Company G, 49th Georgia Infantry

Company G, the "Laurens Volunteers," was formed in March 1862. The 49th Georgia Infantry Regiment served in the Army of Northern Virginia and fought at Malvern Hill, Seven Pines, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, and Petersburg before surrendering at Appomattox.

Hiram Grimes, enlisted August 26, 1862, private; died at hospital in Staunton, VA, November 9, 1862, of febis typhoid and was buried at Thornrose Cemetery.

James B. Hall, enlisted August 25, 1862, private; captured in the Wilderness, May 6, 1864; died Elmira Prison, NY, February 16, 1864 and buried in grave 2201, Woodlawn National Cemetery.

Rueben Harrelson, enlisted August 26, 1862, private; died of pneumonia, December 13, 1862 at the Chimborazo Hospital No.1, Richmond, VA.

William Harralson, enlisted August 26, 1862, private; died of diarrhea, General Hospital No.2, Lynchburg, VA, January 8, 1863 leaving widow, Elizabeth of Little York, Montgomery County, GA.

Lewis McDaniel, enlisted May 16, 1862, private; retired from service, December 14, 1864. He was a substitute for William H. Burch.

Andrew J. Pope, enlisted August 26, 1862, private

Thomas J. White, enlisted August 26, 1862, private; discharged because of health, February 1, 1863, at age 35. He was born May 12, 1828, and died in Wheeler County, November 29, 1918.