Letter from Marion Columbus Roberts to the Dahlonega Signal


Dahlonega Signal - Friday March 25, 1887

Western News

Center, Kan., March 11, 1887
Editor Signal:

As I have many friends in Georgia to whom I would like to write, but it would be too much trouble for me to write to all of them, I will write you a letter to put in your paper so that the most of them can see it.

I saw an article in your paper that Messrs. Pitner, Pierce and Rider and their families had left your county for the West. Messrs. Pierce and Rider landed here with their families about one week ago. They seem to like this county very well. Mr. Pitner and his family went to the southern part of Kansas. There were 15 more landed at this place from Georgia a short time ago. N.J. Pierce, Wilson Coley, J.H. Pierce and Joseph Thompson and their families, all from Hall county, are the ones.

Georgia will miss these good citizens, but there is room for them and let them come on. Kansas is a good country. The soil is rich and from 1 to 6 feet deep. It will produce anything that a man wants to raise.

Corn is worth 23 cents per bushel; wheat from 40 to 50; pork 4 to 4 1/2 cents per pound; flour 1 1/2 to 3; chickens $3 per dozen; eggs 7 cts; butter 15; sorghum 50 cts per gallon; sugar 14 to 18 pounds for a dollar; coffee 5 pounds for a dollar; labor $1 a day.

We have some as nice weather since March set in as I ever saw. The Georgia folks who come here lately are very much surprised to see such nice weather.

The farmers are sowing oats and preparing for a crop.

There is strong talk of two more railroads running to this place this year. Eighteen years ago there were plenty of buffaloes all around the place that is now called Lincoln Center and now there is 1500 inhabitants, and is growing as fast as any town in the West. There will be more buildings put up here this year than has been since it was chartered.

M. C. Roberts

Marion Columbus Roberts is the son of Miles M. Roberts, and brother of Hulda L. (Roberts) Pierce. The J.H. Pierce mentioned is my great-grandfather James Henry Pierce. My grandfather Perry LeRoy Pierce was born March 29, 1887 in Lincoln, KS, a couple weeks after this letter was written.

N.J. Pierce is Newton Jasper Pierce (brother of James H. Pierce) who eventually settled in Green Co., MO. Wilson Coley and Joseph Thompson are the nephews of James H. Pierce.

M.C. Roberts mentions buffaloes in the area 18 years earlier, but this was probably not because he was there to see them (unless he went on a trip there). He was raised in Lumpkin Co., married Sarah Long in Lumpkin Co. in 1875, divorced her in 1881 in Lumpkin Co., and married Arminda Armstrong in GA in 1882. In 1883 he was granted a letter of dismission from the Hightower Bapt. Church in Lumpkin Co. The first child of M.C. and Arminda Roberts, Louisa Roberts, was born in 1884 in GA. According to this Louisa Roberts, her family moved west when she was two years old.

Submitted by Dan Pierce