during the formative years as my teacher, principal, and friend.

During the many years that my ministry led me to other parts of the country, I stayed in contact with Evelyn. She was always supportive of my career.

During her grief over losing her late husband, Levi Wade, she shared with me, and we went into the presence of God for comfort. During her years in the Nursing Home, I was able to visit with her; she was so gentle and polite even in her limited awareness.

On one occasion her eyes brightened with recognition when my Cousin Etta Davenport recalled with her one of their fishing expeditions.

Her contributions include, I am told, the first woman mayor in Georgia; she was a strong supporter of the HARALSON COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, and too many other civic projects to enumerate.

It remains for us, the living, to continue her legacy so that future generations will continue to benefit from her life. "Let her own works praise her at the gates".

Dr. Terrell McBrayer,