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Acree Felicia Hardoby-Mittan N/A
Akery Felicia Hardoby-Mittan N/A
Anderson Laura Anderson-Sweat N/A
Bashlor Bill Fonferek Fonferek Family
Baxter Pat Samson N/A
Blount Tina Blount Tate N/A
Clark Mary Evelyn Clark Stewart N/A
Currie Bill Fonferek Fonferek Family
Davis Bill Fonferek Fonferek Family
Driggers Pat Samson N/A
Easterling Maury Flowers N/A
Flowers Pat Samson N/A
" Maury Flowers N/A
Green Nancy L. Jones N/A
Groover Bob Carter N/A
Hall Earl Hall N/A
Harn Bill Fonferek Fonferek Family
Harville Russell Henderson N/A
Hearn Bill Fonferek Fonferek Family
Hiers Pat Samson N/A
" Maury Flowers N/A
Hilton Bill Fonferek Fonferek Family
Hodges Russell Henderson N/A
Johns Barbara Hammond Hammond, Johns, Davis Families
Keaton Pat Samson N/A
" Robert Keaton N/A
LaCount Teresa Williamson N/A
Ladson Imogene Hancock N/A
Langford Poldi Tonin N/A
Lankford Poldi Tonin N/A
Lightsey Bob Carter N/A
Mallard Gene Ransom N/A
Martin Mary Meadows N/A
McCallar Bill Fonferek Fonferek Family
McLamb Pat Samson N/A
Mobley Pat Samson N/A
O'Neal Dennis O'Neal N/A
Parker Bill Fonferek Fonferek Family
Patrick Bill Fonferek Fonferek Family
Poppell Nancy L. Jones N/A
Price Maury Flowers N/A
Shaw Robert Keaton N/A
Southwell Cindy Jones N/A
Standley Maury Flowers N/A
" Elaine Campbell N/A
Strickland Pat Samson N/A
Surrency Pat Samson N/A
Sykes Pat Samson N/A
Terrell Pat Samson N/A
Townsend Elaine Campbell N/A
Tynes Mark James N/A
Warren Mark James N/A
Wells Bob Carter N/A
Wheeler Pat Samson N/A
Woods Russell Henderson N/A

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