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Jones County Georgia Homicides  1823-2000
Date Victim Arrested/Charged/Suspects Source:
May 1823 Mary Williams, white John M. Williams, white Georgia Journal Nov 4, 1823
1826 Jane and Moses, slaves of
Ebenezer Z. Duffey
Ebenezer Z. Duffey, white, age 15
Benjamin Downing, white
Georgia Journal Oct 17, 1826 
Jun  1832 Zachairah Williamson, white John Hunt, white Federal Union Aug 9, 1832
1838 Elias or Icabod M. Isaacs, white Julius William Cowles, white
John Dickenson, white
Henry Jones, white (pardoned 1845)
Macon Telegraph  Nov 27, 1838; Southern Recorder Feb 12, 1839; Federal Union Feb 26, 1839; Augusta Chronicle Dec 6, 1845
1838 James Gunn, white David  Palmer, white Macon Georgia Telegraph Oct 30, 1838
Feb 1841 Bina, slave of Marion & Paulina Bazemore Marion & Paulina Bazemore Federal Union Mar 30, 1841
Dec  1842 Dr. William Taylor, white __Berry, white Federal Union, Jan 17, 1843
Jan  1852 Marion Stewart, white Henry Stewart, white Federal Union, Jan 20, 1852
Mar 1855 Richard J. Choate, white Morris Abraham, white Southern Recorder Mar 27, 1855; Oct. 30, 1855 
Jul 1855 Sylvester S. Loyd, white John Towls, white Federal Union, Jul 24, 1855
Dec, 1857 John M. Woodall, white Henry G. Whitby, white Federal Union Jan 26, 1858 
Aug 1859 Augustus Roberts, white His brother, Jackson Roberts, white Weekly Georgia Telegraph Sep 6, 13, 1859, April  28, 1860
1860 Levi A Lloyd, white John J. Maddox, white Macon Telegraph Aug 27, Oct 24, 1860; 
Southern Recorder Sep 29, 1863
1863 Mr. Barker, white Solomon Roberts, white Macon Weekly Telegraph Aug 23, 1863
1866 Amy Gordon, black  Perry Tinney's child, white Georgia Weekly Telegraph Apr 25 1866
1867 Jesse Glawson, white Dr. James F. Barron, white Macon Weekly Telegraph Apr 19, 1867
Mar 1870 Solomon Barron, white - Altercation with knife, 1870 Mortality Census
Dec 1871 John Sparrow, black unknown Macon Weekly Telegraph  Jan 2, 1872
Dec 1872 ______ Rivers, black not stated Macon Telegraph Dec 31, 1872
Jan 1876

Man, not stated black

Wade Webb, black
Joe Wilson, white

Macon Telegraph , Jan 26, 1876

Union and Recorder Mar 13, 1877
1877 Addie Hodge, white unknown Georgia Weekly Telegraph Dec 4, 1877
Dec 1881 Bob Jackson, black
Henry Jackson, black
Jack William  Gray, white
King Bland, black
Aleck Jackson, black
Macon Weekly Telegraph. Dec 30, 1881;  Jan 4, 1882
Jun  1882 Bob Lee, black Aaron Washington, black Union and Recorder July 15, 1884
1883 Abner Clower, black Bob Jackson, black Union and Recorder July 29, 1884
Nov 1884 Col. Benjamin Beck, Sr., white
Benjamin Beck, Jr., white
James W. Stubbs, white
Stephen B. Stubbs, white
Union and Recorder Nov 18, 25 1884; April 28, 1885
Jan 1887 Charles Rivers' two sons, black Sam Bivins, black Union Recorder Feb 8 1887
1888 John Griffin, black ___Lester, white Macon Weekly Telegraph  Jul 3, 1888
1891 Ezekiel Cribb, white Clark Smith, white Union Recorder Sep 22, 1891
Jul 1893

Feb 1897
Cicero Johnson, black

John Williams, black
Tom White, black

Macon Telegraph  Jul 15, 1893

Macon Telegraph  Feb 25, 1897
Jan 1904 son of George Justice, black son of George Justice, black Accidentally shot by his brother. Union Recorder Jan 26 1904
1906 Burrell Bush, white Alonzo Haddock, white Union Recorder March 27, April 25, Oct 23, 1906
Jan 1909
Glover Pitts, black Saussey Ballard, black
Shot, buried face  down. Macon Telegraph Jan 5,6; Mar 20, 1909
Apr 1909 Frank Bass, white

Son Gordon, black

Isaac Rushin, black

Steve Lowe, black
Macon Telegraph Jun 21, 1909, Nov 14, 1910. Union Recorder, May 10, 1910

Found shot to death near Pine Grove Church.
Macon Telegraph, Aug. 2, 3, 4, 1909

1910 George Green, white Cliff Chambliss, white Macon Telegraph Jan 27, 1910

Mar 1910 Dave Barron, black John Singleton, black; 
Dave Singleton, black
Macon DailyT elegraph  Feb 7, 1915
Jul 1910 Steve E. Etheridge, white
Morris Ethridge, white
Luther Morton, Thomas Morton, 
Sam Morton, white
Union Recorder Aug 9, 1910
Nov 1910 R V Smith, white Will B Norton, white Macon Telegraph Oct 28, 1911
Dec 1912 James King, white  Kate Simmons King, white
Nick Wilburn, white
Kate King was acquitted, Nick Wilburn hung at Gray's Station June 12, 1914. Macon Telegraph Jun 14. 1914
1912 John Williams, black  Otis Bowden, black Macon Daily Telegraph Aug 4, 1912
1913 Ellis Brown, black  James Clark/Sam Emery, black Macon Telegraph Feb 17, 1920
Aug 1914 Unknown. black  James Ward, black Macon Daily Telegraph Aug 17. 1914
May 1915 Thomas Green White, white Sam Strong, black Macon Telegraph May 29, 1915
Jul 1915 Dooly Farrar, black  Mrs. Dooly Farrar, black  Macon Daily Telegraph July 10, 1915
Silas Turner, white  Walter Brooks, John Richey, Will Gordon, Peter Thurman, black Macon Daily Telegraph July 5, 6, Oct 23 1915; Union Recorder July 6, 1915
Jul 1915 Lonzo Green and his son, black  Jim Green, Woodall Green, part of mob Union Recorder July 6, 1915
Jul 1915 Earl Palmer, black  shot by mob Macon Telegraph, July 7, 1915
Aug 1918 Felix Bonner  black  Unknown Macon Telegraph, August 27, 1918
John Gilham aka John Thomas, black Group of unknown men, black and white Macon Daily Telegraph Sep 4, 5, 1918
Not stated, black  Frank Smith, black; John Henry Manual, black; 
Will Norwood, black
Macon Daily Telegraph Oct 30 1919
Sep 1919 Not stated Brown Druery, black Macon Daily Telegraph Oct 30 1919. Paroled 1931.
1920 Drusilla Devlin,  white Charles N. Hudson, white Macon Telegraph Oct  23  1920; Oct 2, 1921
1920 L C Kitchens, white Thomas Watson Parker, white Macon Telegraph Oct 7 1920
Dec 1920 A. Sidney Jones, white  Joe "Buster" Bonner, black
Dave Wiggins, black
Willie Gray, black
Milledgeville News Jan 14, 1921; Macon Telegraph Jan 1, 1921; Columbus Ledger-Enquirer Aug 3, 1923
May  1921 Chris/Christ Morris, black  Tom Davis, black Macon Telegraph May 10, 1921
Dec  1921 Pete Brooks, black  Pulaski Hogan, black Macon Telegraph Dec 27, 1921
Mar 1922 Phillip Morris, black Hudy Solomon, black Killed with shot gun per Death Certificate
Apr 1922 Joe Walker, black Carrie Walker, black Killed with axe by wife per Death Certificate 
Jun 1922 Whit Clowers, black Will Barber, black Killed by pistol per Death Certificate
Aug 1922 John William Westbrook, white Joe Jackson, white  Shot, Jackson acquitted, self defense Macon Telegraph Aug. 28, 29; Oct 21, 1922 
Mar 1923 John Thomas Jackson, white  Ferd Gresham, white Shot, acquitted.  Macon Telegraph  Mar 13, 1923
Mar 1923 Alex/Ellis Jackson, black  Dan Waldrop, black Shot at Round Oak, Macon Telegraph  Mar 13, 1923
Mar 1923 Frank Lester, black  Ed Young, black Shot one another to death over a dice game near Bradley; Both buried in same cemetery.  Macon Telegraph. Mar 13, 1923 Death Certificate
Mar 1923 Ed Young, black  Frank Lester, black Shot one another to death over a dice game near Bradley  Both buried in same cemetery.  Macon Telegraph.  Mar 13, 1923.  Death Certificate
May 1923 Leah Hill Miller, black  Andrew Miller, black  Killed his wife, Life Sentence. Death Certificate,  Macon Telegraph  May 14
Jul 1923 Sam Childs, black Willie Gray, black Shot at James Station, Jul 9 1923 Macon Telegraph
Sep 1923 Charlie Tillman, black Mote Nixon, black Shot by Mote Nixon per Death Certificate
Nov 1923 Perry Moore, white Tom Smallwood, white
Fatally stabbed. Macon Telegraph Nov 20, 1923
Nov 1923 Sam Young, white Perry Moore, white Fatally stabbed.  Macon Telegraph Nov 20, 1923
Died 11-29-1923 per death certificate
Aug 1924 Martha Pounds Williams, black Alex Williams, black Killed his pregnant wife, set the house on fire. Macon Telegraph. Death certificate.  Died in electric chair in 1925.
1925 Mrs. (Fannie) Will T. Anderson, white  John D. Batchelor, white, son-in-law Augusta Chronicle April 29, 1926; Jun 28 1926. Paroled 1928.
Aug 1925 Floyd Henry Malone, white Atchinson Etheridge, white (charged) 
Grover Cleveland Etheridge, white (charged) 
R. E. Etheridge, white
T. A. Stubbs, white
Otis Stubbs, white
Mitchell Moore, white
Homer Green, black
W. A. "Frog Eye" Johnson, black
Officer was shot and killed near liquor still.  Both Etheridge Brothers were found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. Augusta Chronicle Aug 30, Sep 1, 5, 7 1925; Jan 8, May 5 1926. Grover paroled 1933 & 1937. 
Aug 1925 Frank Tucker, white  Atchinson Etheridge, white (charged)
Grover Cleveland Etheridge, white (charged)
R. E. Etheridge, white
T. A. Stubbs, white
Otis Stubbs, white
Mitchell Moore, white
Homer Green, black
W. A. "Frog Eye" Johnson, black
Officer was shot and killed near liquor still.  Both Etheridge Brothers were found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. Atchinson Etheridge sentenced appealed in 1927 and he was freed.
Augusta Chronicle Aug 30, Sep 1, 5, 7 1925; Jan 8, May 5 1926. Macon Telegraph Jun 17, 1927 
Grover paroled 1933 & 1937. 
Dec 1925 Joseph Lee Gordon, white C. R. Callahan, white Death Certificate. Justifiable. Macon Telegraph Dec. 30. 1925
Oct 1926 Will Andrews, black Gilbert Burgess, black Shooting affray; Macon Telegraph Oct 18, 1926
Feb 1927 Charlie Coxton, black
Leone Coxton, black,
Thelma Coxton, black
Leola Coxton, black When a lunacy warrant was sworn out Coxton burned three of her children to death and later died herself. Two children escaped. Macon Telegraph Feb 25. 1927. Death certificates
1927 ____, black William Tom Phelps, black Life Imprisonment. Macon Telegraph April 21. 1927
Feb 1928
Clifford Jackson, black
Sylvester Mercer, white Shot multiple times. Macon Telegraph Feb 5, 6, 8  1928
Oct 1929 Jake Middlebrooks, black Robert Bray, black Bray found not guilty. Macon Telegraph Oct 27, 1929
Jan 1930 Lewis Solomon, black Charlie Solomon, black Charged with murder of his brother,  Sep 16, 1930 Macon Telegraph
Aug 1930 Seaborn Robinson, black Booker Griswold, black,
Henry Lester, black
Pierce Lester, black
Robinson was robbed & killed at church. All three got life sentences.  Macon Telegraph Aug 5, Oct 24 1930.
Booker Griswold paroled 1955;
1932 Willie Jordan, black Beatrice Jordan, black Macon Telegraph Aug 17, 1932
Sep 1935 Henry Whidby, black Unknown, Sep 16, 1935 Macon Telegraph
1939 Unknown woman, white Unknown  Woman's skeleton found in woods  near Griswoldville. May 12, 16, 17; July 3 1939, Macon Telegraph 
Aug 1941 Charlie Dover, black Tom Gip Alexander, white Aug 19, 22 1941 Macon Telegraph
1942 Harris Jones, white Ennis Key, white; Ernest Fuller, white;
Mrs. Elsie Simmons, white; 
July 30, Sep 12 1942; Jun 13, Jul 9,  1943
Macon Telegraph
1961  Robert Seabrooks, black. Jeremiah Harold, black rock quarry explosion 4/19/1961 Marietta Journal 5/20/1961 Augusta Chronicle
1975 Joan Delight Bryan Samuel Gibson III, black Rape and Murder..May 15, 1975 Marietta Journal
1977 Thelma Kalish, white
Ann Kaplan, white
Eddie William Finney, black
Johnny Mac Westbrook, black
Rape and Murder .Nov. 13, 1977 Augusta Chronicle. July 12,1983 Marietta Journal
1982 Sheila Landthrip Unknown Hit and Run. Marietta Journal May 11 1982
1983 John Crowder John Wesley Arnold Feb 21, 1983 Marietta Journal

Pam Sikes and her child

Joy Darley Davis, white
21 yr. old mother of 2
Frank Evans

Tommy Davis, white

May 15, 1986 Marietta Journal

Shot by her estranged husband, who then shot himself in head.  Marietta Journal, Dec. 9, 1985
1985 Rev. Lucious J. Huff, black Tammie Hall,
Robert L. Hughes, black 
Dec 20 1985 Marietta Journal
1998 Steven Moss,
Bryan Moss, 
Kristin Moss
Brandon Rhode
Daniel Lucas
 Father & children killed when they interrupted a burglary at their home. Feb 29, 2000 Augusta Chronicle
2000 Thomas Wayne Mosley Linda Faye Mosley plotted to have husband killed..Jan 9, 2000. Augusta Chronicle

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