Henry P. and Elizabeth Ann Hoff
Divorce - 1857

Whereas Elizabeth Ann Hoff, has obtained a divorce a vinculo matrimonii, from Henry P. Hoff, in the Superior Court of Oglethorpe county, and the said Henry P. Hoff being a good disposed, and orderly citizen and desirous of being relieved from all the penalties and disabilities of his intermarriage with said Elizabeth Ann Hoff, and subsequent divorce from her:

Be it therefore enacted, that said Henry P. Hoff of the county of Oglethorpe, be and he is hereby relieved from all penalties and disabilities, consequent upon his intermarriage with the said Elizabeth Ann Hoff and the subsequent divorce, obtained by her; and that the said Henry P. Hoff, be, and he is hereby fully authorized to marry again, any law to the contrary, notwithstanding.

H. P. Hoff's disabilities removed and he authorized to marry.

Assented to December 21st, 1857.

Henry P. Huff [Hoff] married Elizabeth Ann Fortson on 9 Apr 1847 in Elbert County.  This was his second marriage.  He had previously been married to Elizabeth's cousin, Elmira Adams, who died in 1844.  Henry was the son of Peter Huff and Winnifred Porter.



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