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Letter of William Thomas Fincher

The following letter was written on 25 June 1864 by William Thomas Fincher to his step mother, Martha Jane Brooks Fincher of Pike County, Georgia.   Thomas and his father Joseph Travis Fincher served in Company D, Second Regiment, Georgia State Line, and had fought in the Battle of Kolb's Farm near Marietta, Georgia, on June 22 under the leadership of General John Bell Hood.   At this battle Hood illustrated his bold but extremely reckless philosophy of warfare.   He sent two divisions into a frontal assault on entrenched Union corps that were supported by heavy artillery.   As a part of Cummings brigade, the Second Regiment suffered 80 casualties.  In his matter-of-fact way, Thomas reported to his mother some of the company's painful losses.

Because this company was formed from men who lived in Upson and Pike Counties, some of the surnames mentioned may be of interest to Lamar County researchers.   An article about the Finchers and the Second Regiment, Georgia State Line, may be read at Civil War Through the Eyes of a Common Soldier.  You may also want to view the second page of Thomas' original letter.

"June 25
Dear Mother
I again seat my self to let you all know where I am   I ame at the same plase I was yestarday morning    we have to work very hard    I worked last night untill mid night   fighting is going on all the time    we havent bene engaged sense 22 of this month    I dont care whether I am any more or not    I was excited when I first went in but after I got there I felt no danger after I fired once or twist    I was not more excited than if I had ben shooting at a gang of birds    Pah is in the Hospitle    I am glad of it    I am in hops he will stay there    17 of our Company was wounded   I gave Mary a list  [this first list has not been found]    I dont think I gave her all the names    Legg O S in the hand    Corp Eleby in hand    private Jone shocked with a shell   M A Graham in thigh    A Murphy head severly    J T Lee hand and back    W Hardaway head slight    Thomas Haris Legg sens amputated    Olive Legg sens died    Levi Middlebrooks hand    H Moris foot    Brown hand    Hammock shock with a bumb    Thompson hand    Willie Brawner shocked    Dick Johnson in chind    William Lyles in neck    Pah did not get his honey nor onions    I havent seen him so I eat them    write soon    your affectionate son
W. T. Fincher"

At the top of the second page of his letter and upside down, Thomas wrote:   "excuse me for writing ever day for I may not have th chance of writing long  if I dont write dont be _?_"

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