These are the e-mail addresses of Jackson County, Georgia researchers interested in a particular surname. Please note that the web sites may not be managed by the researcher listed with that surname. Mailing addresses for certain researchers (*) are listed at the bottom of the surname list.

To submit a surname to this site, e-mail me with the following information:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your e-mail address; you may also include your mailing address
  3. The surnames in which you are interested--Please include only those surnames which are/were located in Jackson County
  4. URL of your web site (optional)

See also the USGenWeb Project's Lineage Researchers site.

Armer, Armor, Armour Doris J. Cook Dodson
Barr Dawn Watson
Bowles Kenneth E. Whitehead
Bradford Amy Dyer
Butler Amy Dyer
Calahan, Callahan Dawn Watson
Callahan Kenneth E. Whitehead
Camp Cheryl Chasin
Childs Jeanette Lafond
Clark, Clarke Charles H. Reed
Cook Amy Dyer
Crisler Rebecca Homan Crisler Family Genealogy
Duke Ron Freeman*
Dunson Rebecca Homan Crisler Family Genealogy (includes Dunson)
Edwards Jeanette Lafond
Evans Audrey Manley
Gable Phillip C. Gable
Gathright Dawn Watson
Gilstrap Dot Watkins Chastain
Green Don P. Green, Jr.
Gunter Mary Jackson
Hancock Teresa Hancock Cumuze*
Hancock Kenneth E. Whitehead
Harris Carol Cowden
Herring LaDon Herring*
Hill Cheryl Chasin
Hiner Warren B. Carah
House Cheryl Chasin
Ivey Jerry Ivey
Kellum Jeanette Lafond
Lay Dawn Watson
Luckie/Luckey Cheryl Luckie
Lyle K. C. Bray,
Manus Jeanette Lafond
Martin Andrew R. White* White Family History
McCune Carol Cowden
McDonald Kenneth E. Whitehead
McEver Kenneth E. Whitehead
Millsaps, Milsaps Carol Bailey Burnham
Montgomery B. J. Ayers
Morgan Dawn Watson
Nunn Dawn Watson
Parker K. C. Bray, Joyce Parker
Patrick Doris J. Cook Dodson
Peeler Edwin E. Peeler
Pentecost K. C. Bray
Potts Cheryl Luckie
Randolph Kenneth E. Whitehead
Reed Charles H. Reed
Roberts Mamie L. Tate, Dawn Watson
Sanders Joyce Parker
Shields Cheryl Chasin
Smith Wesley Gann
Swindle Jeanette Lafond
Tait, Tate Mamie L. Tate
Thomas Bob Thomas
Thurmond Jeanette Lafond
Watkins Mary Jackson
Webb Mary Jackson
White Andrew R. White* White Family History
White Cheryl Chasin
Whitehead Kenneth E. Whitehead
Williams Mary Jackson
Wills William Wills

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