Glenn Family Cemetery

Glenn Family Cemetery

Glenn Family Cemetery 

The John Glenn family cemetery is located in the Glade District of Oglethorpe County, on a small hill in the woods off of North Eades Road. The 8 box-type tombs were referred to as "wolf boxes" by the early settlers, as they were erected over the burial site to prevent wolves from digging up the graves. Some of the box tombs, including one of a child, have collapsed, and their inscriptions can no longer be read. There are also several slab markers and upright headstones. Numerous unidentified graves, some marked with field stones and small wooden markers, are evident. The cemetery is listed in Cemeteries of Oglethorpe County, Georgia and several other publications.

John Glenn immigrated from Louisa County, Virginia and arrived in Oglethorpe County around 1800. He and his wife, Mary Brooks, had 8 children:

William Glenn married 4 times (see below)
Lucy Richardson Glenn married Stephen Ham
Sarah Allen Glenn married Jonathan Orr
Catherine Thompson Glenn married Zachariah Wise
Thomas M. Glenn
Susan Ann Glenn married Jonathan Gibson
Martha Jane Glenn married Berry Hartsfield
Mary Brooks Glenn married Robert Howard

Glenn Family Cemetery 

Grave Markers and Inscriptions

John Glenn 

In Memory of
Died 20th Aug 1828

John Glenn was born c1770 in Virginia. He married Mary Brooks on 23 Dec 1793 in Louisa County, Virginia.

The box tomb beside John Glenn has collapsed and the inscription can no longer be seen. This is likely the grave of John's wife, Mary Brooks Glenn. Earlier surveys of the cemetery include the following inscription:

Mary Glenn
Died 4 Aug 1859

Mary was born c1775 in Louisa County, VA. She was the daughter of Richardson Brooks and Lucy Mallory.

Glenn Family Cemetery 

T. M. Glenn 

In Memory of
Born Apr 7th 1804
Died Oct 1st 1831

Thomas M. Glenn was the son of
John Glenn and Mary Brooks.
He married Ann H. Roberts on 8 Dec 1827.

To the Memory of
Who was born April 30th 1796
And died October 7th 1860

William Glenn was the son of John Glenn and Mary Brooks. He was married four times:

1) Clara Hamm - married c1818
2) Martha Glenn - married 24 Dec 1823
3) Mary Jane Black - married 4 Apr 1826
4) Mary Ann Smith - married 6 Oct 1847

William had two sons by his first wife, Clara:
William Henry Glenn
Thomas L. Glenn

He had 10 children by his 3rd wife Mary Jane

To the Memory of
third wife of
who was born June 24th 1805
And died April 22nd 1846

Mary Jane Black was the daughter of Lemuel Black and Mary Ann Williams. She married William Glenn on 4 April 1846 in Oglethorpe County. William and Mary had 10 children:

Dr. John L. Glenn
Mary Ann Glenn
Martha Jane Glenn
James Mallory Glenn
Barbara Elizabeth Glenn
Joseph Matthew Williams Glenn
George Rockingham Gilmer Glenn
Anderson M. H. Glenn
Robert H. Glenn
Alexander Hamilton Smith Glenn

In Memory of
Born Sept 18th 1821
Died Sept 27th 1853

William Henry Glenn was the son of William Glenn and his first wife, Clara Hamm. William Henry Glenn married Elizabeth Frances Huff on 19 Dec 1843 in Oglethorpe County.

W. H. Glenn 

Elizabeth Frances Huff 

Elizabeth Frances Huff
wife of
William H. Glenn
Gideon B. Bunch
Oct 2 1828
Feb 3 1908
Honored, Beloved and Wept,
here Mother lies

Elizabeth Frances Huff was the daughter of Robert Huff and Sarah Hardman. She married William Henry Glenn on 19 Dec 1843. She married Gideon B. Bunch on 20 Jan 1886.

Clara A. Cleveland 

Clara A.
wife of
D. E. Cleveland
July 25, 1846
May 11, 1868

Clara Ann Glenn was the daughter of William Henry Glenn and Elizabeth Francis Huff. She married Daniel Early Cleveland on 30 November 1865. After Clara's death, Daniel married her sister, Sarah Elizabeth Glenn. Daniel and Sarah Glenn Cleveland are buried at Elmhurst Cemetery in Elbert County.

W. M.
son of
W. H. & E. F. Glenn
Born Nov 21 1853
Died Aug 2 1856
Budded on Earth to
Bloom in Heaven

William M. Glenn was the son of William Henry Glenn and Elizabeth Frances Huff.

W. M. Glenn 

J. L. Glenn 

In Memory of
Born 31st Jan 1828
Died 25th July 1856

Dr. John Lemuel Glenn was the son of William Glenn and Mary Jane Black. He married Martha E. Meriwether on 15 June 1856.

In Memory of
Born 18th May 1839
Died 24th June 1859

Anderson M. H. Glenn was the son of William Glenn and Mary Jane Black.

A. M. H. Glenn 

Mary Smith 

In Memory of
Born 1784
Died 1850

Mary Smith was the mother of Mary Ann Smith, who was the fourth wife of William Glenn.

Joseph Glenn
States Army

Joseph Matthew Williams Glenn was the son of William Glenn and Mary Jane Black. He was born 1 Feb 1836 and died 19 May 1893. Joseph served in the Confederate Army as a Sergeant in Echols Artillery. He married Mahulda Rae Anthony on 18 Mar 1858.

Joseph Glenn 

Mary B. Howard 

Mary B.
wife of
Robt. Howard
April 7, 1810
May 1, 1840

Mary Brooks Glenn was the daughter of John Glenn and Mary Brooks. She married Robert Howard on 28 June 1828.

In Memory of
wife of J. G. Gibson
Born November the 9th 1839
Died February the 9th 1862

Sarah Ann Hartsfield was the daughter of Berry Hartsfield and Martha Jane Glenn (daughter of John Glenn and Mary Brooks). She married John Glenn Gibson on 3 May 1860. John Glenn Gibson was the son of Jonathon Gibson and Susan Ann Glenn (daughter of John Glenn and Mary Brooks). After Sarah's death, John Glenn Gibson married her sister, Mary Hartsfield. John and Mary Hartsfield Gibson are buried at the Clark Cemetery in Oglethorpe County.

Mrs. S. A. Gibson 

Johnnie T. Glenn 

In Memory of
Johnnie T. Glenn
wife of
A. H. S. Glenn
Born Sept 17th, 1848
Died July 2nd 1868

Clarinda Jane T. "Johnnie" Huff was the daughter of James R. Huff and Martha Stephens. She married Alexander Hamilton Smith Glenn on 27 May 1868. Alexander was the son of William Glenn and Mary Jane Black. After Johnnie's death, Alexander married Elizabeth Maddox. He is buried at the Eberhart/Maddox Cemetery in Oglethorpe County.

Additional Burials

Cemeteries of Oglethorpe County, Georgia lists the following graves that were not found at the time this cemetery was photographed.

Cassie L. Glenn Scroggins
22 Apr 1871 - 26 Sept 1926
Cassie L. Glenn was the daughter of Joseph M. W. Glenn and Mahulda Rae Anthony. She married Henry L. Scroggins on 25 Dec 1902 in Oglethorpe County.

Eugene Glenn 24 Feb 1873 - 11 May 1884
Eugene Glenn was the son of Joseph M. W. Glenn.

Lee Glenn 11 Apr 1884 - 5 Jul 1930

The following people are believed to be buried at the John Glenn Cemetery. This information, provided by family members and other sources, is included in Cemeteries of Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

Muhulda Ray Anthony Glenn
7 Mar 1843 - 7 Mar 1923

Mollie A. Glenn
11 Jun 1859 - 13 Mar 1929

Barbara E. Glenn Roane
1835 - April 1910
Barbara E. Glenn was the daughter of William Glenn and Mary Jane Black.
She married James S. Deadwyler on 11 Nov 1858.
She married Edward G. Roane on 9 May 1872.

There are about 65 unidentified graves marked by field stones and small wooden markers. According to Cemeteries of Oglethorpe County, Georgia: "Courthouse and family records suggest the following 12 slaves of John Glenn may be buried here: Kitty, Peter, Alicy, Rena, Anthony, Flemming, Margaret, Jill, Scott, Joe, Sarah and Bob."

Contributed by Jeanne Arguelles