Vines Collier
Inventories and Appraisements 1794-1814

Oglethorpe County Register's Office
Submitted by
William Collier

State of Georgia    } March: 2 Day 1796
Oglethorpe County} The Inventory and appraisement of the goods,
chattels and credits of Vines Collier, dec'd appraised by Charles Smith,
John Gresham, Stephen Potts and Mathew Rainey after duly sworn on the
holy Gospels by Jno. Hardeman, Esq., Justice of the Peace for said county.
Appraised in Dollars and Cents as follows (to wit):

One    Negro Man David                                                          300.00
One    Negro Man Kiser                                                           200.00
One    Negro Man Randol                                                        225.00
One     Negro Woman Beck                                                      180.00
One    Negro Woman Pat                                                          200.00
One    Negro Man Frank                                                            20.00
One    Bay Mare                                                                          43.12
Two    Younge Bay Mares                                                         140.00
One    Black Mare                                                                       25.00
One    Gray Mare                                                                        55.00
6         Feather beds and Furniture                                            210.00
33       Hogs and 17 Head of Cattle                                           101.00
           Cash $12.75; 7 Head of Sheep, $6.00                              18.75
10       Pewter(?), 14 Dollars; Cupboardware, 12.00 Dollars     26.00
1         Desk & Books                                                                  25.12
2         Looking Glasses and Sundry Articals                               1.50
One    Doz. Knives and Forks; 2 Guns                                         7.00
1         Case of twelve Bottles; Two Tables                                  3.50
1         Pair of stilards (steelyard?); 3 pair of cotton cards          4.00
2         Cotton Wheales; one Flax ditto; 1 hackle; 1 Gin             8.00
14       Chairs; 1 knife                                                                     8.00
1         Chist and sundry articals                                                     4.00
1         pair of Fire Dogs                                                                  3.00
1         Box and sundry articals                                                       3.00
200     Weight of Cotton                                                                  7.00
3         sides of leather; Beaf Hooks                                               7.50
1         woman's saddle                                                                    3.00
1         Loome and articals belonging to these(?)                          5.00
1         pair of saddle bags                                                                 .50
6         pailes; 3 tubs; 1 churn                                                          2.00
           Kitching Furniture                                                              15.00
1         waggon and Geirs     (Gears?)                                            25.00
           waggon Irons and Grind Stone                                            9.00
1         Barrel and sundry articals                                                   1.00
1         Hand saw, 3 augors & Drawing Knife                                2.00
           Iron utentials; 5 axes                                                         20.00
60       Barrels of corn and Dry meat                                          122.00
           Sault and sundry articals                                                    10.00
           Parcel of tobacco; 7 tubs & wry(rye?) & oats                  21.25
3         Cow hides & sundry small articals & 37 geese                19.00
5         Sacks of Forthere (fodder?)                                              10.00
1         Dark Bay Horse & 7 Shoats                                             15.50

          Total amount                                                                   2201.75


The estate of Vines Collier, dec'd, indebted by bond to
Northington                                 107.00

The inventory and appraisement of Vines Collier, dec'd,
Returned and Recorded the 1 Day of June, 1796 by Isaac
Collier, Executor.

                M.A.RAINEY, R. C. O. C.

January the 10th, 1797. Return of Expenditures of the Estate of Vines
Collier, dec'd, Returned by Isaac Collier & John Collier, Executors.

Paid Jas. Park proven account                                                      5.3
Paid Jas. Thomas proven account                                                 2.00
Paid John Grisham proven account                                               2.18
Paid Dockter Sankey                                                                     2.25
Paid Register's Fees                                                                      3.25
John McCords, Rec. #                                                                   7.75
John Blakley, Rec. #                                                                      6.00
Jas. Haggard, Rec. #                                                                      6.00
Jr. Tax Collector                                                                             2.87
    Receiv'd of of John Garrett                                                       2.00
Paid Sam"l Park                                                                               1.00
Recorded January the 10th day                                                  40.34
1797.                 M.A.RAINEY, R.C.O.C.


January the 5th day, 1798. A return of the Receipts and Expenditures
of the estate of Vines Collier, dec'd for the year 1797made by Salley Collier, Acting Executor.

January the 25th, 1797 pd. M. Hays for all demands in full.
March, 1797 pd. Phinizy                                                                5.00
February the 22nd pd. Jas. Park in full of all demands    -----
February the 16th pd. Thos. Dunn                                                 1.50
pd. Sam'l Northington By bond.                                                 107.12
Dec'r 22nd day, 1797 pd. John Colley                                         26.50

Recorded January the 5th day, 1798.

                    M.A.RAINEY, R.C.O.C.

pd. Tax Collector for the year 1797
Francis Myers, receipt for schooling                                        $21.00
Hardiman Phinizy Receipt                                                           12.05
Gravitt W. Park, Receipt                                                            15.50

Recorded January the 11th day, 1798

                    M.A.RAINEY, R.C.O.C.

1799 Jan'y the 11th day. The Yearly Return of the Expenditures of the
Estate of Vines Collier, dec'd, by Sarah Collier for the year 1798.
Paid Thomas Mason for Schooling                                           $ 12.00
Paid Geo. Younge for smiths work                                                7.30
Paid John Gresham for 71 Acres of land                                   152.00

Salley Collier, Acting Exec.                  aded                              171.30

Recorded January 11th day, 1799. M.A.RAINEY, R.C.O.C.


Vines Collier, dec'd, yearly Return for 1799
Pd. Dr. M. Clay for medicine on a sick negro                             11.62
Pd. Matthew Gage for goods bought for the use of family         25.31
Ditto to F. Phinizy                                                                            8.89
Pd tax for year 1798, $3.54 ; do. for the year 1799, $3.54     7.08
Pd. Smith for work for year.                                                            6.43

Isaac Collier, acting Recorded June the 26th day, 1800
Executor            M.A.RAINEY, R. C. O. C.


Dec'r 31st day, 1800. Yearly Return on the Estate of Vines Collier, dec'd
By John & Isaac Collier, surviving Exe's.

Paid F. Phinizy as per Receipts                                                  $ 7.81
Paid Do. as per Do.                                                                      11.69
Paid Matthew Gage as per Receipts                                             3.00
Paid F. Phinizy as per Receipts                                                    20.50
        John & Isaac Collier, Exe's                                                  43.00


Dec'r. 31st day. 1801. Yearly Return on the Estate of Vines Collier, dec'd,
To the amount of Sales Real and Personal                             5080.05

to a parcel of seed cotton sold @ $4.00 per hundred
and the amount not ascertained                                                   36.00
to parcel of tobacco sold @ $2.50 and the amount
not ascertained                                                                              15.83
to 2 hogsheads of tobacco not sold on hand                                 47.72

Paid to George Younge as per voucher                                          6.83
Paid Wm. Collier as a legatee in part.                                        443.87
Paid Vines Collier as a legatee in part.                                      433.31
Paid Cuthbert Collier Do. in part.                                               277.56
Paid Thos. Collier Do. in part.                                                    325.56
Paid Benj'n Collier Do. in part.                                                   375.06
Thos. Dunn's Receipt for on feather bed and furniture
put into his care for Salley Collier amounting to                         41/00
John Hardaman Receipt for one feather Bed and funiture
put into his hands for the use of Polly Collier to the amount
of                                                                                                    41.00
also paid Cuthbert Collier, a legatee                                           80.00
Money due the estate of said dec'd as per open
acc'ts, Isham Smith, Dr.                                                               17.50
also Wm. Collier, open acc'ts                                                         3.00        

            John and Isaac Collier, Ex'ers.
Recorded February 9th, 1802 M.A.RAINEY, C.C.O.C.


1802 & 1803} Yearly return on the Estate of Vines Collier, dec'd,
for the within years by John and Isaac Collier, Ex'ers.

Paid Rob't Collier, a legatee in part as per Receipt                 162.00
Ditto Benj'n Collier       Do.                       Do.                            184.55
Ditto Thos. Collier        Do.                        Do.                           100.00
Ditto Cuthbert Collier   Do.                        Do.                           151.81
Ditto Vines Collier        Do.                        Do.                             77.00
Ditto Williamson            Do.                        Do.                          510.00
Ditto Wm. Collier           Do.                       Do.                             66.12
Ditto Jno. Lumpkin, proven account                                            10.00
Ditto A. M. Clay            Do.                        Do.                               6.25
Ditto George Young       Do.                        Do.                              4.06
Ditto Wm. Collier           Do.                        Do.                              3.31
Ditto George Phillips     Do.                         Do.                            19.12
Ditto to Seymore Powell for bonding Rob't.                                18.50
Ditto for stamp paper at the sale.                                                  4.35
Ditto Joseph Lumpkin, proven acc't.                                             6.43
Ditto Jno. T. Sankey      Do.                           Do.                         32.00
Ditto Daniel Wagnon, due bill.                                                     14.25
Ditto taxes 1799, 1800, & 1801 and direct tax                            10.63
Ditto Sam'l Shields proven acc't                                                    7.92
Ditto Wm. Collier            Do.                         Do.                          26.50
Ditto Furnished Polley Collier with clothing                                29.22
Ditto Salley Collier with              Do.                                             18.84
Ditto Wm. H. Crawford fees                                                         28.00
Ditto Sheriff in Green County                                                         1.50
Ditto Cost of non(?) vs. Doggett                                                     1.00
Ditto M. Rainey, Clerk at the sale                                                 2.31

Jno. & Isaac Collier, Ex'ers                                                      1495.71

Recorded 23rd Feb'y, 1804

                M.A.RAINEY, C.C.O.C.


Dec'r 31st day, 1804. Yearly return on the Estate of Vines Collier, dec'd, by
Isaac & John Collier, Ex'ers.

Paid John Owen, a legatee as per Receipt                                408.00
Do. Rob't Collier Do.                                                                  128.00
Do. Thos. Collier Do.                                                                    34.00
Do. Sarah Collier Do. 1 saddle and vail.                                      25.43


Commissions on $4230..81 cts which has been paid
out to the legatees as per returns to the Clerk at
5 per cent is $210..19 cnts/                                                         210.19

        John Collier}                                                                        805.62
       Isaac Collier} Ex'ers.

Recorded 21st Feb'y 1805

            M.A.RAINEY, C.C.O.C.


Dec'r 31st, 1805. Yearly return of the estate of Vines Collier, dec'd
for the above year.
    Rec'd nothing
Paid Salley Collier, a legatee, in clothing }                                 27.87

            Jno. & Isaac Collier, Ex'rs

Recorded 10th Feb'y, 1806

            M.A.RAINEY, C.C.O.


Yearly return on the Estate of Vines Collier, dec'd, by John and Isaac
Collier, Executors for the year 1806.

Paid Thos. Collier, a legatee, as per Receipt                             $51.00
Do. to Salley Collier Do. cash                                                        8.00
Do. Do. Do. Draw in the land lottery                                           12
                John Collier)
                Isaac Collier) Ex'rs

Recorded 29th Jan'y 1807

                M.A.RAINEY, CLK.


Dec'r 31st, 1807. Yearly return on the Estate of Vines Collier, dec'd,

Jan'y 9th, 1807 paid Salley Collier, a legatee                         $     3.00
Due to sundry goods taken up in Lexington                                16.12

        Isaac Collier, Ex'r.                                                                19.12
Recorded 29th Jan'y, 1808

                M.A.RAINEY, C.C.O.


Yearly return on the Estate of Vines Collier, dec'd, for 1808 & 1809.

Paid Harrison Smith as per 4 Receipts in full.                 $         317.75
Paid Rob't Collier as per Receipt in full.                                       7.00
Paid Vines Collier as per Receipt in full.                                       7.00

        Isaac Collier, Exe'r.
Recorded 8th May 1810.        M.A.RAINEY, C. C. O.


Yearly return on the Estate of Vines Collier, dec'd, for the year 1810.
Nothing rec'd, nothing expended per
            Isaac Collier, Exe'r

Recorded in book B folio. Jan'y 23, 1811

                    M.A.RAINEY, C. C. O.


Yearly return on the Estate of Vines Collier, dec'd for the year 1811.
Rec'd nothing; paid nothing. Isaac Collier, Exe'r.

            Recorded 21 April 1812.      M.A.RAINEY, C.C.O.

(Note by W. R. Collier: This appears to be the last year for which a yearly
return was filed on the estate of Vines Collier. In 1817, Isaac Collier made a
return on 400 acres and 8 slaves in Oglethorpe County. Sarah Elizabeth
(Williamson) Collier also known as "Salley" witnessed the will of John
Hardeman on February 1, 1804). It is my thinking that Sarah Elizabeth
Williamson Collier, wife of Vines, died between January 1, 1811 and
December 31, 1811. Had she been deceased before January 1, 1811, the
estate would have reverted to the legatees and no return would have been
necessary for the estate in 1812. Had she been deceased after December
31, 1811, a yearly return on the estate for 1812 would have been required
and such a return does not exist in the records. I am going with my
conclusion pending some better information.)


Submitted by
William Collier

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