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Muster Roll of Company A, 1st Georgia Cavalry

Transcription and alpha spelling are from old records. Any mistakes are unintentional.
Researched by Dr. David N. Wiggins for Polk County History Book.
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Jonh C. Crabb - Captain;
William H. Hutchings - 1st Lt.;
N. Tracy - 2nd Lt;
M. K. Abbot - 3rd Lt.;
B. F. Weatherly - 1st Sgt.;
M. R. Lewis - 2nd Sgt.;
W. J. Clark - 3rd Sgt.;
J. N. York - 4th Sgt.;
A. M. Borders - 5th Sgt. - 3rd Lt.;
F. M. Clark - 1st Corp. - 2nd Lt.;
J. W. Mann - 2nd Corp.;
J. F. Summerville - 3rd Corp.;
J. A. Hackney - 4th Corp.

Privates: J. M. Austin; B. A. Atwood; W. T. Barnett; T. W. Beasley; J. L. Branch - Pvt. - Reg. Surgeon; E. R. Branch; Simeon Brown; J. W. Bruce; John Burk; John A. Cambron; H. L. Cambron; J. B. Caldwell; E. Cason; Robert Cason; R. P. Childers; John Colbert; B. G. Coursey; Jesse W. Crabb - Pvt. - 1st Lt.; J. W. Crabb;J. A. Crocker; S. C. Dean; Rayford Dean; Thomas Deaton; L. J. Dupree; Alex Dyer; Y. J. Ellege; J. H. Ellege; J. L. Fullwood; Joes Flanigan; E. M. Fredwinder; Jonathan Gurley; William Gurley; W. F. Gurley; David Garris, Elias Garris; Henry Garris; William Griffin; J. M. Hazlett; William Hogg; William Hubbard; Dave Hampton; Thomas Hendrix; J. T. Hulsey; W. M. P. Hale; D. W. Horton; Andrew Hobbs; William Huggins; J. T. Hackney; J. L. B. Johnson; J. R. Jarrell; T. F. Jones; Marshall Johns; I. N. Jones; T. P. Lyons; L. L. Laman; Thomas Logan; John Linton; S. M. Lyons; R. M. Lyons; Alex Monfort; O. L. Monfort; J. M. Morgan; William Morgan; G. W. Mathews; George Mathis; Men Maroney; H. J. Morris; Milton Mullins; William Mattox; _______ McAdams; E. H. McJunkins; A. S. McGregor; P. W. McCurry; Jim McCurry; Joe McCormick; T. M. Peek; Bob Peek; J. S. Phillips; John Pankey; Newton Sims; Sim Scott; Matthew Scott; Bob Scott; Mark Scott; Samuel Scott - Pvt. - 3rd Lt.; H. T. Spalding; R. W. Smith; William Seavey; J. F. M. Smith; S. M. Sanders; A. A. Thurmon; A. J. Wade; _______ White; B. T. West; J. A. Wynn; J. F. Willis; R. W. Whitehead; J. B. Weatherly; R. T. Williams; Robert Whitehead; John R. Whitehead; Coffee Williams; H. W. Witcher - Pvt. - Regimental Sur.; M. E. West; _______ Walker; A. H. York; S. B. York; W. T. York - Pvt. - Capt.; James Young - Pvt. - 2nd Lt. of Home Guard; D. K. Zuker.

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