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Midway Congregational Church, located in the Midway community of Liberty County, is one of the oldest churches in the State of Georgia. On the 6th of December, 1752, Mr. Benjamin Baker and Mr. Samuel Bacon, with their families, arrived at Midway, in Liberty County, Georgia. This place was called Midway, because it stood about half way between the rivers Altamaha and Ogechee. Mrs. Baker died the day after their arrival. Their minister, Rev. Mr. Osgood, finding a general desire among those who remained in Carolina to remove, accompanied them to Georgia, where the whole Church and society eventually settled. The Midway community produced many patriots during the American Revolution as well as Georgia with two governors and two of its most distinguished judges.

A History of the Midway Community

HusbandWife Marrige Date
Alexander, John (Rev.) Godfrey, Hannah 3/27/1764
Anderson, David McClenning, Mary 2/20/1775
Andrew, Benjamin Philbin, Mary 9/28/1762
Andrew, John Andrew, Manoe 4/25/1785
Andrews, Joseph Sylvester, Lydia 6/-/1817
Andrews, Joseph Shave, Dorcas 3/25/1819
Andrews, Micajah Quarterman, Ann 5/31/1797
Ashmore, Mr. Shave, Emma 1857
Axson, Samuel J. Girardeau, Mary Ann 4/-/1795
Axson, Samuel J. Dix, Ann (Mrs.) 12/24/1806
Bacon, John Andrew, Ann 2/17/1761
Bacon, John Bacon, Sarah 4/2/1778
Bacon, John More, Elizabeth 1779
Bacon, John Quarterman, Susannah 3/9/1795
Bacon, John (Maj.) Hazzard, Mary 1822
Bacon, Jonathan Westberry, Martha 7/31/1777
Bacon, Jonathan Foster, Mary 11/15/1798
Bacon, Jonathan Phelps, Elizabeth H. 4/28/1814
Bacon, Jonathan Osgood, Mary (Mrs.) 1/8/1818
Bacon, Joseph Spencer, Rebecca 3/25/1776
Bacon, Joseph Way, Mary 12/10/1801
Bacon, Joseph Miller, Elizabeth (Mrs.) 10/22/1818
Bacon, Josiah Maxwell, Mary 1/-/1767
Bacon, Nathaniel Anderson, Elizabeth 4/5/1772
Bacon, Samuel Andrew, Mary 1764
Bacon, Samuel Brown, Judy 2/4/1790
Bacon, Thomas Winn, Catharine 6/7/1770
Bacon, Thomas Baker, Sarah 6/1/1778
Bacon, Thomas Wheeler, Martha 1779
Bacon, Thomas Sumner, Elizabeth 2/26/1801
Bacon, Thomas Holcomb, Miss 1810
Bacon, William Burnley, Sarah 5/31/1768
Bacon, William Sumner, Sarah 5/7/1770
Baker, Artemas Baker, Sarah 3/9/1790
Baker, Benjamin Lax, Elizabeth 11/18/1753
Baker, Elijah Norman, Rebecca (Mrs.) 4/13/1797
Baker, Elijah Feaster, Mary 6/18/1826
Baker, Hepworth Spencer, Ann 1/22/1807
Baker, J. O. Fabian, Adeline 12/-/1823
Baker, John (Col.) Lapina, Mary 1784
Baker, John B. Way, Harriette 1/5/1778
Baker, John J. Norman, Mary 5/9/1805
Baker, Nathaniel Baker, Ann (Mrs.) 7/1/1800
Baker, Quarterman Mallard, Anna Lydia 1821
Baker, Richard Andrew, Elizabeth 4/28/1755
Baker, Richard Harville, Mary 11/7/1822
Baker, Richard S. Baker, Ann (Mrs.) 1814
Baker, Thomas Bell, Catharine 2/25/1777
Baker, Thomas Bacon, Rebecca 11/17/1783
Baker, Thomas Burnley, Rebecca 1/17/1805
Baker, Thomas Cassells, Margaret 9/-/1815
Baker, Thomas Jr. Winn, Rebecca 3/28/1805
Baker, William Dunnom, Elizabeth 3/27/1771
Baker, William McCartey, Hannah 4/30/1772
Baker, William Hornby, Susanna (Mrs.) 6/8/1793
Baker, William Stevens, Ann 9/17/1795
Baker, William Mell, Sarah 2/11/1802
Baker, William J. Way, Elizabeth 6/14/1796
Baker, William Jeans Wells, Mary 1782
Baker, Wm. R. Norman, Mary 4/21/1785
Ball, Edward Jones, Rebecca 1/21/1773
Ball, Samson Warren, Elizabeth 10/-/1800
Beard, Matthew Hurst, Sarah 6/9/1772
Bell, Mr. Hart, Martha 12/31/1818
Bell, William Beard, Ann 2/21/1799
Bennett, Hugh McCollough, Mary 6/26/1769
Bennett, Hugh McCollough, Elizabeth 2/27/1806
Bennett, Matthew Osgood, Mary 1/8/1795
Bennett, Matthew Spencer, Sarah 5/-/1824
Bettis, John McIver, Elizabeth (Mrs.) 5/8/1796
Bowen, Mr. Wilkins, Ann 1821
Bowman, F. H. (Rev.) King, Mary 11/-/1857
Bradwell, John Sergeant, Ann 11/-/1782
Brunet, John Burtley, 5/9/1757
Bullock, James S. Elliott, Hetty A. 12/31/1817
Burnley, Samuel Bacon, Rebecca 5/2/1771
Burnley, Samuel Stevens, Elizabeth 1785
Burton, Robt P. Roberts, Amarintha 5/17/1825
Buttolph, D. L. (Rev.) Maxwell, Laura 6/10/1856
Cantey, James Anderson, Margaret 6/10/1773
Carter, James Dunnom, Martha 2/20/1775
Cassels, Elias Jones, Sarah 12/10/1789
Cassels, Thomas Q. Mallard, Mary A. 1831
Christie, Thomas Sumner, Susanna 4/10/1859
Cole, James Way, Hannah (Mrs.) 2/23/1792
Coleman, John Stewart, Christian (Mrs.) 2/9/1809
Cooper, Jesse Wooderson, Elizabeth 5/29/1806
Cooper, Jesse Goulding, Martha 6/27/1809
Cooper, Jesse Hoadly, Clarissa (Mrs.) 1/-/1823
Cooper, Richard Allen, Mary 12/3/1771
Cooper, Richard Sallens, Mary (Mrs.) 2/23/1792
Cox, Thomas Taylor, Mary 6/23/1796
Croft, John Sillavant, E. 2/15/1787
Croft, John Goulding, Margaret (Mrs.) 3/1/1792
Davis, John Andrew, Rebecca 2/-/1766
Denison, Jesse Williams, Mary 5/5/1772
Dicks, David Lambright, Ann 2/19/1801
Donnom, William Taylor, Mary 3/1/1756
Dowse, Gideon Elliott, Ann 1766
Dowse, Gideon Bradwell, Susanna 5/7/1772
Dowse, Gideon Brown, Susanna 10/10/1796
Dowse, Samuel Mann, Harriette 2/19/1807
Dudley, Orin McCullough, Margaret 1809
Dunworth, Peter Anderson, Mary 1785
Elliott, John Maxwell, Rebecca Jane 8/9/1770
Elliott, John Bilney, Mary 7/20/1782
Elliott, John Quarterman, Renchie 7/1/1790
Elliott, John Dunwoody, Esther 10/1/1795
Elliott, John Stewart, Martha 1/6/1818
Elliott, Thomas Baker, Ann 1/25/1776
Fabian, Jonathan Ladson, Esther Dean 1/30/1794
Fields, Jedediah Bennett, Sarah 1/-/1818
Fleming, Peter (Capt.) Baker, Amanda 3/1/1855
Fleming, Peter W. Law, Matilda 12/-/1827
Fleming, William Winn, Catharine 7/19/1798
Fleming, William Way, Anna (Mrs.) 2/5/1805
Foster, George Stewart, Sarah (Mrs.) 12/-/1805
Fox, Joseph Stewart, Susanna 7/1/1776
Fraser, Andrew Sullivan, Eliza 8/-/1813
Fraser, Donald Martin, Flora 3/17/1814
Fraser, Donald Norman, Margaret R. 3/2/1826
Fraser, John E. Sullivan, Mary 1812
Fraser, Simon Sullivan, Sarah 8/16/1785
Fraser, Simon A. Martin, Sarah 1821
Fraser, William Osgood, Mary Ann 2/3/1814
Fuller, Benjamin Sullivan, Margaret 1819
Fuller, Benjamin Girardeau, Mary Ann 6/-/1822
Fulton, John Osgood, Sarah 9/12/1793
Fulton, John Feaster, Elizabeth 12/6/1798
Fulton, Paul Osgood, Sarah 8/9/1768
Fulton, William Paul Harn, Bethannah 10/21/1819
Gibbons, John Graves, Rebecca 12/13/1777
Gildersleeve, Cyrus (Rev.) Elliott, Renchie (Mrs.) 1/1/1793
Gildersleeve, Cyrus (Rev.) Wilkinson, Caroline (Mrs.) 5/12/1808
Girardeau, W. P. Nelm, Jane 7/4/1822
Girardeau, William Wilson, Mary 10/22/1801
Goulding, John Brown, Sarah 1/18/1770
Goulding, Palmer Graham, Jane 10/27/1791
Goulding, Peter Nelms, Elizabeth 1809
Goulding, Thomas Stacy, Margaret 7/-/1784
Goulding, William Graves, Sarah 1779
Graham, James Osgood, Margaret 11/1/1798
Graves, Thomas Mitchell, Mary 1779
Graves, Thomas Maxwell, Elizabeth 5/22/1787
Graves, William Quarterman, Rebecca 1756
Hamblen, Joseph Steel, Mary 9/11/1777
Handly, Law, Harriet 11/28/1822
Harn, Jesse Bennett, Mary (Mrs.) 1805
Harral, Mr. Brown, Miss 2/11/1801
Harris, D. R. Jones, Mary (Mrs.) 5/17/1822
Harris, Mr. Clay, Mary 1821
Hart, Mr. Dunham, Ann 1/5/1819
Hauskins, Isaac ______, Barbara 3/7/1758
Hines, Charlton Quarterman, Mary 7/17/1806
Hines, Charlton Bell, Ann (Mrs.) 2/9/1809
Hines, Lewis Slee, Mary 1/20/1819
Hines, Lewis Mann, Ann 1/-/1824
Holden, Jonathan Peacock, Elizabeth 3/16/1773
Holmes, Abiel (Rev.) Stiles, Mary 8/29/1790
Holmes, Lathrop (Dr.) Sumner, Sarah 1/30/1794
Holmes, Liberty Quarterman, Susannah 6/6/1799
Hornby, Phillip Dick, Susanna 5/10/1787
Howell, John Hoyt, Margaret (Mrs.) 5/14/1805
Hoyt, Stephen (Rev.) Croft, Margaret (Mrs.) 7/21/1803
Hughes, George Scarth, Elizabeth (Mrs.) 4/14/1791
Hughes, Thomas Graves, Sarah 9/27/1768
Hughes, Thomas Graves, Mary 5/5/1795
Iverson, Robert Cassels, Rebecca 3/9/1790
James, James Powell, Kerenhappuck 5/15/1793
Johnson, William Gleycen, Elizabeth 5/31/1859
Jones, John Stewart, Elizabeth 6/6/1793
Jones, John Girardeau, Susanna 8/4/1801
Jones, Joseph Maybank, Mary 1/16/1799
Jones, Joseph Anderson, Sarah 6/30/1806
Jones, Joseph Hart, Eliza 1820
Jones, Samuel Baker, Rebbeca 8/15/1763
Jones, Samuel Way, Mary 3/22/1787
Jones, Samuel Jr. Law, Mary E. 11/13/1817
Jones, William Roberts, Mary J. 5/15/1823
Kell, John McIver, Barbary 12/22/1808
Kershaw, George Baker, Amarintha 10/28/1817
Kilpatrick, William Goulding, Mary Ann 3/26/1812
King, Roswell Maxwell, Julia R. 10/20/1825
Ladson, Joseph Varnedoe, Ann 12/-/1856
Laing, James Martin, Margaret 1/3/1821
Lambright, William Stewart, Mary 8/17/1799
Lang, Robert Mallard, Lydia 4/-/1824
Law, Benjamin Maybank, Mary (Mrs.) 3/22/1796
Law, John S. (Dr.) Elliott, Jane 5/1/1829
Law, Joseph Spry, Elizabeth 7/14/1774
Law, Joseph Sandiford, Mary 1785
Law, Joseph Stevens, Elizabeth 2/10/1791
Law, Nathaniel Walker, Mary (Mrs.) 2/16/1802
Law, Nathaniel Graves, Sarah (Mrs.) 1809
Law, Samuel Anderson, Mary 5/16/1799
Law, Samuel S. Wood, Temperance 12/1/1818
Law, Thos. E. Carney, Margaret 3/12/1789
Law, Thos. E. Sallens, Sarah 5/23/1793
LeConte, Louis Quarterman, Ann 1/30/1812
Lewis, Samuel Mann, Susanna 8/22/1805
Lewis, Samuel Way, Priscilla (Mrs.) 7/30/1809
Lines, John Carr, Jane 1782
Lines, Samuel Jurdine, Dorcas 2/7/1793
Lines, Samuel Williams, Caroline 3/-/1824
Lowe, Phillip Darling, Jean 10/20/1778
Lowe, Phillip Jones, Mary 1782
Mallard, John Quarterman, Lydia 3/7/1797
Mallard, John B. Field, E. P. 12/26/1839
Mallard, John B. Way, Sarah W. 7/3/1851
Mallard, L. J. Mell, Sarah 2/12/1845
Mallard, Lazarus Norman, Mary 9/4/1775
Mallard, Lazarus Wilson, Elizabeth 2/20/1800
Mallard, Lazarus Stevens, Sarah (Mrs.) 9/17/1807
Mallard, R. Q. (Rev.) Jones, Mary 4/-/1857
Mallard, Thomas Wilson, Sarah 3/6/1800
Mallard, Thomas Baker, Rebecca (Mrs.) 5/2/1811
Martin, James Miller, Mary 9/-/1827
Martin, John Donnom, Elizabeth 11/6/1760
Martin, Nathaniel Daniel, Elvira 12/8/1817
Massey, Joseph Smallwood, Sarah 10/16/1783
Maxwell, Audley Stevens, Mary 5/29/1790
Maxwell, James Brown, Sarah 10/9/1760
Maxwell, James A. Jones, Susan M. 9/-/1823
Maxwell, Jos. E. Holmes, Sarah M. 1/26/1826
Maxwell, Josiah Baker, Mary 1782
Maxwell, Moultrie Stevens, Margaret 1798
Maxwell, Thomas Donnom, Sarah Parsheana 1765
Maybank, Andrew Sandiford, Mary 1/18/1787
Maybank, Andrew Girardeau, Elizabeth 2/16/1794
McClean, John Law, Sarah 1/21/1773
McClelland, Fulton, Mary 6/28/1774
McClelland, Price Cooper, Mary 9/4/1770
McCollough, Hugh Osgood, Mary 10/11/1798
McCollough, James Osgood, Mary 2/20/1775
McCollough, John Scarth, Ann 5/12/1801
McCollough, John McCullough, Elizabeth (Mrs.) 1/-/1811
McConnell, R. (Capt.) Jones, Leonora 1857
McConnell, R. C. (Dr.) Walthour, Sarah Ann 1821
McConnell, W. P. (Dr.) Dicks, Ann 11/-/1822
McCullough, James Foundling, Elizabeth 7/7/1808
McGowen, John Harrall, Mary (Mrs.) 12/23/1802
McGowen, John Middleton, Sarah 1/5/1819
McGowen, Jos. F. Baker, Harriet R. 2/15/1826
McGowen, Joseph Baker, Lydia 6/28/1774
McGowen, Joseph Norman, Emily 12/1/1808
McGowen, William Shave, Elizabeth 8/20/1812
Mell, Benjamin Sumner, Cynthia 2/19/1807
Mell, Benjamin Jr. Stevens, Susan 5/27/1818
Mell, William H. Stewart, Elizabeth 1/-/1818
Messeron, Mr. Goulding, Ann 6/17/1790
Minton, Major Fabian, Miss 1820
Mitchell, John Maxwell, Elizabeth 1783
Mitchell, John Maxwell, Mary 1/7/1790
Moore, John Jeffries, Mary 1/1/1799
Nelms, John Duncan, Mary 3/12/1801
Norman, Barak Girardeau, Esther 7/29/1760
Norman, John Quarterman, Rebecca 9/5/1775
Norman, Joseph Stacy, Mary Wilson 3/26/1807
Norman, William Baker, Rebbeca 6/21/1792
Norman, William Sandford, Sarah 11/17/1818
Norman, Wm S. Stacy, Susan L. 1/23/1845
Osgood, John Scarth, Esther 7/8/1773
Osgood, John Jr. Winn, Mary 2/9/1802
Osgood, John Sr. Baker, Rebecca 6/7/1798
Osgood, Josiah Fulton, Margaret 8/-/1768
Osgood, Josiah Fleming, Mary 7/24/1794
Osgood, Josiah Osgood, Ann 8/11/1796
Oswald, Thomas Saltus, Mary 5/3/1787
Oswald, Thomas Maxwell, Ann 5/3/1789
Patrick, William L. McGowen, Elizabeth (Mrs.) 6/19/1817
Peacock, John Donnom, Ann 3/1/1787
Peacock, John Woodward, Ann 2/21/1799
Peacock, William Peacock, Mary 1/-/1800
Perry, John Scarth, Esther 1805
Petty, Henry Burnley, Rebecca 1/29/1767
Phelps, James McGowen, Amarintha 1812
Plummer, Joseph Wells, Mary 1/21/1790
Quarterman, Edward Winn, Anna 5/26/1798
Quarterman, Elijah Wilson, Margaret 1783
Quarterman, John Osgood, Sarah 10/11/1854
Quarterman, John Way, Ann 3/24/1796
Quarterman, John S. Stacy, Margaret 4/2/1812
Quarterman, John S. Myers, Susanna 2/19/1817
Quarterman, John Sr. Taylor, Hannah 6/8/1756
Quarterman, Joseph Quarterman, Elizabeth 5/17/1787
Quarterman, Robert Way, Mary 6/10/1767
Quarterman, Robert Baker, Elizabeth 5/9/1771
Quarterman, Robert Quarterman, Rebecca 9/1/1807
Quarterman, Robert Way, Mary J. 12/3/1818
Quarterman, Robert Stacy, Mary E. 3/15/1855
Quarterman, Thomas Smallwood, Rebecca 5/13/1776
Quarterman, Thomas Ball, Rebecca 1779
Quarterman, Thomas Norman, Renchie 3/29/1787
Quarterman, Thomas Osgood, Elizabeth 2/5/1807
Quarterman, Thomas Peacock, Elizabeth 1/-/1809
Quarterman, Thomas Norman, Sarah (Mrs.) 6/3/1827
Quarterman, Thos. Bacon, Rebecca 11/29/1757
Quarterman, W. E. W. Baker, Lydia (Mrs.) 4/-/1858
Quarterman, William Stewart, Sarah 2/19/1767
Quarterman, William Dorsey, Mary 1/31/1829
Quarterman, Wm E. W. Ferguson, Jane 2/-/1823
Roberts, Daniel Elliott, Amarintha 5/17/1774
Roberts, James West, Hannah 1799
Roberts, James Roberts, Eliza C. (Mrs.) 3/1/1804
Roberts, John Baker, Mary (Mrs.) 7/28/1791
Roberts, John Quarterman, Elizabeth (Mrs.) 2/6/1806
Roberts, William Bradwell, Hannah G. 2/16/1804
Roberts, William Jackson, Mary 1/8/1819
Roberts, William Law, Sarah 1821
Ross, Francis Stacy, Mary 10/27/1791
Russell, Edward Way, Susan 5/-/1824
Sallins, Peter Way, Lydia 7/14/1774
Saltus, Samuel Baker, Susannah 5/16/1768
Sandiford, Audley Taylor, Jemima 7/-/1792
Sandiford, James Baker, Elizabeth 3/17/1796
Sandiford, James Shepard, Sarah 1/12/1804
Sanford, John   1782
Sanford, Thomas Baker, Eliza 1821
Saunders, Samuel Fox, Mrs. 8/26/1802
Scarth, Jonathan Osgood, Elizabeth 3/18/1773
Shave, John Bricen, Ellenor 2/27/1772
Shave, John Winn, Margaret (Dorian) 4/15/1819
Shepard, Francis Graves, Mary 9/25/1793
Shepard, Thomas Shepard, Mary (Mrs.) 12/3/1791
Shepard, Thomas Andrews, Jane 7/13/1802
Shepard, Thomas Baker, Rebecca 4/12/1804
Shepard, William McTeer, Ann 6/12/1800
Simpson, William Lupton, Elizabeth 7/23/1787
Simpson, William Burnley, Elizabeth 3/7/1771
Smallwood, Francis Stafford, Mary 5/23/1793
Smallwood, Matthew Sumner, Rebecca 1/15/1760
Smallwood, Robert Mitchell, Nancy 3/6/1858
Smith, James Munroe, Seymour 1/8/1793
Smith, John Fryar, Anna 7/7/1810
Smith, Thomas Shave, Mary 3/12/1801
Smylie, James Fraser, S. (Mrs.) 1814
Spencer, Samuel Way, Ann 3/25/1790
Spencer, William Wilson, Sarah 8/-/1822
Spencer, Wm. Bacon, Mary 6/2/1819
Stacy, James Winn, Susanna 7/-/1787
Stacy, James McGowen, Mary 1824
Stacy, John Quarterman, Margaret 5/3/1787
Stacy, John Quarterman, Sarah 11/23/1797
Stacy, John W. Bacon, Mary 1/27/1825
Stacy, Robert Wood, Sarah 1809
Stevens, Edward Stevens, Elizabeth 11/5/1795
Stevens, Edward Baker, Sarah 5/27/1799
Stevens, John McCartey, Margaret 6/28/1770
Stevens, John Munroe, Amarintha 2/2/1804
Stevens, Joseph Spencer, Ann 7/7/1767
Stevens, Joseph Sumner, Mary 1/12/1797
Stevens, Oliver Winn, Eliza 2/27/06
Stevens, Samuel Baker, Elizabeth 3/14/1769
Stevens, Samuel Goulding, Sarah 1/5/1796
Stevens, Samuel McCullough, Mary (Mrs.) 3/22/1810
Stevens, Samuel Spencer, Ann (Mrs.) 6/22/1815
Stevens, Thomas Spencer, Sarah 5/9/1769
Stevens, Thomas (Dr.) Hughes, Mary (Mrs.) 7/23/1800
Stewart, Charles Graham, Christian 7/16/1796
Stewart, Daniel Oswald, Susanna 1785
Stewart, Daniel Lewis, S. (Mrs.) 3/6/1810
Stewart, Daniel M. Bacon, Elizabeth 10/7/1813
Stewart, Daniel M. Eigleberger, Eliza Mary 1/-/1824
Stewart, James Jackson, Elizabeth 1782
Stewart, John Nickolds, Sarah 8/7/1769
Stewart, John Graves, Susanna 7/12/1798
Stewart, John West, Mary S. 12/13/1803
Stewart, John Carter, Hepeworth 9/1/1805
Stone, Henry D. Oswald, Ann (Mrs.) 9/15/1791
Sullivan, Daniel Osgood, Esther 1807
Sumner, Edward Way, Mary 12/10/1779
Sumner, Edward Quarterman, Ann 5/2/1786
Sumner, Thomas Quarterman, Sarah 5/17/1774
Sumner, Thos. Baker, Anna 9/14/1782
Swinton, William Slade, Mary 6/7/1759
Swinton, William Barron, Sarah 1766
Thompson, William Goulding, Susan J. 5/-/1818
Thomson, W. C. King, Mary E. 3/30/1854
Varnedoe, Leander L. Mallard, Ann E. 12/11/1849
Varnedoe, Rufus Rochambeau, Miss 11/-/1857
Walker, Charles Baker, Elizabeth 6/12/1800
Walker, Charles Law, Eliza 1/-/1802
Walthour, Andrew Hophmire, Ann 3/18/1798
Walthour, George W. Russell, Mary 1/-/1823
Way, Edward Baker, Mary 12/7/1773
Way, John Spencer, Mary 10/2/1783
Way, John Goulding, Sarah 2/15/1790
Way, John Jones, Rebecca 9/17/1807
Way, John Stacy, Eliza 1/-/1823
Way, Jos. B. (Dr.) Martin, Mary J. 12/27/1854
Way, Joseph Osgood, Mary 3/12/1759
Way, Joseph Armstrong, Sarah 7/17/1783
Way, Joseph Jr. Hophmire, Martha 8/17/1802
Way, Moses Mitchell, Lydia 2/9/1756
Way, Moses Winn, Ann 5/12/1766
Way, Moses Dowse, Susanna (Mrs.) 4/3/1800
Way, Moses Bacon, Sarah Ann 1820
Way, Parmenas Bacon, Martha 1766
Way, Parmenas Sr. Quarterman, Sarah 6/9/1772
Way, Parmenas Sr. Baker, Elizabeth 11/12/1776
Way, Thomas Sumner, Mary 12/1/1757
Way, William Donnom, Hannah 1/25/1787
Way, William Bennett, Elizabeth 9/4/1794
Way, William E. Quarterman, Eliza 5/10/1798
Way, William E. Quarterman, Ann (Mrs.) 1800
Way, William N. Baker, Mary (Mrs.) 5/26/1808
Way, William Sr. Hines, Miss 4/2/1798
West, Charles (Dr.) Nephew, Miss 2/10/1814
West, William Sharp, Hannah 1782
Wheeler, Robert Bacon, Catharine 6/5/1806
Wilkinson, James Oswald, Sophia 1/24/1793
Wilkinson, James Baker, Mary Ann 6/9/1796
Wilkinson, James Canady, Miss 1/-/1802
Williams, John Shepard, Eliza 1820
Williamson, Nathan Howell, Margaret (Mrs.) 6/-/1818
Wilson, James Bacon, Sarah 2/29/1816
Wilson, Jas. Quarterman, Elizabeth 9/10/1782
Wilson, Jesse Way, Elizabeth 9/27/1768
Wilson, Josiah Stewart, Mary 4/19/1804
Winn, Benjamin Baker, Charlotte 3/6/1806
Winn, John Sanders, Lydia 8/2/1766
Winn, John Baker, Sarah 8/17/1767
Winn, John Westberry, Martha 5/20/1790
Winn, John Wilson, Eliza 3/4/1806
Winn, Joseph Burnley, Mary Ann 7/29/1790
Winn, P. F. Osgood, Mary F. 5/3/1810
Winn, Peter Farley, Mary 1/7/1777
Winn, Peter Farley Baker, Mary 2/3/1807
Winn, Washington Wilson, Julia 6/19/1827
Witherspoon, James Winn, Martha (Mrs.) 5/16/1793
Wood, Henry Powell, Rebecca Hannah 3/27/1777
Wood, James Sandiford, Elizabeth 1784
Woodison, John Foster, Elizabeth 3/15/1804

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