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FELLOWSHIP PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH. (Information given by Mrs. Mary Clay). The two acres of land that Fellowship Primitive Baptist church now stands on (this 1955) was given by Robert Biggerstaff (Bickerstaff) the deacon at that time in 1832 by a Mr. McClendon. William Rameys oxen helped haul the lumber used for building the same. He was sheriff of Jasper County at that time and his wife and mother were members there Here are some of the members before the War Between the States: Martha Tyler Willingham (Mrs. Clay's grandmother) her parents (Mrs. Willingham's) were William and Ann Goolsby Tyler. Betsy Goodman Long, Sallie Jones, Mary Britton Hatcher, Zach Faulkner. The pastors before and during the War Between the States were Elder David Montgomery Elder Jimmy Stewart, Elder James Henderson. After 1887 the pastors were Elder D. L. Hitchcock, Elder J. T. Glover, Elder John Curtis, Elder Frank Moore, Elder J. M. Adams, Elder Will Green, Elder Eligie Bryant, Elder R. A. Cooper Elder C. A. Keaton the present pastor. Before 1832 Fellowship Church was about 3/4 mile from where it now stands. Fellowship Church belongs to the Ocmulgee Association. In the church cemetery are buried many of Jasper County's early citizens.

(Location: 3900 Fellowship Road, Monticello, GA)

MURDER CREEK OR (MUDDY CREEK) BAPTIST CHURCH. In the year 1816, George Buchannan sold to the above church two acres of land for church purposes. The deed was made to Jordan Baker and William Grimes, trustees and the price was twelve dollars $12.00. It was part of lot #20 in the 18th District of Baldwin County, now Jasper. Witnessed by William G. Smith. After the War Between the States, the building was given to the negroes who still use it for a church. Some of the early settlers of the county are buried there.

(Transcriber's notes: Murder Creek Church is no longer standing. Location of the cemetery is at Shepard's Pond Rd and Murder Creek Road, Monticello, Ga.)

CEDAR CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH. The actual site of this church is unknown, but it must have been somewhere on Cedar Creek. On August 2nd 1808, Robert Moore and the members of Cedar Creek church for the sum of five dollars bought two acres of land to be used for the public worship of God. It is not known from whom it was purchased.

ROCKY CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH (OLD). It is not known the year of the organization of this church, but it was in existence in 1834. The trade for the site was between Thaddeus Shepherd and the members of the church, Solomon Zeallers and the deacons of Rocky Creek Baptist Church for the sum of ten dollars containing two acres more or less . (NO LONGER IN EXISTENCE)

CONCORD BAPTIST CHURCH. On the 30th day of March 1813, a plot of land was purchased by Samuel Lovejoy, Jethro and Simeon Easterwards, Samuel Lane and John Banks, trustees. The plot contained one acres for "a meeting house and graveyard". The land is part of 251 grant to William Henry of Jackson County, Georgia, on the waters of Murder Creek known by the name of Concord. Signed: Ruthey Turner, O. T. Traylor. (NO LONGER IN EXISTENCE)

BETHSAIDA BAPTIST CHURCH. On October 17, 1807, a sale of a plot of land was made between Champion Easter and his wife, and the deacons of Bethsaida Baptist church. Sammy Bullard, Jenny Bullard, Richard Head. The price was $30.00 and contained 5 l/2 acres. (NO LONGER IN EXISTENCE)

BETHANY BAPTIST CHURCH. On April 24, 1813 on acre of land, a part of lot #78 was sold by Warren Hartsfield to Garland Maxey and Abner Chapman, Sr., to build a church for the worship of God. (LOCATION UNKNOWN)

COUNTY LINE BAPTIST CHURCH. Land given by Stephen Satterwhite April 10, 1815, two acres more or less, 12th district of Baldwin County, now Jasper, for a meeting house to revert back to Satterwhite or his heirs if it ceases to be a church. Witnessed by Martin Cochran. In 1816 John ------- gave them two acres more. Witnessed by William Harris and Rich Grimsley. This church was located in what is known as the Glades in the western part of the county. (Location: Juliette Road, Monticello, Ga., NO LONGER IN EXISTENCE)

CONCORD PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH: In May 1815, George Morris gave a deed to two acres of land to build a church in the 17th district, Baldwin County, now Jasper. For many years the church has been dead and no services have been held. Building at one time used as a school house. (Location: Highway 16West/Concord Church Rd., Monticello, GA.)


PROSPECT METHODIST CHURCH. In the year 1844, April 23rd, Michael Barnes and Harris Allen sold to John Horton, Sr., Bryant S. Allen, Harris Allen, Thompson Curry, John Horton, Jr., Elisha Horton, Charles E.W.F. Campbell for the sum of ten dollars in hand, a site for a church. This church is still going strong and this community if blessed for the continuous service for more than one hundred years. (Location: Barnes Mountain Rd, Mansfield, GA)


HEBRON BAPTIST CHURCH. About four miles from Monticello, a Baptist Church was constituted on the 23rd of December 1812. William Cleveland sold to Isaac Morgan, deacon of Hebron Baptist Church, five acres of land for the use of said church. The deed was witnessed by Jesse Clay, Michael Knight and John Cargile. The church was in existence for many years, finally it ceased to be. About 1904, the Missionary Baptist members of that community reorganized Hebron as a Missionary Baptist Church. It was in a flourishing condition for many years. The membership died and moved away until it ceased to be a church. The building was torn down and there is nothing left except the cemetery.

(Location: Highway 11 South at Hwy 380, Monticello, GA.)

ANDREW METHODIST CHURCH. of Smithboro. The sum of $5.00 was paid for 1 1/4 acres of land for building a church by Thomas Broddus, Elijah Paty. The buyers were Edward Brown, Holmes (McLendon) McClendon, Michael Burns and T. W. Gautier. The deed was witnessed by Thomas Collingsworth and Richard Holmes. (EXACT LOCATION UNKNOWN)