The Last Will and Testament of Henry Lansford
4 March 1818
Oglethorpe County, Georgia


                                                                                   Ordinary Office                                                  167


In the name of God Amen. I Henry Lansford of the State of Georgia 
and County of Oglethorpe being sick & weak of body but of sound and
dis[p]osing mind, & of perfect memory. Yet calling to mind my mortality
& knowing that it appointed for all men to die, think it fit & right to
make this my last [will] & testament.----

                    1st    It is my will that all my just debts be paid.---

2nd   I give & bequeath to beloved wife El[i]zabeth Lansford my Negro woman
        named Hannah during her lifetime, also all my household & kitching [sic]

3rd    I give & bequeath to my daughter Cintha Harris one dollar.------

4th   I will & bequeath to my daughter Polley Harris thirty dollars.-----

5th     I give & bequeath to my daughter Susannah Crowley seventy five dollars.—

6th  I give & bequeath to my sons William Lansford, Prior Lansford, & Samuel
          Lansford the land on which I now live to them & their heirs & assigns for ever,
          But note [sic] during my wifes [sic] widowhood, for it is my will, that my wife have
          the profits of said land, during her widowhood.---

7th  I give & bequeath to my son Henry Lansford one dollar.----

8th     I give & bequeath to my daughter Nancy Brittain one dollar.---

9th  I give & bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Edwards one dollar.----

10th     I give & bequeath to my daughter Lu[c]inda Lansford one Negro girl
          named Mary.----

11th  I constitute my Son Henry Lansford Sole Executor of this my last
          my last [sic ]will & testament,-- [the words " in witness of which I" are
          scratched over]

12th     I do revoke & dis[c]arred [sic] all former wills by me made & declare this to be
          my last will & testament, in witness whereof I set my hand and
          affix my Seal this 4th day of march A.D.; 1818.

                                                                              Hinny [Henry] Lansford [SEAL]

in present of
Alexander M.Cain           Georgia                       Jan 7 term court of ordinary 1819
Thomas Edwards }               Oglethorpe County }
William Edwards

---------//----------------- You Alexr MCain & Wm Edwards do sware [sic] that you
Saw the within named Henry Lansford disd= sign seal
publish & declare the within instrument of writing to be his last will & testament
& at the time of his so doing he was of sound mind & memory to the best of your
knowledge & belief so help you God.
Sworn & subscribed in open court
at the above term-------

Nat Rainey C.C. D.}                                                 Recorded 11th of January 1819.---


                                                                                                      Nat Rainey C.C.D.


Reference: Oglethorpe County Registers Office (Georgia). Court of Ordinary (Oglethorpe County) Oglethorpe County Will Book 1794-1903. FHL US.Can Film 158727. Book B 1807-1826
pg. 167.

Transcribed by
Donna Rae Linderman-Lansford