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Maddux Family

Daily Constitution
Atlanta, GA
Aug 14, 1880

Mr Robert Orr, of this city, who has considerable knowledge and experience in gold mining, reports to us a gold mine in Heard, which from recent developments, induces him to believe it to be the richest he ever saw. It is situated just below Hollingworth's ferry on the east side of the Chattahoochee, in Heard County on the land of T.F. and J.G. Maddox. Gold has been found there for several years past, without exciting much attention or belief as to it's immense value. The other day, however, a vein was struck and traced through a gully up into an adjoining hillside, a small quantity of dirt from which yielded from $10 to $20 worth of the yellow stuff One of the owners of this rich mine was so rejoiced and overpowered by this sudden turn of fortune, with visions of untold wealth looming up in his imagination, returned to the house shouting at the top of his voice that he had found it, ordered every mule to be taken out of the plows and turned into the pasture and all hands to quit work forever and come to the house. They had a jolly time, killed the fatted calf and called in their neighbors to rejoice with them. The vein runs northeast and southwest, and promises to prove the richest mine yet discovered in Georgia. The owners, Mr's Maddox, are good and industrious citizens, successful farmers, have this year A No.1 crops, and are worthy of their good fortune. We wish they may live long to enjoy it.

The picture is of a gold mining pestel which is currently in the possession of Gayla Feldman, Huntsville, AL, great granddaughter of James G. Maddux
~information courtesy of: Rhonda Maddux Flynn, gg granddaughter of James G. Maddux~

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