Midway Church Officers: 1735-1867

Ministers of Midway Church

Rev. John Osgood, 1735-1773
Rev. Mosen Allen, 1777-1778
Rev. Abiel Holmes, 1785-1791
Rev. Cyrus Gildersleeve, 1791-1811
Rev. Murdock Murphy, 1811-1823
Rev. Robert Quarterman, 1823-1847
Rev. I.S.K. Axson (co-pastor), 1836-1853
Rev. T.S. Winn (co-pastor), 1848-1855
Rev. D.L. Buttolph, 1854-1865
Rev. John F. Baker (assistant pastor), 1855
Rev. Francis H. Bowman (co-pastor), 1856-1859

Temporary Supply

Rev. Richard M. Baker, 1851
Rev. John Winn, 1853
Rev. R.Q. Mallard, 1855

Deacons of Midway Church

William Baker, 1754-1767
John Winn, 1767-1786
Thomas Quarterman, 1785-1791
Thomas Stevens, 1785-1801
William Quarterman, 1791-1794
William Baker, Sr., 1795-1798
Peter Winn, 1798-1824
James McCollough, 1801-1806
Lazarus Mallard, 1806-1814
John Stacy, 1808-1818
Robert Quarterman, 1811-1823
William Fleming, 1816-1820
Joseph Law, 1820-1829
Thomas Mallard, 1820-1861
Moses W. Way, ___ -1831
John S. Quarterman
James O. Baker, ___-1836
Samuel Jones, 1834-1836
John Dunwoody, 1836-1838
Nathaniel Varnedoe, 1836-1856
W.E.W. Quarterman, 1836-___
Samuel Spencer, 1836
Ezra Stacy, 1838-1865
John B. Mallard, 1838
Edward Quarterman, 1850-1863
Thomas Q. Cassels, 1857-1865
J.O. Varnedoe (elected), 1866


Benjamin Baker, 1754-1776
James Andrew, 1766-1771
Benjamin Baker, 1771-1785
Thomas Baker, 1785-1787
William Baker, 1790-1798
John Stacy, 1798-1818
John Winn, 1818-1820
Josiah Wilson, 1821-1824
John W. Stacy, 1824-1854
Lazarus Mallard, 1854-1867

Stacy, James, History of the Midway Congregational Church, Liberty County, Georgia, S.W. Murray, Printer, Newnan, Georgia, 1899, pp. 324-325

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