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Polk County, GA
Polk County Family Group Sheets
These Family Groups Sheets show families who lived in, or passed through, Polk County.
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Family Group Sheet for: Submitted by:
ALEXANDER, Robert Donna Crawford
ATKINS, Joel C. Clarence Atkins
AYERS, Martin Patsy Ford Childs
BALDWIN, John Thomas Lafayette Clarence Atkins
BARBER, Allen David Morgan
BARBER, James & Penelope David Morgan
BLACKMON, W. Y. Wanda Crabb Pannell
BOYD, Robert B. Judy Fowler Kilgore
BREWER, Joel Claudette Rollins
BREWSTER, Van Allen Ted Smith
BROOKS, Francis Marion Clarence Atkins
BROWNLOW, James A. H. Jason Lee Edwards
BROWNLOW, James Madison "Bud" Jason Lee Edwards
BRYSON, Wellington Elsberry Jason Lee Edwards
CAIN, Augustus "Gus" Johnny R. Pannell
CHANDLER, Asa Patsy Ford Childs
CRABB, Asa Wanda Crabb Pannell
CRABB, Asa Clifford "Cliff" Wanda Crabb Pannell
CRABB, John Calvin Wanda Crabb Pannell
CRABB, Samuel Jackson Wanda Crabb Pannell
CRABB, Walton B. C. "Bud" Wanda Crabb Pannell
CRABB, William Acy Wanda Crabb Pannell
CRABB, William Burton Wanda Crabb Pannell
CRABB, William Darwin Wanda Crabb Pannell
DOBBS, Joseph B. Clarence Atkins
DUNN, John E. Family #1 Mary Ann Willoughby
EAST, William Daniel Jason Lee Edwards
FLANEGAN, Dr. Joel Lycuequs Clarence Atkins
GARMANY, James William Karen Garmany Willingham
GENTRY, Thomas Jefferson Nancy Harris
HALL, Riley Thomas Family #1 Michael Robbins
HALL, Riley Thomas Family #2 Michael Robbins
HAYNES, Jonathan Cathy Casper
JACOBS, James Willis Johnny F Jacobs
KINNEY, William, Jr. Cathy Casper
MATHIS, Richard Marion Mary Anderson
McDOWELL, Isaac Cathy Casper
McDOWELL, John Henry Cathy Casper
McKIBBENS, James S.Family #1 Peggy Buescher
McKIBBENS, James S.Family #2 Peggy Buescher
McKIBBENS, James William Peggy Buescher
McWHORTER, Rev. Leroy Judy Fowler Kilgore
MOBLEY, Pleasant Green Family #1 Doris Estes Robbins
MOBLEY, Pleasant Green Family #2 Doris Estes Robbins
MOORE, Jackson Cathy Casper
MOORE, John Jackson Cathy Casper
NELSON, Wiley B. Ellen
PANNELL, Joseph S. Johnny R. Pannell
PANNELL, Marion Sanford Johnny R. Pannell
PARIS, Christopher Columbus Diane M. Smith
PEEK, William B. Wanda Crabb Pannell
PRIVETT, Pleasant Philemon Cathy Casper
PRATHER, William Welsh Meredith Clapper
REAGIN, Henry Burton Tracy Liekhus
ROBINSON, Jasper Haywood Netha Dunlap
SCARBROUGH, Ivey Ellen Nelson
SCOTT, Matthew Netha Dunlap
SELF, Samuel Kathye [Payne] Upham
SMITH, George Melton Edna Stephens
SMITH, James D. Kathye [Payne] Upham
SMITH, Robert D. Edna Stephens
SNOW, William A. J. Karen Garmany Willingham
THOMPSON, Ephraim Ken Thompson
THOMPSON, James Alexander Ken Thompson
WADDLE, George Washington Clarence Atkins
WILKERSON, Charles Reubin Sharlyn Beth Shaw
WILLIAMS, Rev. James Montrovelle Robert H. Williams Jr.
WOZENCRAFT, James Lawrence Ken Thompson
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