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Ayers, Montgomery, Hinton
B. J. Ayers, X2BAYERS@southernco.com
18 August 2006

Greetings From an old Warhorse Tracking our "MONTGOMERY" ROOTS

(1)- What do you have on The family of--- "JAMES MCCONNEL MONTGOMERY"---?
(2)- Where did his **KIDS MIGRATE TO**, or did they STAY THERE? ----Did any kids Migrate to ALABAMA?
(3)- Any Intel on his "MILITARY SERVICE"?
(4)- Still Looking for FAMILY CONNECTIONS for "CHARLES MONTGOMERY"- (b. GA-circa 1795).
(5)- Still " " " " "
"EASTER MONTGOMERY"- (b.GA- circa 1797).


PS Do you have anything on "HINTON" IN THE "JACKSON COUNTY AREAS" circa early **1800's**---we have seen "TWO (2)???

Banks Reeves Hudson
Contact Judy Banks (ladylavon1950@yahoo.com) with any information on this family.

I am researching William Joab Banks, b. April 15, 1851 in Pickens Co, SC. His father, Mealous Banks, moved the family to Hall Co. prior to the 1880 Census. Between 1870 and 1880, he married Susan Elmina Reeves b. Feb. 7, 1854. They are on the 1880 census in Hall Co. with two children, Nancy and Martha. Before 1900 they moved to Jackson Co. The children are:

Nancy Malinda  b. April 13, 1874   d. March 20, 1905                       
James Madison   b. July 20, 1880  d. 1881
John T. Lewis    b. ?    d. in infancy
William Alexander  b. April 20, 1882  d. May 17, 1975
Wade Hampton   b. June 7, 1888   d. Oct. 31, 1910
Joseph Abner    b. July 25, 1895    d. Feb. 19, 1961
Martha Elizabeth  b. Nov. 28, 1877  d. Jan. 29, 1961
Thomas Cleveland   b. 1885     d. Jan. 25, 1954 
George Lester   b. ??   d.??
Oscar Preston   b. ??  d. ??

I am still trying to find parents of Susan Elmina Reeves.

Contact Patsy Oehrlein (patsygo@verizon.net)
21 Jan 2006

I have two questions.

1. What is the name of the Historical or Genealogical Society in Jackson County?

2. My ancestor, Samuel Betts Jr is listed for the first time in my records in the 1797-1802 Tax digest in Jackson Co., GA. My last listing of Samuel Betts is 1810. Samuel Betts Jr. b. ca 1760 in Md.(later his father's property was changed to Deleware). My question is.....Do you have any suggestions of death records or any other records that I might find out what happened to my Samuel Betts Jr? His father Samuel Betts Sr., moved to Hancock Co., GA and I do have a will for him.

Any help will be appreciated.

Paulette Moon has some information on the Jackson County Historical Society here:
You may also find pertinent information through the East Georgia Genealogical Society:
Or the Northeast Georgia Genealogial and Historical Society P.O. Box 907643 Gainesville, GA 30501 (I have no current web site for them).

I do have a few suggestions for you. If Samuel Jr. didn't leave a will, try looking for probate records such as letters of administration, estate inventories, year's settlement for the widow, final settlements, and so forth. When a person died intestate (without a will) but had some kind of property, then usually a relative or family friend would step forward to administer the settling of the estate, and that required an application for letters of administration in the county where the person died. Sometimes, if you're very, very lucky, these letters will list the date of death and the heirs, but usually not in records that early. If not, then you might be able to find family members (or possible family members) when the estate was inventoried and sold, or when the final settlement was made of the estate. Another place to look is in land records. Land and slaves were recorded (or supposed to be recorded) as deeds of property. Again, if you're very, very lucky, you might find a deed listing all the heirs. At the very least, you should find some transfer of any property he owned, but it might be listed under the name of the estate administrator, so look through the deed indexes carefully. Same is true when you're looking through the probate records mentioned above; many records were indexed not by the name of the deceased but by the name of the administrator. Also, if he had any minor children at the time of his death, a guardian would have to be appointed. This is usually (but not always) a family member (such as the widow or an older son or son-in-law) or a family friend. A minor child was usually defined as someone under the age of 14, but the age varies from county to county and throughout various time periods, and you may even find records (especially from the time period in question) of guardians appointed to (or chosen by) unmarried children under the age of 21. One final place to look is superior court minutes. Sometimes portions of an estate were recorded in those books, or you might find civil suits brought on by heirs who were unsatisfied with the way the estate was being administered.

I didn't suggest looking through newspapers because I'm not sure any exist for Jackson County from that time period. You might try looking for papers from surrounding areas. Also, have you not been able to find his burial site at all? Did he fight in any wars where he (or his widow) might've drawn a pension?

Contact Ron Freeman (ronf01@earthlink.net)
13 May 2007

I am searching Thomas Allen Duke. He was born in Jackson County Georgia, between 1844 to 1847. I believe his father was James M Duke.

Contact Audrey Manley (audreylee@alltel.net)
11 May 2006

I am researching the David Evans family who lived in Jackson County in 1840, 1850, and 1860. He died in 1861. I found his will, but not where he is buried.

Contact Dot Watkins Chastain (gagranny662003@yahoo.com)
28 Jan 2007

I am researching the Gilstrap surname. Especially the descendants of one Wiley Gilstrap and his first wife: Lillie C ___________? His second wife was Sibbie Ellenburg Gilstrap. Would like to exchange info with all who can help.

Contact Teresa Hancock Cumuze (tcumuze@bellsouth.net)
25 June 2007

I am interested in "Hancock" in Jackson County. My great-great grandfather was John Richardson Hancock who was born Feb. 16, 1811 somewhere in Georgia but died Dec. 23, 1890 in Jackson County, Georgia. He was married to Rebecca A. Lyle Dec. 30, 1834 in Jackson County. I have the lineage from this point on. However, I do not know the name of John Richardson Hancock's father but according to something I have read, his father was born in North Carolina. I am searching for this unknown great-great-great grandfather and I am thinking he must have ended up in Georgia as well. I am just beginning a search and I might be going about this the wrong way. I have found a William Hancock who was born in 1783 in Franklin, NC and was married Oct. 9, 1808 in Jackson Georgia to Elizabeth Smith. He died somewhere in Georgia. He could meet the criteria because the time period is correct and the fact that he was married in Jackson County in 1808 and my John R. Hancock was born in 1811 (in Jackson County?) but did live in Jackson County in the 1880 census.

I am close enough that I can come and look at records, etc. Can you give me suggestions, etc.

Herring, Gray
Contact LaDon Herring (lhherring@bellsouth.net)
06 Mar 2007

ELISHA HERRING is listed in the 1880 census living in Jackson County with his wife and five kids. MRS W. W. GRAY is listed as his daughter in his obituary 1916 from Jackson County. I'm looking for any information on Mr. & Mrs W. W. Gray of Jackson County (1916), and any HERRINGs after 1880 census.

Contact Iceman69682000@aol.com
22 Apr 2006

I'm looking for a John Bird Lyle of Jackson County, GA. I've got a pic of the Lyle's family farm in Jackson Co., GA in 1896. The kids are Byrdee, Ida, Charlie, Anna, Myrt, Frank, Hugh, Walter, Kate. Thank you for any info on the matter.

Contact B. J. Ayers (X2BAYERS@southernco.com)
08 May 2006

Montgomery families ca. 1800

Looking for any Intel on the Families of:

Trying to Connect "CHARLES MONTGOMERY"- (b. GA- circa 1895)

Trying to Connect " EASTER (ester) MONTG..."- (b. GA- circa 1897)

What is the "UNKNOWN FAMILY CONNECTION" between Charles and Easter??? Which is FATHER???

Note: the following was additional information sent separately by this researcher.

Request ANY/ ALL INTEL you might have on- FAMILY'S OF: ---------
"HUGH"-(County Mayor)- / "JAMES [jmc]" - (County Circuit Judge)-- /
"ROBERT" -/ and the (2nd) "JAMES MONTGOMERY" In your fair County Of

We are of the-*** "MONTGOMERY FAMILY'S"- *** [Several Families]-Who
Migrated from ***MECKLINBURG, NC areas***circa 1790-1800--- (after-1790-
Census)>>>SC>>>                  GA>>>ALABAMA- Settling in the Greater
(1)- We have Two (2) - Individuals- we are having Problems ***PLACING IN

       "CHARLES MONTGOMERY"- (b. GA- circa 1795-1870) - ***JACKSON
COUNTY***-            [wife was -MARY BROWN] --father listed as "JAMES
        "EASTER  MONTGOMERY"- (b. GA- circa 1797-1870) - ***unknown
COUNTY***-             [NO INTEL---Inferred to be a "Sister or Cousin"
of "CHARLES"???
(2)- We have seen- UNKNOWN-(MONTGOMERY)-Relationships- THERE IN------
(3)- Do you have INTEL that Ties any**** "JACKSON COUNTY" -MONTGOMERY

Thomas, Key
Contact Bob Thomas (Bobt3130@aol.com)
23 Feb 2007

I am interested in the surname Thomas. John Tapley Thomas married Sarah Thomas in 1831 in Jackson County and his or her parents were Bradley Thomas and Martha Patsey Key married in Jackson County also in 1806.

Contact William Wills (wwills@hotmail.com)
13 August 2006

Interested in surnames: Edward Wills, Rev. Soldier, b 1758 Eng d 1820 Clarke Co, m. Richmond Co NC to Sarah Vaughan, bondsman was Abner Vaughan. Children and their spouses were: Thomas Wills--m. Sallie (Sarah Ann) Kinney, dau. of James Kinney Jr , Sarah Alexander (dau. of Robt Alexander) and had chn: James Edwin Wills--m. Susan Amanda (Susannah) Hill, dau of Wm Edward Hill & Eliz. Cockrell;

Abner Wills--m.Martha Dianna Pittman, dau. of James Green Pittman
Mastin Wills--m. Susan Martha Spruce, dau of Capt Wm Spruce, Rev. soldier
Elizabeth (Betsey)--m. Robason Willingham
Mary (Polly) -- m. Samuel Kinney, son of James Kinney Jr.
Randolph--m. Millie Moon, 2/m Dorinda T. Betts
Mellinda Letitia--m. John Sankey Riden
Sophy (Sophia A.)--m. John E. England
Eliza--m. Simeon Martin

After death of Edward Wills 1820 and Sarah (Sally) 1836, the children returned to Jackson Co where they lived for a while, when Mastin moved to Forsyth Co, Abner went to Madison Co to work for Martha Dianna's father as overseer.

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